What Are The Best Wake Up Light Alarm Clock In 2022? 

 February 8, 2022


What are the Best Wake Up Light Alarm Clock?

There is no question sunlight a dominant source of energy for our bodies. And that is also evident in how ancient civilizations bowed down to the sun-worshipping the star as a god.

That also shows how essential the sun is to our health and wellbeing. The natural light isn't just something we need – it is an organic source we need to thrive!

You may have also noticed how active, full of energy and happy you are during summer, right?

The theory surrounding the wake-up light is the fact that constant exposure to a light source as close to being natural to sunlight can help you wake up on time and in the right mood.

The light functions to help comfortably transition or integrate into your daily routine. However, you may be thinking, “Well, that is fine and dandy, but what exactly is (the right type of light)?” 


That is a good question. Well, as per studies concerning the type of light that will suit you and help you wake up with a clear mind, experts root for a 250 LUX light intensity.

 That is also because of the light worked on various participants in an experiment. You would be surprised to know that the concept of natural light simulation started in 1890.

The other name for that concept is “mechanical sunrise”; the strategy consisted of gradually turning on the lights at specific timings – thirty minutes to two hours – before the person is fully awake.

The theory revolving around mechanical sunrise is that natural light after the break of dawn acts like a signal that has a more positive effect on your body's biological clock.

More so than the light signals at other times of throughout the day. That is mainly why a majority of (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder patients positively respond to wake up lights. The products can treat seasonal depression.

With the studies above – wake up lights (which are products that emit a light source close to that of the break of dawn or slightly after it – and have an alarm system integrated) can copy sunlight.

The products are capable of slowly emitting light – just like what happens at dawn, gradually enhance the overall brightness. 

Top 5 Best Wake Up Light On The Market

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But Do They Work?

Wake up light help decrease eerie sluggishness we all feel getting up in winter mornings. And they do that by waking you up as naturally as it is possible.

There is no question a lot of people can benefit from waking up with artificial sunlight shining on their face; it can make a big difference!

Moreover, there is an abundance of scientific research that points to the fact that zero exposure to natural light in winter morning can adversely affect your sleep inertia.

The Best Wake Up Light

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It is vital to understand that you need the right wake up light to help get up on time, feeling fresh and confident. 

But worry not – we've taken the liberty to review 5 of the best natural wake up light alarm clock money can buy!

1. Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520 - best wake up light

When it comes to performance and functionality – it is challenging to match the Philips White HF3520 wake-up light. The product has a wide variety of features and can help kickstart your mornings on a much light and positive note.

That is especially true when you talk about a gloomy season like fall and winter. Plus, the product features a sensational, colored simulation – which mimics actual sunlight concerning brightness and ambiance.

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The light steadily enhances between twenty and forty minutes before your alarm goes off. Moreover, the product also offers the benefit of waking up to a handful of ambient and natural sounds.

You can select from five nature-inspired themes and sounds. The product is also thoroughly backed up by scientific research.

The ultraviolet-free wake-up light will help boost your mornings – making you look forward to a great day! And it will also help increase your energy levels.

There is also a light-responsive feature – you can use the dimmer to fall asleep peacefully. Another reason you should opt for the Philips wake-up light is the fact approximately 92% of customers agree the product works and that they find it very easy to step out bed in the morning.

The Philips White HF3520 is scientifically-backed – and it is clinically proven by various independent scientific organizations that the product helps people wake up full of energy and a good mood.

There are a variety of features in the product. You can select the time of day you want to wake up.

The light will gradually start glowing and enhance its brightness. It will just take thirty minutes for you to wake up fully.

 Moreover, if you’ve slept-in late – you can always adjust the brightness level of the device – or set up another time to wake up.

The product features an FM Radio that you can wake up listening to – along with five different nature-inspired sounds. Plus, you can tap the alarm clock to snooze.

But apart from the lighting effects to help you wake up in the morning – another fantastic reason to opt for the device is the fact you can use it as a bedside reading lamp.

There are a total of ten brightness settings. If you aren't satisfied or if there something wrong with the device, the product comes with a manufacturer’s 90-day money-back guarantee.

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2. Philips Somneo Wake Up Light - best low light alarm clock

Philips has been leading the market for the wake-up light for quite some time now – and there are a lot of reasons why their product receives a lot of praise and positive review.

Just look at the Philips Somneo wake-up light – the product has a lot of features to help you wake up with a positive attitude.

And it isn't an ordinary wake-up light – the product has a cutting-edge feature that helps people drift off to sleep fast.

There are two state-of-the-art features in the Somneo – the light and sound guide mechanism. You can combine both functionalities to help wake and sleep on time.

You can also use the light or sound setting of the device to synchronize your breathing pattern – so that you can meditate a bit before hitting the sack.

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The device helps transition a busy and tired mind into a dreamy state in just a little while – it is perfect for today’s millennials and people who live a robust and fast-paced life.

The product also has a RealxBreathe option to help you either get up in the morning or sleep at night – or you could just use the feature both times.

Like a majority of Philips products and devices – the Somneo is also clinically backed by independent research facilities. They have proved how efficient the machine is and how beneficial it can be for you in the long-run.

Another reason why you need to opt for that device is that of how incredibly natural the sunrise and sunset functions are – the room will fill with mimicked natural light. That is a fantastic experience.

The RealxBreathe function helps synchronize your breathing as soon as you lie down – which in turn leads to decompression and comfortable sleep.

The device has power snooze – which will help eliminate your snoozing habit, to be honest, that is good for just about everyone on the planet!

The product has multiple themes and sounds and musical options. You can select nature-inspired sounds to sleep, or you can listen to your songs on FM radio.

Plus, you can also play your favorite sounds from your smartphone – thanks to the machine’s Bluetooth feature.

A majority of Somneo users are happy with the product and have stated how the device has started to bring a change in their sleeping pattern with just a couple of week of usage.

Another interesting factor about the device is the fact you can listen to white noise to fall asleep too. You can also charge your phone; the product has a USB charging dock.

3. VegasDoggy Wake Up Light Alarm Device - Best Budget Wake-Up Light

If you are going for a budget-friendly alternative – there is nothing better than the VegasDoggy wake-up light and alarm clock. Apart from being a low-cost option, you will be surprised to know that the product works like a charm.

Plus, you will also be amazed to see just how many features the little device – each of which is going to help enhance your circadian rhythm and help you sleep.

It is small and portable, which mean you can just about take it anywhere you want with you. If you have to travel a lot and have to miss out sleep often, the VegasDoggy device is ideal for you.

The machine perfectly mimics sunlight and gradually enhances its glow during the first 30 minutes.

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The glow intensifies and wakes you up with a smile. Plus, you can tap to switch off snooze. Similarly, at night, when you are about to hit the sack, the glow from the device will gently dim, and the room will go dark in 30 minutes, leading to restful sleep.

Another reason why you should opt for the VegasDoggy wake-up device is the fact it has numerous musical options and nature-inspired sounds.

You can set from six original melodies. You can select what you want to listen before waking up in the morning what you want to hear when going to bed at night.

 The ambient sounds include – oceans waves, violin music, forest, beeping, and birds chirping. Plus, you can also tune into listening to your favorite songs on FM radio.

Just select what radio station you want to listen to, and you will wake up each morning hearing the voice of your favorite host or the tunes he was playing in the background.

You can willingly adjust the brightness level of the device whenever you want.

You can cycle the option from 10% brightness to 100% to calm your senses. You can also use the light from the screen as a bedside lamp and finish doing some reading before slipping into blissful sleep.

The product comes in a wide range of colors. And that is excellent news for people who like to mix and match their interior décor, especially the bedroom.

You can select from orange, indigo, red, white purple, and green. Select a color that goes with the overall theme of the room and matches your persona.

The VegasDoggy wake-up device can also make an excellent gift!

4. Joyful Heart Wake Up Alarm Clock - best alarm clock

When it comes to low-cost alternatives to wake up alarm, the JoyFul Heart clock takes the cake. However, you would also be surprised to know just how feature-packed the machine is – all to help you fall asleep on time and help get up fresh in the morning.

The best part about quality budget-friendly wake-up alarm clocks is the fact that they are durable, handy and highly functional.

Just because it doesn’t cost much, doesn’t mean it can’t provide some of the features that higher-up items offer. 

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For example, when it comes to portability – the JoyFul Wake Up Sunrise Clock is an ideal product, especially when you are out and about all the time.

It is the perfect device for people who have to or like to travel a lot. The alarm clock can fit inside a small pouch ready for use whenever you reach the hotel and hit the sack for a couple of hours.

Moreover, the size of the device and the full range of colors you can select say a lot about how the company has geared the products towards to all age groups.

On top of that, the colors and the theme of the product can match any indoor décor. Furthermore, at that price, it is surprising that the JoyFul wake-up alarm clock offers 10-level brightness.

And that isn't it; the device also offers seven color light brightness. Now you can choose different colors and set one as per your preference.

 And because of the device's impressive brightness, you can also turn it into a bedside lamp and read you book after turning every light off in the room.

You can also adjust the device to auto-converse – going from one level to the next or you could just select your favorite color and let the light shine brightly through.

Another reason why you should opt for the wake-up alarm clock is that the device has a decent sunset and sunrise simulation.

It has a 30-minute window – where artificial sunlight will start to shine as soon as the time for the clock to wake you up to draw nearer.

The intensity of the light gradually increases and in 30 minutes you will be wide awake – feeling right about everything – looking forward to your day at work.

The device has six natural or nature-inspired sounds and musical options you can sleep or wake up to – for example; you can listen to ocean waves, crickets, birds chirping and whatnot.

Similarly, some sounds can help you sleep and synchronize your breathing pattern too – which is fantastic!

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5. HomeLabs LED Sunrise Wake Up Clock - best sunlight alarm clock

With the HomeLabs LED wake up alarm clock – there is no question you will sleep and get up in the morning precisely as Mother Nature has planned it – there is no doubt at all!

With a beautiful design, the wake-up clock isn't just budget-friendly, but it has a wide range of features you will never see in a similarly priced model.

The clock is a next-gen device that incorporates beautifully simulated sunrise and sunset – there is no chance you will get bored with the routine!

Plus, you will not have to worry about waking up with the loud noise of the alarm – the 30-minute sunrise will help jolt you wide awake, fresh and confident.

Nothing is harrowing than to give yourself a mini-heart attack because of a loud-as-heck alarm clock! And you may have broken one or two because of that reason.

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Isn't it just better to opt for a more permanent alternative? The HomeLabs 6 Color Switch Multiple Sound Wake-up Alarm Clock is just the product for you.

Moreover, you can select a lot of different colors to help get the right option to match your interior décor. The device is gentle, will not give you a heart attack and the level of brightness of the machine is spectacular!

The wake-up clock will gradually enhance its glow to get you out of bed, and in 30 minutes you will be up and about – fresh as an early bird.

At night, when you are in your bed, the device will slowly dim the light, enabling you to sleep like a baby. Wake up clocks are clinically proven to help people with sleeping disorders.

The HomeLabs cutting-edge alarm clock has ten adjustable brightness levels – adjusting them is quick, and you can select from multiple screen colors. 

Plus, it is a fantastic gadget for young girls and boys, especially when they are preparing for their examinations or if they just want to improve their circadian rhythms.

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What To Pay Attention To When Choosing The Product

There are plenty of factors that you must consider when buying the right wake up alarm clock. You must ensure the device you are getting is suitable for all your requirements and that it helps get you up in the morning and put you right to sleep like a baby.

In light of this, mentioned below are some important factors to consider before making a buying decision:

The Brightness Level Of The Light

That is a vital element to take into account while you're shopping for a wake-up alarm clocks. The brightness level indicator shows the maximum intensity of the artificial sunlight.


If the light seems a bit dim, even if you adjust the clock to the maximum brightness, you have to reconsider buying the product.

The whole concept of an alarm clock like that is, well, to wake you up! But with limited light, you’d just be throwing away money for a sham product.

So, always check how intense the light is – and whether or not it has multiple brightness levels.

For example, all top-notch brands have 10-level brightness, which is more or less similar to smartphone brightness.

Colors Of The Light

That is another thing you should check out – the colors of the light are important because they add a bit of change to your routine.

You can set a different color now and then according to your mood and how you are feeling about matching the pattern of the clock with your interior décor.

All quality products have at least 5 to 7 different light-color options users can select.

Radio Or Alarm Sounds?

Well, this is entirely up to you – while so many people like to hear their favorite FM stations when they are getting up in the morning – others prefer the traditional ways, which is the alarm sounds.

However, the best thing about wake up alarm clock is that they are multi-faceted. A majority of the products are in-built with FM radio and alarm sounds.

And these aren't the only sounds you can listen to; the device has nature-inspired sounds such as ocean waves, rainstorm, etc.


So always opt for a device that comes with multiple sound options!

Bottom Line

So there you go – a complete guide on what type of best wake up alarm clock you should you buy and how exactly you are going to benefit from the product.


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