Bostitch F21PL Framing Nailer Review 

 September 23, 2020

By  Hanel

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There’s not a framing nailer that can match the power of the Bostitch F21PL. With dual triggers, a large nail magazine, and a nail depth range of 1 ½ to 3 ½ inches, it’s worth your money. Contractors recommend this device because it helps them bump fire nails faster and safer than the competition.

Every project boils down to two things. First, you need to find the correct tools for the project. Second, you need to see if those tools can help you complete the project within a satisfactory time frame. To make your woodworking, DIY, and industrial projects easier, you’ll have to invest in a framing nailer.

That being said, let’s begin our review.

About The Product

The Bostitch F21PL is a lightweight nailer that has a multitude of useful features to help it stand out from its class. Like most framing nailers the Bostitch F21PL is suitable for large jobs because of its power, making it easier to complete tasks faster than other nailers. You’ll find it on Amazon at a price about [amazon fields="B000A79HWA" value="price"].


  • 60 Nail Magazine
  • Nail Depth Range: 1 ½ to 3 ½ inches
  • Compatible with Round Head Nails
  • Constructed out of Magnesium
  • 1,050 inches/pounds of driving power

Product Description

We noticed how the nailer can use round head nails. This is an important feature because some building regulations don’t allow clipped headed nails. Round headed nails provide more structural integrity than clipped headed nails.

Another unique feature is its ability to use Hurriquake nails; something other nailers in the market can’t use.

Bostitch created this pneumatic nailer for large scale jobs. It has a power to weight ratio of 1,050 in/lb which is higher when compared to its competitors. This is because of the magnesium construction of the nail gun. Its construction makes it easier for users to utilize the device and enhances its durability.

Remember, you’ll need to use a large air compressor for this pneumatic device. We suggest that it has a pressure rating at 90-120 PSI for it to work. Any lower and the nailer might not work as effectively as advertised.

The Bostitch F21PL has a lot of unique features that are worth mentioning. For instance, the use can change the nail depth with a simple press of a button. Due to the nosepiece, users can switch from plastic to metal nails as desired.

Also, the unit connects to the bottom of the air compressor. This means that the fitting and air connectors don’t get in the way when connected to the compressor. Users like this feature because it gives them the space to operate the device freely.

There was one thing that consumers gave negative reviews about. Some complained that the nails would continuously jam into place. Thanks to the device’s anti-jamming feature, you’ll be able to find what’s causing the jam and get back to working on your project immediately.

Mainly, the Bostitch F21PL is the best pneumatic nailers around. It’s a great lightweight nailer that can deliver a lot of power when used. Based on its versatility in nail length and type, sleek construction, and other features, it will help any DIYer tackle any job without the hassle.

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Buying Advice

You’ll want to practice safety at all times when operating a nailer. Too many accidents can occur when you’re not careful, and you can cause serious damage to yourself if you allow the nailer to misfire. To prevent this, you’ll need to have some safety gear before using a nailer.

  • Eye Goggles – Prevents debris from getting to the eyes
  • Hard Hat – Protects the user from collisions and hard impacts
  • Ear Plugs – Stops hearing loss from loud nailers

When it comes to safety, always wear protective personal equipment (PPE). This ensures that you’ll be able to complete your DIY projects without causing harm to yourself or others in the process.

Fortunately, nailers have a few features to keep you safe. For example, anti-firing mechanisms, prevent your nailer from jamming by forcing you to reload the nailer. Check to see which safety features your nailer has before buying to ensure that it will protect you while it’s in operation.

Should I Use Coil Or Stick Magazines

Coil style magazines are great for isolated projects. For instance, if you’re planning on doing construction on the roof, you need to use coil style nailers. They have a higher magazine capacity than stick nailers and should be used for professional projects.

But, for your average DIYer, you should invest in a stick magazines. They are less likely to jam in comparison to coil magazines and can be reloaded even easier. No matter which type you choose, make sure that it fits the needs of the project so that you can complete it effectively.

Cordless Or Pneumatic

Whether you choose a cordless or a pneumatic nailer, its variety will depend on a few different variables. While the majority of nailers are pneumatic, there are some cordless products available.

  • Cordless: Uses either fuel or battery to power the nailer. These are ideal for users who plan on using a nailer occasionally. Cordless nailers have more maneuverability, which is great for contractors who have to work in tight spaces.
  • Bullet Point Pneumatic: Pneumatic nailers are powered via an air compressor. If you don’t have an air compressor already, you’ll have to consider adding the cost of one into your budget. Pneumatic nailers deliver a high amount of power, but require the user to be near an air compressor while it’s in use.1
  • Bullet Point 2Tip: If you already own an air compressor, check to see if its specs are compatible with the requirements of your nailer. This is listed as CMF (cubic feet/minute) and PSI (pounds per square inch). Try to get a compressor within a 70-90 range as most nailers tend to operate correctly with this setting.

Closing Remarks

Let’s face it; you’re in need of a reliable framing nailer. The Bostitch F21PL provides durability, speed, and power to help complete large scale projects with ease. Thanks to its nail depth and its large capacity, you’ll be able to fire nails through wood without damaging the device itself.

In conclusion, get this nailer if you want professional results each time that it’s in use.

Do you have any tips on using this nailer?

Share a comment below.

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