Bosch 4100 Table Saw Reviews 

 January 21, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

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A worksite/portable table saw is essential for almost any construction professional, or even woodworking enthusiasts who mainly work from home.

Portable table saws don’t take up as much precious space as a cabinet saw, and can easily be moved around the shop, or from shop to work site.

About The Product

Bosch4100 provides enhanced features that make the saw more precise, safer, and more durable than previous Bosch 4000 series. The 15amp motor provides up to four horsepower and 3,650 RPM for clean cutting. The table saw has a lot of excellent features that make it ideal choice for the work site and small shop.

Rip cuts are on the mark, thanks to a rugged, beefy fence that stays parallel to the blade each time you reset it. A flip of red lever underneath unlock the rails, enabling them to slide out and extend ripping capacity up to 25''.

It is easy to replace blade, with a simple one wrench and an arbor lock lever, making it the only saw that does not make this a two-wrench job.


The Gravity Rise Stand is packaged unassembled, but only takes about 45 minutes to assemble. All the parts are labelled and assembly instruction clearly written, so it should be easy to follow.

The quality of construction of the stand is great; the tubular framing is thick walled and covered with a powder coat finish. Even on use in rugged jobsite, it will stand up for years.

One end of the stand has two large 1-1/2’’ x 8’’ treated pneumatic wheels, making it easy to maneuver the table saw around the work site. On the end of the handle are two adjustable feet. Wing nuts make adjustments to be pretty quick.

Designed For Frequent Use

The Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch worksite table saw is designed for professional who require a dependable unit that is ready to go whenever needed, so heavy frequency use has been put into consideration.

Ensure the unit is well maintained, moving parts are lubricated, and the unit is regularly checked for dust buildup; this way it will perform time and time again.

Powerful Motor Cuts Through Even Hardwood Lumber

The 4100-09 is equipped with a powerful 4 HP, 15 amp motor adequate for cutting sheet stock, 2-by lumber, and 8/4 hardwood lumber. The motor’s soft start feature draws in low current on start-up for a smoother and quitter start.

Bosch’s Constant Response Circuitry monitors motor power under load, making adjustments on the torque as needed while maintaining an even delivery of blade speed. The blade is fixed directly on the motor’s 5/8’’ shaft. The 40 tooth carbide blade that comes with the saw is handy for general purpose cutting. You can switch to an 80 tooth blade for super fine cuts, especially on veneered panels.

Convenient Rip Size Handles Large Work Pieces

Cutting table of the Bosch 4100 is roomy enough to handle large work pieces, providing a ripping capacity of 25’’. This comes in handy, especially when working on solid or plywood panels, or other large materials.

Some customers use the table saw specifically to rip sanded plywood panels for use in cabinetry, which requires larger capacity saw. You can actually use it with one hand as the rip fence glides across the saw cutting table.

High Quality Rip Fence

The rip fence is of high quality. But for regular use, it might disappoint some professionals; it achieves basic function of allowing for true square cuts when staying within the basic table measurements.

The plastic edge mounted to the table does not include rollers, resulting to jarring from any friction or interference, when adjusting the rip fence. Make adjustments with two hands to ensure the fence is aligned on either side, which also helps to prevent jarring.

Though the rip fence quality is adequate, it is not one of the highlights of the unit; it is partially made of plastic on the glide pads, with aluminum used where the fence sits on the table surface.

Riving Knife Comes In Handy

The riving knife prevents material from pinching the blade, which reduces experience of kickback and is an excellent addition for this portable saw. When extended to its full height, the riving knife can be fitted with a Snap-On anti-kickback pawl and clamp-on guard.

It can be used for full upright, rabbets, splitting and other non-thru cuts. The guard and pawl can be removed for non-through cuts and the riving knife lowered to its secondary position setting.

Consumer Report

The Bosch 4100-09 has been in production for about ten years. It has received many positive responses from customers.


Bosch 4100-09 works great if you need to store your saw away to save space. If you want to move this table saw without removing the table saw from the stand, it also works great. But disconnecting the saw from the stand for transportation or store in store equipment can be a challenge. It is a challenge removing and re-installing the four bolts.

When transporting from place to place, beware the wheels are too small to go up standard steps. And the metal case can drag behind.

You won’t go wrong with the Bosch 4100-09 10-inch worksite table saw if what you need is a reliable job site saw, or if you have a small shop and want to be able to easily move and store a table saw. All in all, Bosch package into this table saw model is a set of features and tools that offer convenience, capability and woodworking “chops”.

This saw is the right one on the jobsite, as a backup saw, or in a shop with limited space or with limited budget. Even though the Bosch 4100-09 10-inch worksite table saw do have some minor issues, it the pluses overwhelmingly surpass them for those needing a truly worksite table saw.

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Lisa Hanel

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