Casio Digital Home Piano Reviews 

 January 6, 2022

By  Ryan

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Casio is one of the best digital piano manufacturers worldwide. The Japanese manufacturer envisions the world in a way no other brand does. It nourishes human intellectual creativity with supportive products to foster developments for a more fulfilling and wholesome future for everyone across the globe.

The company leverages innovation and superior technologies to facilitate the development of products aimed at delivering unmatched value and meeting varied customer needs. The manufacturer is determined to develop innovative and safe products with the capability to work in any environment.

The brand also cares about the environment and its performance. It continually designs slim, lightweight, small and compact products for energy-saving use. The goal is to minimize environmental impact. It also provides educational products to support learning in schools and drive a worldwide society that’s sustainable. 

The Casio Privia Digital Home Piano is a grand revolution in the company’s manufacturing history. It’s built with the AiR sound set to deliver realistic tones and voices, including sympathetic resonance. It also simulates the sounds from the grand piano. 

The powerful sound engine and keyboard action work together to deliver nuance, detail and superior sound expression at a new level. The keyboard piano comes in a stylish design similar to that of a powerful 9-foot concert grand piano. Sound is delivered through seamless dynamics for a powerful and expressive performance at home like no other.

The piano is built with a duet mode split capability to allow two users playing at the same time. For example, a teacher and student can play on the same piano. Designed with a built-in amplifier, the keyboard piano delivers impeccable sound. 

On the other hand, the adjustable lid at the top projects voices and tones being played like that of a grand piano for increased realism. The USB port allows for connectivity to compatible devices for music sharing. 


What We Like

  • We like the vast nature of sounds that this piano keyboard can reproduce. Whether you like drum beat sounds or seek a truly expressive acoustic performance, the piano has it all. It’s also well-constructed and comes in a beautiful finish to elevate the look of any interior space.What’s more, the duet split capability allows two users to play various sounds on the same keyboard. We also like that many sounds can be played simultaneously. 

What We Don’t Like

  • We like this piano for use at home. It has everything we’d want in a keyboard piano. We also don’t like that it comes without a bench. However, this can easily be bought independently. 

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Features of the Casio Digital Home Piano

  • Advanced AiR sound set engine
  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Keyboard action
  • Damper and String Resonance
  • Hall simulator and a USB port 
  • Comes with 88 keys with ebony and ivory feel
  • Proprietary AiR processor aka Intelligent Acoustic Resonator for authentic sounds
  • 256-note polyphony and 18 tones from different musical instruments 
  • Split and layer capability and duet mode splits 
  • Basses, stereo string ensembles and electric piano tones 
  • It comes with a stand, cover and pedal board
  • Up to 10 high quality audio recordings for powerful concert-like performances
  • 3-years warranty


  • Delivers powerful realistic sounds like no other 
  • Comes in a stylish grand piano-like design 
  • Produces rich string sounds for true acoustic grand piano tones
  • Simulates sounds and experiences of playing a grand piano in different environments 
  • Simulates ivory and ebony keys for amazing textured feel
  • The three sensors delivers accurate performances at unmatched speeds
  • Reproduces stored samples at four dynamics sampling speed for heightened realism 
  • The piano can play hundreds of tones and sounds simultaneously 
  • Plays tones both on the right and left side of the piano
  • Supports up to two users at the same time 
  • Connects to computers and the Apple iPad
  • It improves interior décor 


  • The piano isn’t lightweight and portable
  • Doesn’t support professional use for concert and live performances
  • Priced on the higher side, but worth its price 

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Buying Advice

Looking for the best digital piano on the market? Consider various factors to help you find the best keyboard piano. You’ve probably chosen Casio as your go-to brand for pianos. However, check out what other top brands such as Yamaha and Korg have to offer under the same product category and user level.

Beginner users don’t need advanced keyboards with many features they won’t use. If you want to learn how to play the piano, find an affordable keyboard with basic features and learning tools to support your learning needs. Some of the best pianos for learners even feature free access to online lessons for a limited period.

Look out for high quality sounds for expressive unmatched performances. Hammer keyboard actions deliver realistic tones and sounds that resemble acoustic piano sounds. 

Also consider accessories you want to use with your keyboard. For instance, benches are ideal for home pianos. Choose a desired finish on your home console piano for an appealing look. 

If you’re looking for a portable keyboard piano, find bags and cases to protect your instrument on the go. However, even home pianos need covers to protect them from dust and spills. A dry cloth can also come in handy for cleaning your piano.


The Casio Digital Home Piano is designed for use at home. It delivers truly immersive and expressive performances like no other. The keyboard also allows two people to play different sounds at once. 

If you’re practicing with your teacher, you’ll gain a lot from your learning sessions. The 3-year warranty is what you need to protect your keyboard from manufacturing faults.

Order the Casio Digital Home Piano today to continue playing your favorite tunes and deliver expressive performances. 

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