What Is The Best Watch Winder To Buy In 2021? 

 September 3, 2021

By  Margaret Gulley

Winding all your automatic watches every time they stop can be quite a tedious task. Now, you can save all the time and hassle by just placing your automatic watches into a watch winder and let it do all the winding work for you.

Watch winders are a fantastic way by which you can keep your automatic watches up to date and time. Also, the watch winders can help to provide your valuable watches a safe and dust-free environment.


Nevertheless, buying the right watch winder for your watches can be quite a difficult task, especially given the plethora of models, shapes and types available. In our watch winder review, we have reviewed some of the best watch winders available on the market that will help you choose the best watch winder.

Our buying guide also discusses some of the characteristics that you should look for in a watch winder before buying one.

Top 5 Best Watch Winder On The Market

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What is the best watch winder to buy? Keep reading to find out!

1. WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder - best watch winder for Rolex watches

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If you want to maintain your automatic watches in top working order, then investing in a WOLF Heritage Watch Winder is a wonderful idea. The Heritage Watch Winder from WOLF is a high-quality product which provides excellent, as well as silent performance, which makes it the best watch winder for Rolex watches.

The Heritage watch winder has many advanced features that make it quite well-suited to maintain the accuracy of your automatic watches. The device offers three winding modes bi-directional, clockwise and anticlockwise. The watch winder has the capability of working both on power and can also be battery-powered.

The watch winder runs on both D-cell alkaline batteries, as well as lithium batteries and it also comes with a 3.3 volts power adapter. The capability of running on batteries make the Heritage Watch Winder portable and easy to carry along while you are traveling.


The rotation technology used by the Heritage Watch Winder is patented and this allows the intermittent rotation of the winder instead of a constant rotation and it also includes pause and sleep times.

This sporadic rotation mimics the natural movement of the watch as if it was on a person’s wrist. The rotation technology of the winder also counts and records the number of rotations when in operation.

The watch winder has a lock-in cuff feature that allows you to place even bigger sized watches of case size around 52 mm and wrist strap of up to 10-inches. The design of the watch winder allows you to keep and remove the watches very easily.

The winder case has two clasps that let you remove the pillow on which the watch is placed very easily. The winder also has two knobs that allow you to turn the winder on or off, control the winder and set the direction of winding.

The rectangular shaped Heritage Watch Winder has a classy faux-leather exterior and the aesthetic appeal of the case is enhanced by the pebbled texture. The case also has clasp closures and control knobs with chrome finishing, which adds to the watch winder’s classy looks.

The device has a glass cover that allows you to see inside the box and also adds to the sleek sophisticated charm of the watch winder.

Overall, the WOLF Heritage Watch Winder is an excellent product, offering the best combination of high-quality, innovation and luxury, which makes this watch winder the best automatic watch winder on our list of watch winders under $500.

2. Chiyoda Quad Automatic Watch Winder - best automatic watches

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The Chiyoda Quad Automatic Watch Winder is an excellent watch winder for all your automatic watches. The device can accommodate four watches, which you can be wound all at the same time.

The watch winder is run by a belt-driven Mabuchi motor that offers “whisper quiet” performance. The watch winder has three winding direction options - bi-directional, clockwise and anticlockwise. It also offers various TPD settings. This ensures that the winder maintains accurate TPD and also the precise rotation.

The Chiyoda watch winder can run both on regular power and can also run on batteries and the unit comes with a 100-120V AC adapter. The winder features a backlit LCD display screen and a big transparent window that allows you to monitor and alter the settings of each of the watches in the winder.


The watch winder has soft velvet pillows that are adjustable and can hold varying sizes of watches of around 50 mm or bigger and the pillow provides a snug fit to hold the watches firmly while they are being wound.

The watch winder is 100% handmade and the beautiful cherry-wood veneer case with the glossy piano baking varnish finish gives the watch winder a luxurious look and feel. The wooden case of the Chiyoda watch winder has an organic acrylic glass that is resistant to scratches and breakage and the clear glass allows you to see the watches getting wound.

The Chiyoda watch winder goes through a 21-step procedure and strict quality control that ensures the highest-quality product.

Despite the high-quality of the Chiyoda watch winder and its sophisticated looks, the winder is not very pricey and is quite affordable. So, if you’re looking for a watch winder that offers excellent craftsmanship combined with precise engineering, then the Chiyoda Automatic Watch Winder is a fantastic buy for your precious watches.

The Chiyoda Automatic Watch Winder is indeed the best-rated watch winder on our list of watch winders under $200.

3. Chiyoda Single Watch Winder - Best Watch Winder Brands Under $100

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This meticulously crafted watch winder offers superior-quality performance and has an equally attractive appearance. The aesthetically designed wooden case of the Chiyoda Single Watch Winder along with the scratch-proof and break-resistant organic acrylic glass protects the watch from dust and also allows you to view your watch while it is getting wound.

The durable Mabuchi motor of the Chiyoda winder is Japanese-made and is extremely silent while running. The Chiyoda Single Watch Winder runs both on power, as well as on batteries, and the unit comes with a 100-120 volts adapter.

The watch winder has 4 turnings per day (TPD) program settings i.e. 600, 900, 1350 and 1800 and 3 winding modes i.e. bi-directional, clockwise and anticlockwise. Each TPD of the watch winder has the same speed of rotation but the interval time of each setting varies.


The 100% handmade cherry-colored watch winder is environmentally friendly as it is made of top-quality wood and its luxurious and glossy piano baking ebony grain finish, makes it worth displaying in your home.

The interior of the Chiyoda Watch Winder is made of soft velvet that is soft and fade-free. The Chiyoda watch winder undergoes a 21-step procedure and strict quality control measures that ensures that the product is of the highest-quality.

The watch winder comes with a soft adjustable foam pillow that easily accommodates watches of various sizes up to 50 mm. The pillows offer a snug fit so that your watches are safe while they are getting wound. The compact build of the Chiyoda Single Watch Winder makes it very portable and you can carry it wherever you go.

Packed with lots of features and with its luxurious, elegant looks, the Chiyoda Watch Winder is reliable and durable and is indeed a great value for money buy and probably the best single watch winder to keep your automatic watch working at a very affordable price tag of less than $100.

4. JQueen Double Automatic Watch Winder - best watch winders for the price

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The JQueen Double Automatic Watch Winder is an elegantly crafted device that is an ideal choice to keep your watches wound even when you’re not using them. The JQueen Watch Winder can be used to wind two watches simultaneously. The 100% handmade winder is classy and sophisticated.

The open design of the JQueen Double Watch Winder allows you to see your watches being wound from a distance. It has a very elegant beige colored interior that features 2 high-quality soft polyurethane foam pillows, which keep the watches snug when they are getting wound.

The watch winder has a glossy and luxurious piano baked varnish finish that also helps to protect the winder from harsh environments and the case has an organic acrylic glass covering that allows you to look into the case. The glass is very strong and sturdy; it is break proof and scratch-resistant, which makes it very safe to keep your valuable watches.


The JQueen Watch Winder is run by a Japanese Mabuchi motor that is very silent in its operation. The pedestal of the watch winder that holds the watch is rotated either using battery power or regular electric power.

The winder unit comes along with a 120-240 volts power adapter. The rotation movement in the watch winder is very similar to when it is worn on the wrist.

The watch winder is equipped with copper fittings for transmission and it offers three direction settings i.e. bidirectional, clockwise and anticlockwise and 4 options of turns per day (TPD) programs.

The superior quality of the JQueen Watch Winder is evidenced by the 18-month warranty provided by the company and the 24x7 customer support is always there to help you in case you have any trouble with your watch winder.

The vertical design of the JQueen Watch Winder not only looks great, it is very easy to use and also helps you save space when you place it on your dresser in your bedroom or on your office desk. At a very affordable price, the JQueen automatic watch winder is a great choice and is one of the best watch winders for the price.

5. Versa Quad Watch Winder - best budget watch winder

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If you have many automatic watches and want to keep all of them wound and in top working condition, then the Versa Quad Watch Winder is an excellent choice to keep four of your watches wound all at once.

The Versa Watch Winder is versatile and functional. And, although the watch winder looks bulky, it has a unique design that gives it its own charm and makes it look very different from other watch winder models.

The quad watch winder has 4 independent slots so that the watches can be wound separately and the design also highlights each watch in its own space. Also, the neutral black color of the Versa Watch Winder helps to make the watches stand out.


The Versa Watch Winder is equipped with separate, extremely silent Japanese technology motors that can turn 4 watches. The motors are extremely quiet in operation and work very easily. The watch winder can be operated using battery power or electric current and the device comes along with a 120-240 volts power adapter.

The watch winder offers three motor settings and works in the clockwise, anticlockwise and bi-directional modes. The winder also has 4 different TPDs of 350, 650, 850 and 1050 and the smart timer feature of the winder can be programmed in such a way that the watches don’t get overwound.

The winder turns for around 5 minutes, rests a bit on basis of the setting and repeats the cycle again. Since the settings for each of the winders is different, you can control them separately, so that they wind each watch independently.

The watch winder features plenty of space in the interior so that you can make use of it to wind large-sized watches. The spring action pillows of the winder can accommodate watches that are big in size and the fit is snug which offers greater protection during the winding process.

The compact design of the Versa Watch Winder makes it a great fit for your home or on your office desk. Considering the fact that you can wind four watches all at once, the Versa Quad Watch Winder is a very budget-friendly and affordable option for an inexpensive price tag.

What Features To Look Out For When Buying A Watch Winder

There are several models of watch winders available. So, while you’re browsing for the best watch winder, here are some of the features that you should consider when buying one.


The design aspect of the watch winder is very important when choosing one for your valuable watches. Watch winders are available in varied sizes, shapes and types.

While the looks and design of the watch winder do not really affect the functionality, a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing watch winder can make all the difference, especially if you are using it to wind your precious Tag Heuer, Rolex or Omega.

Several buyers make use of their watch winders as display cases and buy winders that highlight the artistry and craftsmanship of the watches. Watch winders are available in various kinds of materials.

While high-end winders are made of high-quality kiln-dried wood, leather, etc. that have an old-world appeal, there are others which are made of less expensive materials such as plastic, particle board, metal, etc. So, you need to decide on the kind of material you want for the watch winder depending on the durability and your budget.

Another aspect you should consider is where you will be placing the watch winder. If you plan to use it in your bedroom, living room or office desk where you have a power supply, then you can opt for a watch winder with a cord. However, if you plan to use it while you are traveling or in your car, then it is a good idea to get a battery-powered watch winder.


Most importantly, select a watch winder that matches the décor of your bedroom, complements your dresser, looks great in your living room or on your office desk. 

Capacity Of Watches

There are different capacities of watch winders available and you should buy one depending on the number of watches you want to keep inside the winder.

Based on the number of watches to be accommodated, watch winders can be classified as single winders for single watches, double winders for 2 watches, triple winders for 3 watches and quad winders for 4 watches.

You can also have large display cases that can accommodate more watches and you can lock these cases to keep your valuable watches safe. Some watch winders can also be kept locked in your drawers or cupboards.

Type Of Motion Produced

The most important characteristic feature of a watch winder is its compatibility and functionality. These must not be compromised while buying a winder for your watches. Buy a watch winder that has the required features and functions and has various different winding specifications. Different watches need varied turning modes.

Typically, a watch winder offers 3 turning modes:

  • Clockwise turning.
  • Anticlockwise turning.
  • Bi-directional turning or alternate mode that tunes both clockwise and anticlockwise. Many watch brands including Rolex require the bi-directional mode.

Buying a watch winder with multiple motion settings in order to differ the spin direction automatically can be a good decision.

Control The Times The Watch Winder Winds

Choose a watch winder that has an adjustable TPD or turns per day function. This allows you to adjust the setting of your watch more precisely. The watch winder should also have a turn and rest function which helps to minimize the risk of your watch’s mainspring mechanism from getting overstressed and also prevents the overwinding of your watch.

Having these two functions is very important, as this allows you to store any watch in the watch winder irrespective of the brand or type of watch.

A watch winder with an integrated timer can help to reduce the stress on the delicate and sensitive internal parts of the watch. The self-winding mechanism of automatic watches is usually designed for sporadic and irregular micro-movements of the wrist of the wearer rather than the constant turning motion of the watch winder.

It is sufficient for the watch to remain in the watch winder for just around half an hour to remain in the working condition and the integrated timer helps to ensure that the watches are wound only for the required amount of time.

Weight And Size

The other important features of the watch winder are the size and weight of the device. If you plan to place your watch winder in your bedroom on your dresser or your living room or your office desk, then you could look at a larger sized case. The size of the watch winder also depends on the number of watches you want to keep in it.

The weight of the winder will also depend on the size. Large sized winder cases need to be installed without being moved around a lot since they are not only big in size but are also heavy. However, if you plan to carry your watch winder with you while you are traveling or place it in your car, then you can opt for a compact, lightweight watch winder.

It is a good idea to buy a slim watch holder that has sufficient slots to keep all the watches you want to carry with you. A battery-powered watch winder will keep working, even if it is packed in your suitcase and the strong and durable design of the case protects your watches from being jostled around while in transit.

Maintenance Requirements

The watch winder you buy should be easy to maintain. You should be able to clean the exterior, as well as the interior parts of the watch winder easily. Choosing a watch winder made of kiln-dried wood helps to keep the wood from cracking or warping due to high temperature, moisture etc.

Choosing a watch winder with a glossy piano baked varnish finish not only gives the watch winder a classy look but also helps in easy maintenance of the device.


The pillows inside the watch winder should be easy to remove and clean and the winder should have a padded or lined underside so that your dresser or desk where the winder is placed is not scratched or damaged.

We hope that our buying guide will help you make a decision on the right watch winder to buy so that you can keep your valued watches safe and in best working order.

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