Box 20 LB Super-Short Weight Vest Reviews 

 August 19, 2020

By  Jacqui

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Weighted vests are a very simple piece of exercise equipment, but that doesn’t mean every product out there has been well designed, or made with adequate materials. In fact, you may be surprised how many weighted vests on the market have poor functionality, are uncomfortable, or fall apart after just a few months of normal usage.

The Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest avoids all of these issues, and takes things even further by offering one of the best weighted vest experiences you can find. For some, the price may seem a bit steep, but believe me, it’s more than worth it.

So, if you’ve been having trouble with the fit or feel of your weighted vest, or prefer one that has a higher center of weight, keep reading to see why the Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest may be the perfect solution for you.

With weighted vests, everything starts with the quality of materials used. The Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest is made using 1000D nylon cordura, giving it the proper amount of flexibility and support, but also ensuring that it has the durability needed to withstand years of heavy usage.

The vest’s material gives it a rigid, yet flexible feel that provides a solid sense of stability, but doesn’t feel overly hard on your body. The weights are easy to get in and out, and the material keeps the vest centered during all movements.

One thing you’ll immediately notice with the vest is how short it is. Rather than span the portion of your body that includes the middle torso and upper ab areas, the vest stays around the chest, which many will prefer for workouts that involve flexing your ab areas. The short length of the vest provides a feeling of freedom with your movements, which transitions into your performance when worn.

The Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest includes plenty of padding on the underside, helping to keep the vest comfortable through any movements, or simply when worn for longer periods. This helps to avoid the sore feeling many other vests will leave you with afterwards.

 Although it’s a little pricey, this vest is built to last a lifetime, so it’s a very worthy investment if you’re looking to add some high-end equipment to your fitness inventory. We can’t recommend this vest enough.

Also on the underside of the vest is a wipeable  liner, making cleanup easy when needed. This is another aspect that often goes overlooked with lesser weighted vests.

As for the weights, there is a 20 lb capacity, and the weights are offered in increments of 2.5 lbs each, with four slots on the front and back of the vest.

The weights are made from cast iron, and have a very quality feel to them. And as mentioned earlier, you’ll have no trouble removing them when you need to make adjustments to the vest’s weight setting.

Speaking of adjustability, the Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest includes the Box Quick Adjust system, which allows for instant changes to the fit on the vest’s main belt.

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What We Like

Practically every feature and aspect of the Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest has been very well thought out.

  • Short Length

The short length design of the vest is something more companies should consider implementing. Keeping the weight towards the top of the chest gives you more freedom of movement, and doesn’t restrict your breathing as much as some other belts can sometimes do.

  • Breathable Material

Breathability is always a big concern with weighted vests, or really any workout gear to begin with.

The Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest manages to maintain a sturdy and durable feel, but still allows toe skin to breathe. The short length means less coverage as well, which certainly helps in this area.

  • Sturdy

The last thing you want with a vest is for it to move around, or feel loose, saggy, or stretchy. This vest forms to your body, stays put, and doesn’t need to be worn overly tight to do so.

  • Comfortable

Nobody wants a weighted vest that feels bulky, rough, or hard on the body. The padding and design of the Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest gives it a good amount of comfort, even when doing intense workouts.

  • Easy to Adjust

Adjustability is at the forefront with this vest. Not only can you adjust the belt in seconds, the weight adjustment process is incredibly simple and easy.

What Could Be Better

There are a few things we’d like to see improved on the Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest, but none of these are overly concerning in any way.

  • Color Choices

This is being picky, but it would be nice to have sin other colors to choose from.

  • Sizes and Weight Limits

The Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest takes a one-size-fits-all approach, but there may be some who find the vest too big or too small, depending on their body type.

Given the quality and sturdiness of the vest, having a higher weight capacity would be appreciated by some for sure.

 The RUNMax Pro Weighted Vest is the best vest for those who want to add a lot of weight to their load. The high weight capacity, ruggedness, and added accessories all merge to create a tough and effective weighted vest that can handle praactially anything, while keeping the weight where it needs to be.
  • Price

The price of the Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest is on the higher end of the spectrum, but you get what you pay for in this instance.

Buying Advice

Be sure to check the measurements of the vest to ensure it’s the right fit for you before ordering.

Also, there’s no need to purchase an additional warranty through Amazon, since the Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest has a lifetime guarantee.


The Box 20 lb Super-Short Weight Vest is easily one of the best weighted vests on the market. It can appeal to users on all fitness levels, and the weight increments and capacity should be more than enough for most.

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