BestOffice Touch-Free Trash Can Review 

 January 21, 2022

By  Jonathan Maxwell

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Touching a trash can full of germs is the last thing you want. Lack hygiene often leads to several different infections or contamination, which results in many serious consequences and health hazards. That’s why motion-sensor touchless trash cans are scoring good reviews among health-conscious individuals. There are hundreds of automatic trash cans that have made their way into an average consumer’s living place. A typical trash can is assumed to be nothing but a home to hundreds of germs and disease. However, recent technological advancements have changed the way our trash cans looked like in the past.


At present, an automatic trash can open with the help of a motion sensor so that users can discard their trash without having to touch the can, which is of particular importance when you are working in the kitchen or with kids. Although there are dozens of automatic trash cans available in the market of all sizes, colors, and shapes, only a few perform their duty as per the buyer’s expectations.

About The Product

The BestOffice TC-1350R is a touch-free trash can engineered exclusively for your kitchen. However, it is appropriate to keep in any room of your house, be it your kids’ room or your living space. With a futuristic design and sophisticated features, it is easy to operate. This trash can opens with just a wave of your hand. Everyone’s favorite, this particular model is designed to make your life less complicated. The model is quickly becoming popular among users who want an affordable yet functional trash can for their needs.

Features And Benefits


Apart from being an automatic trash can, the BestOffice TC-1350R boasts several incredible features that make it a valuable addition to any home or office.

  • Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel
  • Spacious to hold enough garbage
  • Contemporary Design to fit into your kitchen, bedroom and livingroom


Since the exterior of this trash can features fingerprint resistant stainless steel, even if you do have to touch the trash can, it will never show any smudges or marks. If you happen to spill something on it, you can easily clean it using a paper towel in just a single stroke, which is why everyone falls in love with the BestOffice TC 1350R from the day they use this product. It not just sounds like a fun thing to purchase, the trash can comes with an efficient motion sensor to guarantee long-term use.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors coming from your trash can, when you have this product. All trash cans undergo rigorous testing and premium quality checks before they get into the buyers’ hands. Hence, you can expect a durable product that does not succumb easily to debris or large piles of garbage.

Trash bags are great accessories to use for any trash can. It is also a great idea to use a bag for this particular model so that you can maintain it easily. All steel trash cans are designed to sustain everyday wear and tear. This model is no exception. Moreover, it is affordable as it comes with a low price tag. Now anyone can keep an automatic trash can in the kitchen to benefit from this technology.

You can either use the trash can automatically with batteries or use it manually. Since stainless steel is famous for its antibacterial and hygienic properties, almost all modern trash cans are a result of steel construction. Not just that, the material also adds to the life of any trash can. With just a wave of your hand, you can throw away all sorts of trash into this can.

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What Others Are Saying

Buyers who have invested into this product seem to be extremely happy with this model. The automatic stainless steel trash can allows you to work freely in the kitchen as you don’t have to wash your hands frequently, which means an uninterrupted cooking or cleaning session to get more work done in less time.


Customers are happy to use this motion detection trash can as a hygienic tool to discard trash. Moreover, pet-owners praise the trash can’s power switch that allows users to turn it off so no curious pets can play with it. It is also an ideal gift for your old-aged relatives who want a hassle-free way of disposing of their trash. This automatic trash can adds a whole new level of convenience to your kitchen. It can also hold bulky and heavy objects. Anyone who is looking for a slick, smart and quiet trash can that mechanically opens and close, this is the right kind of model to serve your needs.

Buying Advice

Although hundreds of automatic trash can models promise to deliver a long-term performance, not many of these items live up to their claim. The BestOffice TC 1350R is an intelligent trash can that is way ahead of its rivals regarding its design, sensor-technology, and size.

Thanks to its infrared technology, you no longer have to open it using your hands. However, you can choose the option to operate the lid manually by pressing an open button on its panel. If you are looking for an automatic trash can, capable of handling large amounts of waste without giving off any odors, this is one of the toughest and smartest automatic trash cans available in the market. The BestOffice TC-1350R holds a good rating and enjoys positive reviews from its customer-base on Amazon.com. If you want to purchase this item, then you can easily buy it for just around [amazon fields="B018LNFQWE" value="price"] with free shipping.

Final Thoughts


This automatic trash can is one of the best and most affordable products to have emerged in the market. You don’t get any fingerprints, smudges or stains when you touch the can. It looks as good as new even after prolonged use, which makes it a valuable addition to your home, office, school or gym. Designed specifically for serving in the kitchen, the advanced sensor technology of this trash can along with its stainless steel finish makes it a great steal for your money.

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