The Best Woks On The Market Today 

 January 13, 2020

By  Axel Kloch

If you enjoy the simplicity and delectable taste of stir-fries, you should invest in the best wok for your kitchen. Using this Chinese cooking vessel will not only facilitate quick frying action but will also bring out wonderful flavors that will elevate your dish to a whole new level.

However, investing in the right wok is not a simple task as there are plenty of different types available in the market. Home cooks can opt for traditional woks that need seasoning and develop a unique flavor with each use. You can also opt for more contemporary options if you prefer to clean the utensils after each use.

Top 5 Best Woks On The Market

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Our Top Recommendations

Want to get your hands on the best woks in the market? Here are some of our top recommendations:

WaxonWare 11 Inch Stone Wok Pan

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The WaxonWare Stone Wok Pan is among the top rated woks in the market and is made using the best materials. If you are in search of product that will help you prepare delicious stir-fried food, you have made the right choice.

The wok pan features an eco-friendly design that has transformed the way people look at ceramic-coated cookware.

Some notable features of the product include:

  • Constructed using high-grade pressed aluminum 3003 alloy, the superior quality makes the product one of its kind.
  • Features top grade magnetic induction bottom that offers even heat distribution
  • Use the wok to stir-fry, deep fry, braise and bake food items like you have never before. You will be surprised by the versatility of the wok
  • Easy cleaning – you need not have to spend minutes scrubbing to get rid of food residue.

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Cooks Standard Multi-Ply Clad Stainless Steel

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The Cooks Standard Multi-Ply Clad Stainless Steel is 3-layered metal cookware that features an exterior and interior layer of superior quality stainless steel. The 13-inch wok allows even heat distribution for optimal taste and flavor.

What’s best is this model is among the most durable woks in the market and will last for several years. The brushed stainless-steel exterior is scratch resistant and will last for several years without any problems.

Some notable features of the wok include:

  • Constructed using durable stainless steel materials
  • Incorporates air-flow technology that keeps the handles cool
  • Loop side handles also makes it easier for people to move the vessel around
  • Features stainless steel lid that helps trap heat
  • Brushed stainless steel layer does resist sticking and scorching – making the wok easy to clean
  • Cooks Standard woks perform as well as any other traditional cast iron or steel wok.

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Calphalon Triply Stainless Steel Wok

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The Calphalon Triply Stainless Steel Wok is traditional styled wok, which is designed to offer versatility in cooking food as well as long lasting durability.

The wok is designed using two layers of stainless steel along with an aluminum core that results in excellent heat conductivity. What’s best is that the wok is dishwasher, oven and broiler safe.

Some notable features of the wok include:

  • Clear tempered glass lid enables you to see food while you are preparing meals
  • Stainless steel handles that stay cool on top of the stove
  • Dual steel layer maintains luster and smoothness irrespective of the oven’s heat setting.
  • All components are covered by Calphalon’s lifetime warranty
  • Inspired from traditional round bottom woks, this wok has a wide cooking surface so you can prepare delicious pots of soups
  • Reflective cook surface makes it easier of cooks to monitor food

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Aroma Housewares Quart Electric Wok

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When it comes to investing in the best woks, you can’t be wrong by opting for the Aroma Housewares Quart Electric Wok. The versatile cooking utensil allows you to create an array of different dishes and culinary masterpieces.

While most woks in the market are primarily used for stir-frying, this product can be used for boiling rice, making roast chicken and a variety of other dishes.

Some notable features of the Aroma Housewares Quart Electric Wok include:

  • Integrated with a temperature dial control which allows you to adjust the heat setting for the electric wok
  • Includes a steam rack so you can prepare a variety of healthy meals
  • Rapid heat technology that quickly increases the temperature allowing you to enhance your cooking efficiency
  • Handles are designed to remain cool so that you can conveniently transport the wok from place to place. This eliminates the need for oven gloves
  • 5-year warranty, which ensures that customers don’t have to make a risky purchase

Techef Art Pan 12" Wok / Stir-Fry Pan

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TeChef Art Pan 12" Wok / Stir-Fry Pan is among the most visually appealing woks in the market and is constructed using heavy-gauge aluminum. The wok features a steel base the evenly distributes heat, making it easier for you to prepare delicious meals.

The non-stick durable cookware makes it easier for chefs to prepare environmentally safe and easy meals. The unique pattern ensures you use just the right amount of oil and not a drop more.

Additionally, the Korean brand has been in the business for years and is known for incorporating advanced cookware technology. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Features Teflon print design technology – this is a safe way of applying prints and colors without using harmful chemicals
  • Forged aluminum material that has thin walls. Additionally, the patented design evenly spreads heat across the bottom of the pan – even to the sides
  • Designed to last longer than most ceramic models and non-stick pans in the market
  • Constructed using 5 layers of non-stick coating while most non-stick brands in the market only offer 3 layers of coating
  • Unique pattern of frying pan, which allows chefs to cook better with the right amount of oil

Cooking using a wok may seem different at first but you will eventually get accustomed to it. Consider checking out different ways to cook using a wok. Good luck!

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Factors To Consider For Purchasing The Best Woks

Here are a couple of factors you should keep in mind while investing in the best woks:


The handle is practically the first thing you will notice while you are making a purchase. Woks typically feature two small loop handles on both sides. Some utensils feature a loop handle on one side and long stick handle on the other.

While some woks simply have a single, long wooden or metal handle. Regardless of its type, all handles have the same purpose: to help chefs lift the wok off the flame. You can opt for a specific type according to your personal preference or cooking technique.


Most chefs prefer using longer handles as it allows them to toss the ingredients inside the wok easily. However, we suggest you test the weight of the wok before purchasing a new one. As not all cooks may be able to work with a larger handle because of its added weight, opt for a smaller wok made using lighter material if the wok is too heavy for you to handle. After all, you certainly do not want to twist or sprain your wrist from sautéing vegetables.


The size of the wok typically depends on how many people you will be cooking for. Opt for a 14-inch wok if you have a family of three to four people. However, if you live on your own or with a roommate, you can opt for smaller sized utensils. The wok can be as small as 8 inches and big as 79 inches. Small sized woks are suitable for stir-frying vegetables at a high heat whereas larger ones are primarily used for cooking soup or rice.


While western style pots and pans are available in an endless array of materials, in contrast, woks and other Asian oriented cooking pots and pans are made using only a few metals. The two most popular types include carbon steel and cast iron. Carbon steel woks are incredibly popular and offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Most traditional woks are made using cast iron steel. This metal is quite heavy and typically takes more time to heat up compared to other metals. However, cast iron is able to conduct heat evenly, making it a great choice for stir-frying vegetables.


Depending on the kind of stove you use, you can opt either for a flat bottom or round bottom wok. Flat bottom woks are ideal for cooking with an electric range. However, if you are using a gas stove, you will benefit from a round bottom wok. The round shape helps achieve even heat distribution.


Aside from the material used for construction, you should pay important attention to the height and shape diameter of the wok for instance its concave properties. A wok that is deep towards the bottom will retain heat in the well but will not be able be to transfer heat to the sides.

Additionally, if the wok is too shallow, you will have trouble tossing foods up the sides. This reduces workable surface area. Opt for a model that is not too deep or shallow but is just right. Most chefs typically opt for 14”inch diameter pans that are 4”deep.

Utensils And Accessories

While some woks are sold separately, others come with thin metal spatulas, burner rings, lids, steamer trays and other kinds of accessories. This makes your purchase more worthwhile and saves you the time and energy from investing in accessories separately.



A warranty depicts how committed a brand is to its customers. Opt for a product that comes with an attractive warranty. You may have to opt for the expensive models if you want to avail a good warranty.

Alternative Ways To Use A Wok

Contrary to popular belief, woks can be used for preparing a variety of dishes and is not only meant for stir-frying. This piece of kitchen utensil isn’t just meant for stir-frying is very economical to use. For instance, did you know that deep frying foods in a wok uses less oil as compared to a saucepan? Here are a few alternative ways of using a wok you should definitely try:


Many people love deep-frying in a wok because of its unique shape. The wok tapers down at the bottom, which means you don’t have to use much oil and are left with a wide surface on top to cook with. Additionally, since woks already need to be seasoned, filing it up with oil to deep-fry some ingredients is a great way to prepare it for some serious cooking.

Scrambled Eggs

Enjoy having friends and family over for Sunday brunch? Well, now you don’t have to worry about painstakingly preparing scrambled eggs. Simply toss the eggs inside the woks and add all the ingredients. Voila! The large surface area of the wok makes it easier for you to prepare large batched of scrambled eggs.

Steaming Mussels

Do you often have trouble steaming mussels the conventional way? Toss the mussels in the wok and cover it with a lid. Allow it to steam to perfection with minimal effort.

Warming Tortillas

Who said you could only prepare Asian dishes with the famous cooking utensil? Warming up tortillas in a frying pan or on top of a burner can be challenging especially if you don’t have much surface to work with and can only heat up two small tortillas at the same time.


Rest assured, because a wok is large enough for you to stack and fit in as many tortillas as you want, not to mention, it won’t require much effort and will be done in no time.


You can steam whole fish, dumplings or vegetables by using a wok a base. All you will need is some inexpensive bamboo steamer (the ones you can stack on top of each other). This is a much healthier way to prepare meals


Rest assured, smoking food indoors does not mean you have to invest in a stovetop smoking box. All you need is some wood chips, cooling rack, foil and your handy wok. Use all these cooking items to smoke nuts, fish or practically anything else you want.


Don’t want to snack on microwave popcorn because of the added calories? Rest assured, you can cook your own batch in a wok. Thanks to the extra surface area, the popcorns will have extra room to pop. This will help evenly distribute the oils, allowing you to make a delicious batch of airy popcorn.

Tips For Using A Wok To Its Full Potential

Unlike other types of pots and pans, it may take you a while to get accustomed to using a wok. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Invest In The Right Wok And A Wok Ring

Rest assured, the best wok does not have to be expensive and can be made using either cast iron or carbon steel, whatever material you are more comfortable with. Most woks used at restaurants cost about $20 but the price may vary depending on the size of the product. Additionally, don’t forget to purchase a wok ring.

These rings are designed to fit around the gas burner and create a stable nest to adjust the wok on it. Some advanced models can also heighten the flame of your burner, resulting in exceptionally cooked meals.


However, if you have an electric stove, we advise you stick to a traditional black steel pan or a cast iron wok. Rest assured, as long as you give the wok enough time to heat up, you will be satisfied With The Results.

Season The Wok

Seasoning the wok is just as important as learning how to use it properly. You will find several different methods on how to season a wok online. Our method is simple: all you have to do is scrub off any strange coating that may be on the wok and allow it to soak in a sink filled with cold water. Now it is time to heat up the wok over medium heat for about 10 minutes.

Use oven gloves to transfer the wok from the flame to the sink. Be careful and stand a few steps back as it will hiss and steam. Allow the wok to dry completely for a couple of minutes over high heat and add some oil. You may use peanut oil. Use a paper towel to wipe off excess oil. You are now ready to cook!

Do You Have A Weak Stove? Fret Not!

Are you worried because you have a weak stove? Rest assured, you can stir-fry each component separately, allowing the wok to get blasting hot between each ingredient. Once you are done cooking each ingredient, toss it in a bowl and then combine it together in the end and add the sauces. By using this method, you won’t lose much heat by over-crowding the ingredients.

Consider Cooking Outdoors

Why use a home stove when you can prepare delicious meals in an outdoor garden with your family? An outdoor gas burner has more oomph and has the firepower to generate real wok hay. Coal fire and wood packs a punch and is the best way to use a wok.


Not to mention, when you are cooking outdoors, you don’t have to worry about opening up nearby doors and windows. If you are cooking indoors, don’t forget to switch on the exhaust wood if you have one.

Learn To Toss

Learning how to toss vegetables is a skill you need to master. Rest assured, there are plenty of videos online that will teach you how to do so. Here’s a pro tip: start practicing with less food and oil. You can also make salad and use it for practice.


When you are using a wok, we advise you have multiple pots filled with boiling water at your disposal. Blanch the ingredients before cooking it in the wok but use your better judgment according to the recipe. Woks are primarily used for cooking food items at a high temperature hence nothing you toss inside should require more than a minute to cook perfectly.

Some additional tips include:

  • Don’t overcrowd the wok or all the ingredients won’t cook well enough. You will require a spare cooking environment if you want to bring out the best flavors.
  • Organize your workspace and prepare all the food ingredients at hand before you start cooking. Also, separate the ingredients from the aromatics and sauce ingredients for better cooking. Woks are designed to cook foods at high heat levels for prepping your food in time in crucial for better results.
  • For optimal results, it is essential you use the right oils. We suggest you use low polyunsaturated fat containing oils. Oils, such as olive oil and sesame oil, are likely to result in a better taste when cooked. Additionally, oils that have high polyunsaturated fat contents are also likely to turn the overall texture of the food unpleasant.
  • Last, but not the least, don’t forget to preheat the wok. Preheat the vessel until it starts to smoke up. A properly cleaned and well-seasoned wok will have micro pores that will also food particulate and oils to seep in. Pay attention to the smoke being produced. It will tell you when the wok is ready for cooking. Once you add the oil, these pores begin to close.


Hopefully, this handy buyer’s guide has provided you enough information about investing in the right wok. To ensure the durability of the product, ensure you purchase it from a reliable vendor or brand.

Axel Kloch

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