Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano Reviews 

 January 6, 2022

By  Ryan

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Casio is a leading manufacturer of electronic keyboards that’s based in Japan. It produces lightweight digital pianos and acoustic pianos for the worldwide market. With pianos ranging from discreet console pianos for home use to portable, space-spacing variations and arranger keyboards, there’s something for every taste out there.

The brands’ pianos are built with various fun sounds to transform the music production scene. Thousands of popular pop artists, singers and stage performers worldwide are synonymous with the piano brand. For instance, Kyle Morrison, Larry Dunn and Rachel Sage, among other top musicians worldwide are proud users of Casio digital pianos.

Piano keyboards from this brand are ideal for young enthusiast pianists with interest in pop, rock or metal music genres, but lack playing experience. The keyboards allow them to explore various sounds, voices and tones for unmatched experimental playing sessions.

With decades of experience in the industry, Casio has grown over the years to become a leading manufacturer of musical instruments. Today, it’s a reputable and trusted brand for digital pianos. It also manufactures watches, calculators and digital cameras with a wide consumer base worldwide. 

The company integrates top designs, musical innovations and a worldwide class into its diverse products, delivering the best digital pianos on the market. Intelligent engineers are behind every piano model the company manufactures.

The pianists’ playing experience is a priority when designing keyboards at the company’s large factories. Despite a poor reputation from the onset, the inception of the Celviano and Privia digital pianos saw it improve its image. 

The pianos are based on the brand’s unique graded hammer action, sound and wave generation technologies for one-of-a-kind playing experience.

Whether you buy a beginner digital piano or one designed for more experienced players, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with using features built into a Casio keyboard. High quality pianos with weighted keys go for under $1,000. Buying a keyboard piano from this manufacturer is a wise investment for long-term use.

The Casio Privia Digital Piano comes in a black or gold finish. It’s bundled with a furniture bench, a stand, a pedal, instructional DVD and book, and piece of cloth for polishing your piano surface. The Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action reproduces real tones and sounds of an acoustic piano. 

What We Like

  • We like the construction and design of this piano with a stylish and attractive finish. It’s bound to elevate the interior décor of any home and act as a master center piece in the living room. The sturdy construction of the piano keyboard indicates its durability. 

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What We Don’t Like

  • This piano is a perfect work of craftsmanship worth its price. We like everything about it, but just like any other console piano, it’s not lightweight for use on the go. If you want something more lightweight for easy portability, check out portable piano keyboards designed for live performances.

Features of the Casio Digital Piano

  • A furniture stand and a triple-pedal system
  • A furniture bench for seating while playing
  • An instructional book
  • An instructional DVD
  • An Austin Bazaar cloth for polishing 
  • 2 headphone jack outputs
  • Sheet music rest 
  • Access to online lessons 
  • Built-in speaker system
  • Electric tones and a string ensemble 

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Pros And Cons


  • The piano is padded for comfort
  • Comes with various built-in learning tools for learners 
  • Supports personalized playing sessions
  • Ideal for players at different experience levels 
  • Provides high-quality gel
  • Available in black and gold finishes
  • The cozy furniture finish adds a warm touch indoors


  • The piano is too advanced for learners with basic needs
  • A bit costly for new users without regular playing needs
  • A bit heavy to transport 

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Buying Advice

Buying the best digital keyboard piano takes more than just making payment. The sound a keyboard produces is important to delivering expressive and sensational performances. Make sure the piano you want to buy reproduces sounds from samples obtained from other musical instruments, including the acoustic piano.

Keyboards also come with a range of sounds and in varied numbers. Opt for as many sounds as possible if you’re an advanced player looking to experiment with different tones and voices to come up with something unique. However, a beginner doesn’t need more than a dozen sounds for practice purposes.

The quality of sounds a piano produces is also an important factor. Look out for large digital memory to signify the number of sounds the piano can reproduce. The more the sound samples to reproduce, the higher the quality of sounds a keyboard can produce.

Similarly, a piano’s keyboard action also determines the kind of quality it’s designed to deliver. Although fully-weighted and semi-weighted actions deliver sounds close to that of the acoustic piano, a hammer action produces the most realistic sounds. 

It means that if it’s important for your keyboard to sound like an acoustic piano, opt for one designed with a hammer action on the keyboard.

Choose a reputable and trustworthy brand that has been in the industry for many years. Look out for product guarantees and warranty from the brand. A warranty protects you from manufacturing faults while guarantees ensure your purchase is protected.

Compare digital piano prices across different products and brands. Cross-check the features keyboards come with and opt for those you’ll need for your playing sessions. 

Make sure that the features you pay for won’t go unused. Finally, buy what you can afford. Come up with a budget to establish how much you can pay for a piano. It’ll also control your spending. 


The Casio Digital Piano is designed with both the beginner and advanced player in mind. However, it may not be worthwhile for just beginner use due to the cost of buying it. It’s ideal for a home with players at different experience levels.

Order the Casio Digital Piano today on Amazon and take your playing sessions to a new level. Otherwise, check out other keyboard pianos on our review list.

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