Blian Ailunhua Rollerblades Reviews 

 August 31, 2020

By  Tricia Hale

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With so many options out there for staying active and healthy, it’s always great to find something that’s also fun to do. Rollerblading has long been a favored pastime of many because it combines both exercise and entertainment, and if you’ve been searching for a new workout or way to get out of the house and get moving, this could be the answer.

The most important accessory you’ll need is a pair of rollerblades and if you’ve never owned them before, you might find the search for the perfect set a little daunting. Most rollerblades and inline skates are made with very specific users or purposes in mind so finding some that are versatile and made for everyone can be a challenge.

The ideal pair of rollerblades for people who aren’t professional users still need to be a perfect fit for the individual. Therefore, you’ll want something totally customizable and easily adjustable to suit more sizes, shapes of feet, skill levels, and usability.

Blian has created their Aliunhua Rollerblades made for men and women, and they come with all of the customizations you need to make them a perfect fit for you. We’ve reviewed their features and specs as well as the best and worst features to see if they’re a good choice for your next pair of rollerblades.

Blian Ailunhua Rollerblades

Blian is the supplier of the Ailunhua skates and the lifestyle brand doesn’t have a huge selection of rollerblades and skates as you might suspect. As their only pair of rollerblades available for purchase, they’re still a surprisingly big seller with online customers and it all comes down to how the versatility of their design.

The key concept of these rollerblades is customization, with everything from the braking system to the size of the skates being totally adjustable to suit your preferences. These would be an ideal fit for both men and women’s adult sizes and you’ll get further chances to customize them so they’re as comfortable as possible.

If you’re looking to save some money on rollerblades with a lesser known brand but still want a highly rated product, the Blian Ailunhua Rollerblades have a lot of features to offer. When you choose these skates over others in the same price range, you’ll get:

  • Adjustable sizes for men 7-10 and women 8-11 in US sizes;
  • Screw button allows adjustability for sizes;
  • Black and silver design;
  • Triple closure system;
  • Adjustable break position;
  • ABEC-7 bearings and PU wheels;

Thanks to the many customizations available with the Ailunhua skates, you can adjust them for casual skating in the park or riding around a rink, depending on your skill level. For an adaptable pair of skates that can be enjoyed by more users in a variety of settings, these are a great choice for rollerblades.

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What to Expect from the Blian Rollerblades

The triple closure system on these skates is a welcome feature for beginners who feel they need some more support. You’ll be able to close the Velcro strap, durable buckle closure, and then tie the laces tight so that they’re on tight every time. This gives you better posture and makes it easier to rollerblade, locking in your ankles and keeping you upright.

One great feature of the Ailunhua Skates is the changeable brake position which means it can be either on the left or right skate. This adjustment can be made by switching sides and locking them into either skate, so regardless of what side you’re most comfortable with you’ll be able to skate that way.

Some people found these rollerblades to be heavy compared to others in this price range. They did tend to feel bulky which can take some extra getting used to, and won’t be ideal for people looking for a lightweight fit. However, if you prefer a heavier skate to keep your balance, this extra weight won’t bother you.

There’s plenty of padding in the inner boot of these skates but users recommend a thicker sock for added protection. With the right sock and proper closure of the rollerblade, you’ll be able to avoid the common skating blisters that come with new skates and be able to blade for hours comfortably.

How to Buy Your Blian Ailunhua Skates

If you have been searching for a truly adjustable pair of inline skates or rollerblades, the Blian Ailunhua are top sellers on Amazon. Their current price for these adult sized skates is just around [amazon fields="B07DD94HPB" value="price"]

For this price, you’ll get the rollerblades shipped for free to your door, and they’ll arrive within just 48 hours if you’re an Amazon Prime member. There’s no manufacturer’s warranty offered by Blian so for the price you might be a little hesitant, but they do offer a refund if you’re not immediately happy with your purchase.

To complete your rollerblading setup, you could also invest in some essential safety gear like protective kneepads or a helmet, or sports socks designed to fit perfectly with your new skates. All of this can be purchased with Amazon as well and is sometimes offered with combined postage so your entire rollerblading kit can be delivered at the same time.

The Verdict

 Rollerblading is the perfect combination of fun and fitness and with a pair of rollerblades like the Blian Ailunhua’s you’ll be able to do it as comfortably as possible. Whether you’re a man or woman you’ll find these a great fit and with other customization in the sizing, closure, and brake system, they can be totally adjusted to suit your needs.

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Tricia Hale

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