Black And Decker BDH1200FVAV Car Vacuum Review 

 July 9, 2022


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When you think about the average day that your car goes through and everything that it comes in contact with, it’s no surprise that they need regular cleaning. Whether you have pets that take a ride with your, children dropping food and crumbs, or just the regular dirt and mud that you bring into the car with you from outside, your car certainly goes through a lot.

We all know how nice it is to sit in a clean car and enjoy seats that look brand new and smell just as good, but finding the time to get our cars looking like this can be a difficult task.

For most of us, we simply put the job off until one weekend when we can finally no longer stand it, only to be annoyed by carrying around the bulky household vacuum that just wasn’t invented for use in the car.

What the modern car owner needs is something more compact that’s suited to the crevices of a car and the movability that you want as you clean it. That’s why Black and Decker have invented their range of car vacuums, all designed to suit different types of use and many different car owners, so you can find one that will match your needs perfectly.

The Black and Decker Flexi Automotive Vacuum is one of their most loved models, as it offers an affordable and easy way to keep your car clean. With this vacuum in your arsenal, you’ll no longer put off cleaning the car because it’s so simple to do and almost enjoyable to operate.

About The Product

Black and Decker are one of the world’s most respected and trusted appliance makers of all time, with over 100 years of experience creating products that make life easier for the average American.

The Black and Decker Flexi Automotive Vacuum is their answer to the problem of bulky vacuums being used to clean cars, and they’ve delivered a simple and compact device that does all of the hard work for you.

The Black and Decker Flexi Automotive Vacuum is an affordable approach to car vacuums and would suit those car owners who like to give their cars a quick once over every now and then to keep them clean. Packed with features that add to its ease of use, you’ll be seriously impressed by everything the Flexi has to offer.

  • 12V adapter fits into car socket for continual power;
  • 16 feet cable to reach all areas of your car with ease
  • 4 feet flexible hose to get into tight spaces;
  • Motor in the filter technology makes it ultra compact;
  • Cyclonic action to keep dirt away from the filter;

This is one of the most innovative car vacuums you’ll ever find, full of smart technology that makes it a dream to operate. If you’re looking for constant power that just can’t be found with a battery operated vacuum, the Black and Decker Flexi Automotive Vacuum is the one for you.

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Pros And Cons

Although there are many cordless vacuums on the market, most are operated with batteries which means you’re limited to the running time. The Black and Decker Flexi Vacuum actually plugs into your car’s cigarette holder socket in order to give you 12V of continuous power.

This means you never have to charge it up and you can even leave it in your car for those times when you might need a quick clean.

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Don’t go purchasing this thinking it will be high powered with suction because it’s more for general everyday use. Those people who like to give a thorough detailing to their car will not be impressed with the suction of the Flexi but if you're looking for something to give a general clean or vacuum up sand after a visit to the beach, it will tick all of your boxes.

This is truly one of the more compact vacuums on the market, thanks to the motor being stored in the filter. This innovative design feature is all thanks to Black and Decker and it saves you space but also helps to keep dirt away, giving it a little more suction than it would have otherwise.

Buying Advice

When it’s time to upgrade your car vacuum, you might think you need to head down to the local hardware or department store when the best deals can actually be found online. The Black and Decker Flexi Vacuum is available right now through Amazon for a discounted price of [amazon fields="B014UZ00YQ" value="price"] which makes it the most affordable of all car vacuums.

Amazon will also sweeten the deal further by shipping this vacuum straight to your house for free, and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you’ll be getting it in just two days. This is far better than searching around the store for a deal and having to lug it home, as Amazon can really do the whole job for you and at a better price.

Black and Decker offer a full 2 year limited warranty on this vacuum which is exceptional due to its price, and as always Amazon also gives you a chance to upgrade that warranty. By purchasing one of their Protection Plans for under $8 you’ll get another three years of warranty on your Black and Decker Flexi which makes it even better value than before.

The Verdict

If you’ve been searching for a simple and effective car vacuum and don’t want to break the bank, the Black and Decker Flexi Vacuum is the one for you. This handy little device plugs straight into your car for continuous power, so there’s no stopping you once you get started.

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For those car owners who want an easy way to keep their pride and job looking and feeling its best, the Black and Decker Flexi Vacuum couldn’t be simpler to use. Not only will you get great results in just minutes, but you can keep it stored away in your car for your next outing. To transform your car care routine, purchase the Black and Decker Flexi Vacuum.

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