A Buying Guide To Purchasing Best Watches In 2020 

 December 31, 2019

By  Kawandanell

What does your watch say about you? What does it say about your style and personality? Watches have so much to say about their owners.

According to some people, watches are simply functional tools that tell time. For others, they’re stylish just like rings and other kinds of jewelry. Even though watches tell time and can be stylish accessories, they also express your personality and style.

Whether you’re a male or female, people have so much to learn about you through the type of watch you wear. The kind of message your watch conveys depends on its brand and model. Whichever kind of watch you wear, it indicates that you’re dependable.

A watch showcases that you take time seriously. It shows that you value time, respect your time commitments and love being punctual. Otherwise, why would you wear a watch if you don’t care about keeping time? People look at you positively when you wear a timepiece.

Different watch luxury brands convey varied messages. It means, apart from indicating that you’re dependable, your watch brand and model has lots more to say about your style and personality.

A classic Rolex watch model indicates your appreciation, honor and value for traditions. Your watch shows that you value long-term investments in relationships and physical things. You don’t waste money on temporary, recent or less valuable things.

An avid adventure seeker shows the world their love for adventure through a luxury watch. If you live an active life, be it as a marathoner, scuba diver or skydiver, showcase your lifestyle with a Panerai or Breitling luxury watches.

Triathlon watches or sports watches are designed to support various activities with the mindset of winning. The watches show that you’re ready to do what it takes to win.

Omega and Rolex watch brands are some durable luxury brands designed to showcase practicality. Constructed to last a lifetime, these are the kinds of watches you need to wear year-in-year-out. It’ll never go out of fashion.

Luxury watches aren’t just durable, attractive and practical, but can be handed down your generations. Is there a better way to create a valuable family heirloom? The preciseness and dependability of these watches renders them ideal to match all kinds of fashion outfits.

The signature timepieces last a lifetime. Depending on the watch model that you wear, the timepiece can also showcase that you’re stylish, trendy and successful in life.

Watches can also show that you’re a party boy or girl, a tech guy, horology snob or a powerful person. It can also reflect your sophistication, or a health and fitness aficionado.

It takes the right watch to convey the correct message about you, your style and personality.

Top 5 Best Watches On The Market To Days

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Why Wear a Watch?

Why would you want to wear a watch apart from using it to tell time?

Watches can make excellent investment, especially rare and iconic timepieces that rise in value over time. Such watches can earn you profits in the future. What’s more, you only spend on buying a mechanical watch one-time servicing every 3 to 5 years.

On the other hand, a quartz watch requires battery replacement the moment the ones in use begin to lose power. Otherwise, battery acid leakage can damage the internal components of your timepiece. Well-cared for watches last centuries, if not a lifetime. You can pass them to your next generation.

Wearing a watch on your wrist and using it to tell time is more convenient than using a smartphone for the same purpose. It comes in areas and occasions where a smartphone would be unideal to bring out to check time.

Luxury watches are beautiful enough to qualify as jewelry accessories for men and women. Watches can be expensive and are often given out as gifts to men on their wedding, graduation or any other achievements in adulthood.

Wearing a watch shows that you’re mature enough to take good care of it. It also makes you feel like a responsible adult. A good watch can also get you nice compliments about your good taste.

Unlike manual watches based on manual winding, automatic watch autonomy makes them ideal for scenarios or professions such as exploration and the military that require hands-free time reading.

Every watch is manufactured in pursuit of quality, aesthetics and perfection. This explains why you need to opt for a luxury timepiece to achieve perfection. Timeless and classic watches are ideal for most professions, whether you wear formal or casual outfits.

Even the simplest of watches keep ticking and telling time even when your smartphone battery loses power and your device goes off. Wear a classic watch to an interview to create a good impression just as you’d do with your dressing. Take a glimpse of your watch during the interview to convey a subtle message to the interviews; you’re a good time manager.

A good watch can differentiate you from others, atop indicating your social class. Checking time from a wristwatch is safer than using a smartphone for the same purpose. When given as gifts are passed down generations, watches carry an emotion value.

Timepiece heirlooms provide a way to remember the events or memories of a certain era, in addition to showcasing care, aging signs and love. The functional accessories are also stylish conversation starters. They help you become time conscious and be punctual.

The craftsmanship done on watches render them artistic pieces. The mobility of watches allow you to go with your timepiece anywhere. And, the kind of watch you can afford to buy can indicate your level of success in life.

Unlike smartphones, watches are also less distracting. Wearing a unique watch and building your collection doesn’t just help you accessorize your outfit for a better look, but also improves your relationship with time.

According to an article published on Forbes, a good wristwatch can also show your employer that you’re a serious professional. Whichever is your reason for wearing a watch or looking for one, find one of the best watches to suit your style, personality and taste.

Our Recommendations

Watches aren’t made the same. Whereas some are within reach and affordable to most people, others are out of reach and in their own world. Unlike simple watch accessories, the best luxury watches combine style, aesthetic beauty and craftsmanship to come up with an artistic timeless timepiece.

The world’s top watch brands offer labels designed to provide fashion, style and functional in a lifetime. The sophisticated designs, coupled with accurate manufacturing processes, result in utter magnificence in prestigious watches.

With the watch market with all kinds of good watches to choose, finding the right timepiece can be a nightmare. Here’re our four recommendations of the best mechanical, quartz and digital luxury watches every enthusiast should know about or consider for purchase.

1. The Grand Seiko Luxury Watches

Seiko is a Japanese company that was established in 1881 in Tokyo, Japan. In 1917, the Japanese company was incorporated. It’s popular for its stylish and functional timepieces. The watch brand manufactures both mechanical and quartz watches for sale across the world.

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Over the years, the Japanese luxury watch brand has grown and expanded its product portfolio. In addition to watches, it also manufactures, jewelry, eyewear and computer printers.

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive was released to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. Four watch models were released under the elegant collection of luxury watches. The manual-winding dress watch, the SBGZ001 model is the grandest of the four models.

It features the popular “snowflake” dial that matches the handcrafted case made from platinum. 14k white gold has been used on the hour and hands markers. On the other hand, the minute markers feature manual hand engravings.

The luxury watch has a platinum case, measures 38.5mm in diameter and has a power reserve of up to 84 hours.

  • A high quality luxury watch
  • Has high value and makes a good investment
  • Lasts a lifetime and can be passed down generations
  • Can make a great family heirloom
  • It’s both decorative and functional
  • The durable watch has a beautiful finish
  • Power reserve of up to 84 hours
  • The watch is expensive but worth its value
  • Watch production has been limited to 30 timepieces only worldwide

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2. Tudor Luxury Watches

Tudor is a Rolex subsidiary. Unlike the expensive Rolex watch labels, including those from other top luxury brands, this one is affordable to many. If you’re looking for a good watch with premium construction and elegance in design, but doesn’t come at a price that can break the bank, this is the timepiece for you.

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Ranked among the best watches that cost around [amazon fields="B07RHQ9PDL" value="price"], the Tudor Luxury Watches offer mid-range luxury for those who like prestigious watches built to last many years. They’re smart and have great value, with a chic touch.

The Tudor Black B​​ay P01 Watch is one of the brand’s premium collection of Black Bay timepieces. A 1960s prototype for the U.S Navy was reimagined and developed into this meticulous watch. It tops up the company’s collection of attractive new watch models in gold and stainless steel.

The P01 Black Bay features a two-directional bezel in 12-hour clock and a unique locking system. At the 4 o’clock is a crown. The rugged, stainless steel diver watch resists high pressures underneath water bodies to support divers. The watch has a stainless steel case, a diameter that measures 42mm and 70 hours of power reserve.

  • Offers mid-range investment value for those who can afford it
  • Durable to last many years of use
  • Aesthetic and functional with a stylish look
  • Comes in a beautiful timeless finish
  • Cost-effective for most people to afford
  • Doesn’t come with a high risk in case of loss or theft
  • Has a high power reserve of up to 70 hours
  • May not last as long as our winner, runner up and alternative watch categories
  • Not made of a precious metal or stone with high value
  • Doesn’t have a high investment value

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3. The Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe & Co is a Swiss luxury watch brand. The watch manufacturing company was established in 1851 and has stood the test of time, proving to be a reliable and trustworthy watch brand.

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Worn throughout history by royalty, Patek Philippe watches are designed in conventional styles and feature sophisticated working mechanics. The brand boasts a distinctive signature style that makes it stand out in the noisy watch market.

The watch brand is classic, unique and inspiring to watch enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. It aligns its marketing campaigns with consistent promotional ideals for uniformity of the message it conveys across the industry.

The Patek Philippe Chronograph Watch (Ref 5172G) succeeds the Ref 5170 released 9 years ago in 2010. Unlike the “Jumbo” Aquanaut in khaki green and white gold, and the stainless steel Calatrava Weekly Calendar complication, this luxury watch is a signature timepiece.

The luxury watch is a manual-winding chronograph timepiece in white gold. Unlike its predecessor, its case is larger in diameter. It comes with an attractive bold blue dial marked with Arabic numerical figures in luminous green for a natural yet sporty appearance. It has a 44-mm diameter, a white gold case and boasts power reserve of up to 65 hours.

  • High-end watch worn by the royalty
  • It’s high value and cost makes it ideal as an investment accessory
  • High power reserve of up to 65 hours
  • Made from white gold for increased durability and scratch-free use
  • Attractive and has a smooth finish
  • Increases in value over time
  • The watch is built to last a lifetime, being passed down many generations
  • Makes a perfect gift and family heirloom
  • Although it’s less costly than our winner watch, it’s still priced on the high side.
  • The watch is also available in a limited number of pieces.

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4. Hublot Luxury Watches

Hublot, unlike most pioneer watch brands, is young in the industry. Although it was founded in 1980, it has grown over the years to become a giant in producing impressive and prestigious watches that have proven to be durable.

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The company has won several awards over the years, and is still determined to drive the business further into unrelenting success. The Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II Luxury Watch was inspired by ink and tattoos.

The company collaborated with Maxime Plescia-Buchi, a tattoo artist, to produce this signature luxury watch as well as its predecessor, the Hublot Big Bang Sang Blue I Watch. The watch for women was released in 2016.

The dial features accurate geometric lines to complement the bezel in a hexagonal shape. Choose between king gold and titanium for your perfect luxury timepiece. The watch is self-winding for hands-free use.

The chronograph movement the watch is based on supports timekeeping to ensure the timepiece keeps working. The watch has power reserve of up to 72 hours, is made from 18k king gold and boasts a diameter of 45mm. it’s larger size makes it one of the best watches for men.

  • Cheaper than our winner and runner up watch categories.
  • Durable to last a lifetime
  • Self-winding allows for hands-free time setting
  • Functional, aesthetic and stylish
  • A good form of investment for your money
  • Rises in value over time
  • A watch that reflects your true value and personality
  • 18k king gold makes the watch precious and valuable
  • Up to 72 hours of power reserve
  • It’s still expensive, but worth each penny
  • Not ideal for persons into truly mechanical watches with heavy gears

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Why You Should Choose Your Watch Carefully

Watches vary in prices, but the good quality timepieces are generally expensive. The need to choose your watch carefully goes without saying. The right watch isn’t just reasonably-priced, but you can afford it.

The best watches for women or men come with fitting straps, the right materials, warranty and strong construction to last many years if not a lifetime.

Choosing the right watch also ensures you get a timepiece with the right features, movement type, watch type, complications and other important specifications you want in your watch.

Ultimately, choosing the right watch ensures you get the right timepiece for you. Careful consideration when picking the right wristwatch ensures that you get one that matches your style, budget, personality, preference and tastes. Choose a watch you’ll love to wear each passing day.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Digital Watches under $1,000

German and Swiss watches are some of the most expensive, but it doesn’t mean they’re all good. An expensive watch isn’t necessarily the best. Most luxury watches are deemed valuable due to their high price tags.

However, many factors work together to determine the best watches under $1,000 or above it. The considerations can help you find the best watch for you. Given the many components of a watch, finding one should be fun and enjoyable.

The right watch matches your personality and style. Choosing the right watch ensures that you don’t have to return a timepiece you purchased or get to buy another. Therefore, the right selection can help you save on costs.

Style of Watch

A stylish watch looks good on your wrist. Available in all kinds of sizes, shapes and designs, decide whether you need a luxury, vintage, casual or sports watch style. Your intended application area or when you plan to wear your watch determines the right style for you.

For instance, luxury watches are ideal for business events while a vintage or casual watch would make a great everyday accessory for all kinds of outfits and occasions. A sports watch or triathlon watch would be a perfect fit if you intend to use yours during outdoor activities such as athletics, skydiving, etc.

Mechanics or Movements

Do you want a quartz or mechanical watch? The former mechanics use batteries while the latter require servicing for optimal performance. Luxury watches are often based on mechanical movement comprising of sophisticated cogs, gears and springs.

Mechanical watches are usually handcrafted for prolonged durations, explaining their high prices. They can last a lifetime, acting as a family’s heirloom and showcasing their style. Mechanical watches can either be automatic or manual.

Type of Watch

Watches can either be analog or digital watches. Just like smartphones, digital watches display time and date in numbers. On the other hand, analog watches are more conventional; they use roman numerals, clock hands or digits along the outside area of the display.

Whereas most casual or luxury watches feature analog faces, sports watches are made with digital interfaces. Unlike their counterparts, digital watches are easier to read, but come with more features. Therefore, digital watches are sophisticated and more difficult to use.

Watch Features or Components

The style and type of a watch determines the features it comes with. What will you use the timepiece for? If you want a sports watch, look for GPS, a stopwatch and a timer, multiple alarms or a high speed tachymeter (calculator).

A watch for camping adventures should be packed with many features. Multiple time zone displays are ideal for pilots. Scuba divers, racers and athletes need stopwatches in chronograph watches.

On the other hand, medical technicians and engineers may need anti-magnetic designs incorporated into their ideal watches.

Other features include tourbillons, moon-phases, and distress beacons in luxury watches. However they may be more aesthetic than practical.


Different components of a watch are made using distinct materials. You’ll find cases and bands in silver, titanium, canvas, leather for straps, gold, plastic, etc.

Despite the cheap look of plastic and canvas watch straps and cases, they’re strong and useful for use outdoors for increased durability.

Metal watch components are durable, silver and gold increase in value over time. This means the price of watches made from the precious metals often rise. On the other hand, leather has a conventional look on watches, atop being lightweight. However, it’s less durable than other materials.

Titanium is lightweight and hypoallergenic, hence ideal for persons with sensitive skin. Rose or yellow gold gives a bold look while white gold is subtle in appearance. Ceramic watches are resistant to scratches and offer fresh, crisp looks in luxury watches.

Choose a strap made from leather, metal, nylon or rubber for your preferred look and intended use. Nylon and rubber straps come in distinct looks, and support use in rugged environments.

Buying different straps allows you to give your watch a new look each time you wear it with a different outfit for a more complementary look.

Different brands prefer different materials to make their watches. Therefore, watch performance, durability and capacity varies from one brand to another.

316L stainless steel grade is resistant to corrosion. Rolex tends to use 904L stainless steel that’s resistant to acid and has luster, but similar to 316L steel in other ways. This explains why Rolex watches are durable, high quality and costly.

Choose your ideal material, but don’t go for a material poorer in quality than the 316L stainless steel. Anything less is poor in quality and durability, atop being a risky investment. Make sure your ideal watch has shock-proof and water-resistant glass such as high-grade sapphire crystal on the dial window.

Resistance to Water

Every good watch comes with some level of resistance. However, the water resistance rating of any given watch determines where it can be used.

For instance, watches with rating of 30m or 3 ATM are ideal for everyday use. They can resist rain or splashes of water while hand washing, not fishing, swimming, showering, diving, etc. Water resistance of 50m or 5 ATM supports white water rafting, swimming, fishing, etc.

Watches with water resistance rating of 100m or 10 ATM are ideal snorkeling, recreational surfing, sailing, swimming and water sports. 200m or 20 ATM water resistance supports skin diving, surface water sports and pro marine activities.

The best diver’s watches range in rating from 200m or 20 ATM to 300m or 30 ATM water resistance rating.

Brand of Watch

Choose a reputable watch brand known for its detailed craftsmanship. Watches from Rolex, Omega, TAG, Breitling, and other iconic luxury watch brands showcases your good taste for the best watches for women and men.

Draw curiosity with Panerai or Cartier Italian or French brands.Brands also influence watch prices, choices and preferences.

Watch Prices or Budget

How much are you willing to pay for a watch? How much can you afford to pay for the best digital watches on the market?

The best watches under $100 are based on quartz movements and made from traditional materials. The best watches under $500 include either automatic or quartz movements. The best watches under $200 have similar features and can be upgraded with premium features. The same applies to the best watches under $300.

However, the best watches under $1,000 and $2,000 are often based on automatic mechanics. They’re usually of high quality and can include Swiss quartz watches. Watches priced under $10,000 but above $2,000 come with exceptional craftsmanship and work based on automatic movements.

On the other hand, the best watches priced at or above $10,000 are well-made luxury watches. They’re made from premium materials with top watch brands behind them.

Find a functional and stylish budget within your budget range. Buy a watch you can afford without straining your life on other important things.

Other Factors

Other factors to consider include the following:

  • The clothes or outfits you intend to wear with your watch – gold watches brighten dark outfits while titanium and silver watches would go well with neutral colors, especially if worn at night.
  • Source of power – battery for quartz watches, solar, automatic or mechanical powering sources
  • Luminosity in the dark especially for field and military watches
  • Weight for comfortable feel – is based on the material used to make the watch
  • Functionality – do you want a watch designed for diving, swimming, sports, a specific profession, and the military or outdoor activities?
  • Intended use - formal occasions (dress watch), daily or everyday accessory wear, exercise, underwater, etc.
  • Watch size (dial style and size) – wrist size, setting and personal style determine the right size of a watch. Dials are measured in mm.


Whichever watches you consider for purchase, make sure they meet all these considerations to ensure you get the right timepiece for you. The best smartwatch for women or men is fitting and reflects your personal taste, style and preferences.

Check out Amazon for the best digital watches for women and men at a price you can afford.


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