BFVV Bug Zapper Reviews 

 February 15, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

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  • Offers complete protection biting pests and bugs such as mosquitoes
  • The four bulbs deliver high voltage for efficient killing of insects
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Ideal for commercial, industrial and residential use
  • Small and lightweight for convenient use
  • Doubles as a source of light and saves power
  • Chemical- and toxic-free for safety
  • Odourless and produces no smoke
  • Doesn’t use harmful sprays to eliminate pests, bugs and insects
  • Safe and healthy for humans and pets


  • The coverage area isn’t so large for use in large yards
  • Is a bit noisy

BFVV is a top manufacturer of outdoor products for pest control. The company has been working in the industry for over 10 years. It has gained the trust of many consumers worldwide with its colourful and effective products designed for top performance. 

The company is focused on satisfying the needs of its customers and constantly improving its existing items to provide more value for its customers. The BFVV Bug Zapper is popular for the range of benefits it offers its users. It’s built with 4 ultraviolet LED bulbs to attract all kinds of bugs at high voltage. It’s the device you need for full protection from mosquitoes.

The device is recommended for indoor or outdoor use. Simply plug the zapper into a power outlet for it to begin working. Developed for commercial and residential use, the zapper is ideal for offices, restaurants, homes, schools and kitchens, or any other area infested with stubborn flying insects.

The device also supports industrial use. Use it in your yard, garden, indoors or pool area at home kill harmful flying insects and pests inside or around your home. With a coverage area of up to 500 square feet, you can use the zapper to rid pests in cafes, your kitchen or even hospitals.

Designed for low power consumption, the device can double as a source of lighting indoors or outdoors, at night. Although it’s a bit noisy, the device is powerful enough to ensure that your home, office or warehouse is pest-free. 

Unlike traditional bug zappers that were based on insect repellents, this electronic bug zapper for killing mosquitoes is chemical free. It’s made from non-toxic components to guarantee the safety of your health and that of your loved ones, including pests.

The device comes in a pack of two mosquito zapper aka lamps. Due to the voltage range supported, make sure it’s supported for your country before making a purchase. Nothing should get into contact with the grid during operation because it electrocutes, except the targeted insects and pests.

If you live in an area with lots of dust and flammable vapour in the air, don’t use the zapper. Before you begin cleaning the unit or replacing any part, make sure that it’s disconnected from the mains power to avoid getting electrocuted.

What We Like

We love the powerful nature of this bug zapper and its ability to kill pests and bugs. We also like that you can use the device either indoors or outdoors. The versatile nature of this device means you don’t have to buy two different pest zappers, one for use indoors and the other outdoors.

The color of the zapper is also worth mentioning. The rose red hue of the casing is bound to brighten any interior space with a warm touch. When used outside, it easily contrasts the green backdrop of trees and other types of plants.

What We Don’t Like

 The only thing we don’t like about this bug zapper is that it makes some noise. If you’re having a baby in the house or need to deploy the device in an area such as a library where silence is a priority, the mosquito control zapper may be problematic. 

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Features of the BFVV Bug Zapper

  • 4 ultraviolet LED lights
  • Measures 11.8 x 6.5 x 2.8 cm
  • Power cord for connection to a power outlet
  • 1 to 8 watts power output
  • Plastic circuit boards
  • 500 square feet coverage area
  • Rose red casing
  • 110 to 220 voltage

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Buying Advice

Which insects do you want to target? Choose a bug zapper designed for the pests or bugs you want to eliminate from your environment. Ultraviolet light is used to lure various kinds of insects and pests for zapping. However, if you’re targeting mosquitoes, choose the best mosquito zapper designed to use Octenol for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Next, choose the most suitable type of bug zapper for your intended application area. Solar-powered and battery-powered devices are ideal for use on the go. They’re often built for lightweight and portable use. You’ll find them handy when engaging in outdoor activities and adventures such as camping and hiking.

Whereas some devices come with just a single bulb, others use up to 4 UV LED bulbs. The larger your application area and population of targeted pests and bugs, the more bulbs you may need on your device. Also look at devices with high voltage for increased effectiveness in killing more bugs within a specific area

The coverage area of a device can also help you determine if a bug zapper is ideal for you or not. If you’re looking for an insect zapper for a large backyard or hospital compound, opt for a device with a large coverage area in acres. Another important factor worth noting is the light source for your desired device.

Choose among electric, solar and battery-powered bug zappers. Whereas solar and battery-powered devices are more cost-effective and versatile in use, electric models are more costly. What’s more, you can’t use them on the go.

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The right mosquito zapper is made with the right components for effective operation. The best bug zapper has enough coverage area to suit your application area. Do intensive research and compare prices before opting for a device. Make sure the device has many positive reviews from previous customers.

Check out Amazon today for the bug zapper to kill all pests and bugs causing havoc in your home or outdoor space.

Lisa Hanel

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