California Umbrella Outdoor Patio Umbrella Review 

 July 6, 2022

By  Hanel

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Choosing the right patio umbrella can prove to be the difference between spending sunny days indoors and enjoying a relaxing experience with your friends and family outdoors. The summer season especially makes people run indoors as they want to escape the harmful rays of the sun.

However, by installing a patio umbrella, you can reduce the effects of the sun and ensure proper shade. This gives you the chance to spend time outdoors during the daytime and the umbrella also provides shelter from rain and wind. While there is no dearth of options to choose from, you might find it hard to pick the right one.

About The Product

Durable and sturdy, the products from California Umbrella are known to stand the test of time. The brand has been manufacturing patio umbrellas for half a century and brings their experience and expertise to bear on each product they create. This ensures that the patio umbrellas you buy from them will provide great value for money while lasting you a long time.

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  • Overall dimensions (l x w x h): 108" x 108" x 102"
  • Automatic Tilt is built into the crank handle-Just crank to lift and tilt the umbrella
  • All aluminum frame and ribs with resin housing and hub
  • Outdoor Rated Olefin Fabric
  • Optional base is not included and must be purchased separately

The California Umbrella 9′ Round Aluminum Market Umbrella is one such product you should consider buying. With an easy to set up design, multiple color options for you to choose from, and top quality materials, this umbrella offers a number of features that make it stand out in the crowd and make it one of the best patio umbrellas on the market.

Here’s a look at some of the features of the California Umbrella 9′ Round Aluminum Market Umbrella:

  • Auto Tilt: The Auto Tilt feature makes it incredibly easier for you to tilt the umbrella at any angle you want. With this feature, you simply have to wait till the canopy is extended fully and then continue cranking to tilt it. This makes setting up this umbrella easy as compared to other products in the market.
  • Made from Olefin Fabrics: Olefin fabrics are renowned the world over for their quality and durability. You get a wide selection of color choices and at the same time, the fabric provides optimal coverage. Olefin fabrics are affordable and hence the superior quality of the canopy doesn’t affect the price of the product.
  • Timeless Design: California Umbrella believes in keeping things simple and for their canopies, they stick to the timeless design that has become their signature. This way, you get sufficient shade while still having the option to customize the umbrella setup according to your requirements, making this the perfect choice for your patio.
  • Aluminum Frame and Ribs: The frame and ribs of the umbrella are made from aluminum. This adds to its sturdiness and ensures adequate support in case of windy weather. The frame is coated with powder to enhance its aesthetic appeal, enabling you to choose an umbrella that complements your patio furniture.
  • Multiple Options: The best part about this umbrella is that you can mount it on your patio table or use it as a freestanding shade on your patio. It is up to you to decide how you want to use it to fulfill your requirements and at the same time, get the most out of your purchase.

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What Others Say

There are numerous reviews for the California Umbrella 9′ Round Aluminum Market Umbrella on Amazon, with an amazing rating. This indicates that a majority of customers are satisfied with the product and its performance.

A customer stated that the size of the umbrella was bigger than they anticipated, which is great as it provides more shade. Also, multiple customers have praised the easy set up of the umbrella, making it convenient to install on your patio.

The single crank mechanism also received praise from customers. A customer wrote that it is incredibly convenient to crank the umbrella to set it up and then simply keep cranking to tilt it. This removes the need for a dual-crank mechanism that most other umbrellas feature.

The customers were also happy with the variety of colors on offer and some of them mentioned in their reviews that the colors look great and add to the look and feel of their patio.

On the other hand, some customers complained that the fabric of the umbrella is too thin. In case the umbrella topples over, as it can if the wind speed increases, the poles may pierce through the fabric and create a hole at the top.

Despite this, some customers did state that the umbrella is durable and can withstand harsh weather without much hassle. Most of the negative reviews about this product are regarding delivery, i.e. customers did not find the right color or design of the umbrella they had ordered.

Buying Advice

The California Umbrella 9′ Round Aluminum Market Umbrella is available on Amazon for around [amazon fields="B012XMSOPU" value="price"]. Via Amazon Prime, you can have the product shipped to your doorstep absolutely free of cost, making this an affordable option.

With 20 color selections and a multi-season design, this is one of the best umbrellas you can choose for your patio. You can also look out for discounts and deals that can help you save a few bucks on your purchase. You can also go through the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the product and also look for discount offers.


Overall, this is among the best umbrellas you can choose for your patio. The price is reasonable, the features are sufficient, and the durability is better than what you get from many other products.

Though it can use some improvements, the easy setup and other features make the California Umbrella 9′ Round Aluminum Market Umbrella an ideal choice for your home if you live in a sunny or windy area.

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