All you need to know about Citric Juicers 

 January 5, 2020


There is a common saying that states health is wealth. If you maintain your personal health status which is either mentally, physically, or emotionally, then you will have the power to put in maximal effort in personal endeavors. This results in a better quality of life. The important thing to note is that a person’s health status is solely determined by what he or she consumes regularly. Bet you have heard the saying that you are what you eat.

If you constantly consume harmful foods and drink it will deteriorate your state of health in due time. The human body breaks down food ingested and assimilates it in the body. This is later used for growth and development. So if you eat trash then you will have to suffer the consequences of your actions.

Unfortunately, the issue of what the majority of people consume is a little worrying. Humans are at the peak of evolution since existence yet the issue of nutrition which is a basic need has been neglected. We have managed to make planes, artificial intelligence, gone to space but still the knowledge about basic nutrition is taken lightly. That is why lifestyle related maladies have become so common in the world today. The emergence of genetically modified organisms is one of the contributors of this menace. Moreover, the reliance on artificially made drinks has really contributed to this situation. So what is the remedy to this?

The best way to approach this situation is by going back to the basics of nutrition. Taking a balanced diet is the way to go. Eating naturally grown food helps the body to function at its peak because it does not have to deal with the tedious process of extracting toxins that are usually present in modified food and drinks.

Fruits top the list when it comes to their nutritious value. They have lots of nutrients that support the body’s growth and development optimally. Children and adults alike need to eat fruits on a regular basis. Substituting the toxic food we eat with fruits will improve public health after a period of time.

An alternative option to eating fruits that is preferred by many is the intake of its juice. Fruit juice has tremendous health benefits. This is in addition to its sweet taste so it is a win-win type of situation. However, be assertive as not to be confused by brands that masquerade as fruit juices yet they are artificially sweetened and preserved.  

So in order to drink purely natural fruit juice you need to have access to a fresh juice fruit vendor. Alternatively, you can prepare and enjoy fruit juice within your home. The later seems more convenient right? We will discuss further about what to use to prepare fruit juice from our homes later in this article. 

Before we dig deeper into this subject. It is important to first understand why you really need citrus fruit juicers in your house or not. This will be handled by first comprehending what a person will gain from drinking citrus fruits over an extended time period.  

Enumerated below are the benefits accrued from drinking fresh fruit juice.

Benefits of drinking citric fruit juice

  The many health benefits of drinking citric juice are actually quite surprising. The nutritional value of citric juice is quite strong that is why it can be used in addition to milk for developing toddlers. The advantage of citric juice is its sweet taste so it is enjoyable to consume. Lemon juice is used for several cooking purposes. It does not only improve the quality of your food but also has other benefits. All of them are penned down below.

1. Strengthens Bones

Citrus fruits have a bone building enzyme known as hesperidin. Grape fruit has been proven to slow down the rate of bone loss and prevent them from getting weak. It has minerals used to improve the quality of bones. Small children who have tender bones can benefit from regularly drinking this juice.

2. Reduce risks of heart disease

Diseases caused by the type of lifestyle people lead are on the rise. Heart disease is one of such and its risk has significantly increased. Vitamin C, which is found in citric juice, is used to revitalize the state of you heart if it is consistently consumed. This vitamin does so by neutralizing free radicals which are responsible for attacking the heart’s healthy cells. This then results in heart illnesses. Citric juice also has flavonoid and vitamin C which is used to reduce cholesterol in the body which in turn reduces the risks of heart attacks.    

3. Skin Rejuvenation

Citric juice is mostly recognized for its internal benefits to the body. It has external benefits as well if consumed on a regular basis. This is in regard to its effect on the skin. Most people especially the ladies desire to have wonderful skin. If you desire the quality of your skin to improve then make it a personal goal to drink citric juice consistently. It helps in producing collagen which is responsible for causing skin elasticity and firmness. Citrus also helps to clean out pores in the skin and help to heal skin that has been sunburnt.   

4. Reduces the risk of getting a stroke

Citrus contains potassium which helps the body to reverse the negative health effects of salt that has been ingested over time. Potassium in the body helps to reduce the chances of someone getting a stroke. 

5. Shorten the duration of cold flus

Citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C which is used to boost the body’s immune system. These fruits are especially helpful when one has a common cold because citric juice helps to reduce the time period of common cold flus. The body cannot be completely immunized against cold flus because the causative agent of such illnesses is a virus which can only be suppressed. 

6. Helps the body to absorb nutrients

Adding lemon juice to any dish or drink helps flavor your plate, but it can also help your body absorb the fruit’s essential nutrients. For instance, adding lemon to green tea can help you absorb catechins—a type of antioxidant—in the tea. You can do this for other nutritious dishes as well, including salads, fish, poultry and vegetable sides, which will help your body absorb their nutrients like iron, which is a crucial mineral for supporting the immune system and creating red blood cells.

7. Citrus may reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Lemons have the highest concentration of citrate, a natural inhibitor of kidney stone formation, of any citrus fruit. When there are low levels of citrate in urine, a type of kidney stone is formed. Consuming citrus, especially lemon, is a good way to help prevent these painful mineral crystals from forming.

8. Citrus is especially hydrating.

Like other water-rich produce such as watermelon, citrus fruits are a great food for ensuring your body stays hydrated throughout the day. Nothing can replace water itself to hydrate, but citrus fruits are a great way to provide nutrients and simultaneously fill your body with the fluids it needs to prevent dehydration. 

All the benefits of citric juices explained above show the imperative role it plays in our bodies. You can choose to juice all types of citric fruits and mix up the juice to drink a cocktail full of health benefits to your body while still offering its sweet taste. Alternatively, you can drink each individually. It all depends on personal preference.

This takes us to the next part of the article which is sufficient information about how to extract juice from citrus fruits and the role played by citrus fruit juicers.

All about citrus fruit juicers?

A glass of juice every morning is enough to kick start your day on a high note. There are people who drink fresh juice and are not choosy about the type of juice as long as it is fresh juice. Such people can used blenders comfortably to prepare some of the juices. However, there are some that have a preference for citrus fruits only. Citrus fruit juicers are used for people in the latter category. Access to an exclusive citrus juicers has proved very helpful in most households. 

The reasons why citrus juicers have an extra advantage is because they are designed to juice a specific niche; citrus fruits. These designs help to make it certain that all the nutritious parts of citrus fruits are extracted completely.

For starters, citrus fruits have a thick skin and the internal part is fibrous. Extracting the maximum amount of nutrients from these fruits is not an easy task. A juice extractor will help to simplify the juice extraction process from these fruits.

The design of citrus juicers makes sure that not juice remains. It extracts maximum nutrients from these fruits including an anti-cholesterol fiber which is known as pectin. 

Major categories of citrus juice extractors

There are two major categories of citrus juice extractors. These are inclusive of the total citrus juicer in addition to citrus water juicer. 

Just as its name suggests, the total citrus juicer juices the whole fruit. This is inclusive of its skin which makes the juice extracted to be highly concentrated with essential nutrients. The other category; citrus water juicer focuses on extracting the juice and limits the amount of pulp in the juice extracted. The latter juicer is way more prevalent to find and most people are seldom interested in the former one. Consequently, this article will focus on citrus water juicers. 

Citrus water juicers

Citrus water juicers are the ones that are mostly preferred. They are relatively easy to use. There are two types of these kind of juice extractors; manual and electric. This is determined by the source of energy used to juice out fruits. 

The manual juicers often have a handle and a cone where fruits are pressed against. One requires to cut the fruit into two equal halves where each is squeezed on the cone to remove the juice. Most of these juicers are made of glass, plastic, and in some instances metal is used. All of these material has to be certified as BPA free to make sure no toxic substances are ingested. The drawback that this juicer has is the limitation of quantity. If you want to juice cartons of citrus fruits then it may prove quite tedious to manual juice them all. Additionally, the amount of juice extracted from each fruit can be limited if the person doing it is not strong enough. 

Electric juicers use a motor to extract the fruit juice. This type of juice extractors uses electricity which is preferable to the manual one. It takes a less amount of time to extract all the juice and still does so exhaustively. Electric citrus juicers range in price depending with the type of manufacturer and the features. The choice of electric citrus juicer to settle for depends on your financial ability and your list of needs.  

What to look for when selecting a citric juicer

1. Cost of juicer

The cost of juice extractor that you own is the first thing that you ought to be aware of when purchasing a juice extractor for both yourself and family. If you cannot afford what you want then you will have to settle for less. It is imperative to know that the term cost is extensive. The cost of juice extractor is not only determined by the upfront price on purchase but also the additional overhead costs. These overhead costs entail of the amount of electric watts that are consumed in extracting the juice. Different juice extractors consume different electric watts. The amount of money you are willing to spend on your juice extractor will determine its utility. Do not settle for a juice extractor of less quality or one that will fail to meet your succinct needs. It is better to wait a little longer and save up to avoid regretting about your choice later. 

2. The nature of fruits that you are juicing

The type of fruits one is juicing on a regular basis significantly affects the type of juice extractor that you will opt for. There are soft and hard fruits. Both of these consume varying amount on energy to fully extract the juice. Juicers used for hard fruits are significantly more powerful than those that are used for soft foods. The type of motor that is used to process fruits determines the type of fruits juiced. Let us take a scenario of juicing out an apple verses juicing out an orange. It is relatively easier to juice out an orange because it is a soft fruit. This means that the type of juice extractor used in the case of an apple has to be more powered to get the job done. 

3. Ease of cleaning

The ease of cleaning fruit juicers plays a significant role because fruit juicers are orally ingested and dirt will have negative side effects. A proper citrus fruit juicer should be easy to clean. A citric fruit juicer that can be separated and its individual parts cleaned each at a time is highly recommended. Some fruit juicers are dishwasher safe is that is what you opt for. 

4. Source of energy

The source of energy used to power the fruit juice extractor varies. The major sources are either electricity or manual power. The choice of juice extractor depends on personal preference. A manual juice extractor is relatively cheap as compared to an electric juice extractor. Most manual juice extractors have a universal cone used to juice all types of citric fruits. The advantage of manual juice extractors is the cheap cost. This is in both the upfront price along with the overhead expenses. Electric juice extractors are more productive as compared to the manual ones. As aforementioned, the type of fruit extractor you will purchase determines the nature of power required. If the nature of fruits being juiced is soft then a manual juicer will suffice and an electric powered juicer will be helpful in the instance where hard fruits are involved. 

5. The number of fruits to juice out

The design of your juice extractor plays an important role in determining the quantity of citric fruits that can be handled. You should be pay regard to how often you will use your juicer.  Some are meant for personal use which involves a limited quantity of fruits at a time while others are used to juice cartons of fruits on a daily basis. A juicer used in a fresh fruit juice vending business cannot be the same to one used in your home. The quantity of fruits handled on a daily basis in these two cases varies. Consequently, the issue of quantity is determined by the make of the juicer that you will opt for. Be sure to make one that will align with the quantity you need juiced.  

6. Noise Production

The type of motor that is used to process fruits produces sound differently. Some produce more sound than others do. We all have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to the amount of sound fruit juicers produce. However, most of us wholly agree that the type of juicer that you will settle for has to produce the minimal sound possible. 

7. The size of your fruit juicer

Spatial occupation of the fruit juicer you use is a significant factor to pay attention to. Some fruit juicers are larger than others. The type of fruit juicer you will settle for has be compatible to the available space in your kitchen area. On the aspect of size, the choice of fruit juicer depends on the amount of space that you need to be occupied.  

8. The type of juice you desire to produce

As aforementioned, there are two major categories of citrus juice extractors. These determine the type of juice that will be extracted. If you want to turn an entire fruit including the outer skin into juice then you can buy the total citrus juice extractor. On the other hand, if you are interested in the juice but without the pulp then focus on purchasing one under the water citrus category of juicers. 

9. Reviews made by previous users

Experience is the best teacher. However, you do not have to sit and wait to live through an awful experience in order to learn something. You can learn maximally from the experience of others. This is why reviews the best way to know the utility that a product provides. The views that people have about the fruit juicers in the market show several factors about it.  You have to watch the general rating of the product type that you wish to purchase. Product rating proves quite helpful because it is about past users that express their feelings concerning their experience with product in context. The feedback that people give about a product show a juicers strengths and weaknesses. This will help to see flaws you otherwise would not have. You should pay some regard to what people say about a product prior to making your final decision. 


Citrus fruits have a number of advantages to the human anatomy and all of these should be tapped into. Citrus fruit juicers have really helped to ease the process of extracting juice from these fruits. It is imperative to be alert about what you want to make sure that the type of juicer you will settle for offers all the utility you require. You also need to be well versed with all the relevant information about the different juicers present in the market. To see some of the best citric juicers present in the market then click here. The information presented in this article will significantly help in easing this process. 


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