Every Thing You Need to Know About College Backpack 

 July 2, 2022

By  Kawandanell

A backpack is a convenient thing to have whether you are in school or not. Every once in a while we travel from a place to another. Access to a good backpack helps to ease the process of such movements significantly. A good backpack is a must have item while in college. College students really need backpacks because of the nature of colleges. 

College is an institution full of activities. Be it rush from a class to another, school trips, fun activities to attend, conferences among others. Whether it is used to carry books, clothes or electronics, you have to carry your things safely in one place. Having a backpack helps to consolidate your things effectively and store them safely. 

This is the reason why backpack manufacturers chose to create a niche of backpacks to target college students. If you are in college or are about to join and want to know about college backpacks then you are in the perfect place. This article will give you all the general information regarding college backpacks to familiarize you with them. 

Before digging deeper, it is imperative to understand the importance of backpacks in the first place.  


Advantages of Backpacks

1. Well Organized

The proper and quality backpack has several pockets which means that you can store your items in an organized manner and where they are required to be. When your backpack is well organized it helps to simplify more things. Additionally, the pockets that are made of superior quality of zips make things to be safer. It is also advisable to have plenty of compartments to store your items.

2. Self-Serving

When you carry things on your back then this may cause you to experience back strains. In case the pain is not divided equally between both straps of the backpack then this will pain the carrier. Optimal bags are well distributed to distribute the weight equally over both shoulders.   

3. Convenient Storage

If you require to be well organized then this determines the type of backpack that you ought to own. A good backpack should help you or your child to conveniently locate your items. The majority of backpacks have a great dedication to extra items. These have extra pockets on the exterior parts for essential items such as water bottles and umbrellas. Additionally, you can keep some items such as ID, money, passport, and other personal items.   

4. Can be carried conveniently

When you carry your items in a consolidated manner while in your backpack then you will access them conveniently. 

Some occasions will automatically force you to carry numerous things. This will force you to carry your items for long time periods without being hurt on your neck, shoulder, or back.  

5. Trendy

The majority of people seldom link backpacks to the sense of fashion. However, this does not mean that you should carry a grotesque backpack all over. There is a myriad of backpacks that are present in the market. 

In the instance where you are searching for backpack for more than a single purpose there are types that offer this utility. You should identify a backpack that aligns with your preference to simplify your life. 

The best backpacks are easy to mix and match. An optimal backpack is easy to mix and match with the rest of fashionable attire you own and wear. I mean college students have a flair for style and so proper backpacks should be absolutely considerate of this. 

6. Convenient

 By reading the previous comments you most likely have realized that a good backpack is convenient for carrying what you own. Convenience means keeping your gadgets such as laptop, chargers, water bottle, tablets, and keys will be kept within a reachable area at all times.

7. Comfort

If you carry your things in a single location then you can hold them for longer without feeling uncomfortable. If you are going for a hike your backpack will be heavy whether you want it or not. A good backpack should be padded to on its straps and the back part. This is to ascertain that neither your shoulders nor your back part will be hurt. 

At the moment you are searching for a backpack that will guarantee that what you own will remain safe and protected is absolute. Most of the traditional backpacks are hardly padded unlike contemporary backpacks. These backpacks are made to ensure comfort for all.

Some of the contemporary backpacks are made from waterproof material. This is mean to ensure that stored electronics are not destroyed in case it rains or your backpack lands in water. Optimal backpacks aid in carrying documents, electronics, or even your attire without fear of them getting wet while your backpack. 


Examples of college backpacks

Kaukko is a brand that focuses on making high quality bags for a myriad of uses. The designs of these bags are carefully designed to provide the utmost utility. Kaukko backpacks are all designed using strong fabric. Strong type of fabric enable a user to carry many things without fear of the bag tearing while on the way. The straps and back part of this backpack are well padded which makes it easy to carry for long distances or long time.

1. Mancro College Backpack

This college backpack is made of strong fabric that is water resistant. It is divided into several compartments to carry around items of different nature separately. The bottom part is strongly reinforced to support metallic items. This backpack caters for the contemporary college student ultimately to the extent of installing an external charging cable to charge phones while walking around. Additionally, it is convenient to carry it around. Due to these utilities, this backpack is used for diverse activities for instance in school, for business, and for outdoor activities.

2. Justgogo College Backpack

Justgogo college backpack is made of resilient and quality material. This backpack has stylish designs that compliment fashionable dressing. Its straps can be easily adjusted and are properly padded. The back part of this backpack is also padded to prevent hurting a carrier’s back.

3. Vancropak College Backpack

 Vancropak college backpack is made of strong fabric that is water resistant. It is divided into several parts to carry around items of different nature distinctly. The bottom part is strongly reinforced to support metallic items. This backpack caters for the contemporary college student ultimately to the extent of installing an external charging cable to charge phones while walking around. Additionally, the strap on the right hand side is designed to easily store sunglasses. Due to these utilities, this backpack is used for diverse activities for instance in school, for business, and for outdoor activities.

What to look for in a college backpack

1. Cost of backpack

The cost of college backpack is a significant factor. You certainly cannot settle for a college backpack beyond your financial capability. Make sure that the value of college backpack you will settle for is worth the price you are willing to pay for. However, if you feel that the utility of the bag you can afford does not meet your expectations do not rush. It is better to wait for a while than to make an unworthy purchase.  

2. Durability

A durable backpacks is designed using strong fabric. This makes sure that these bags will withstand time. Strong type of fabric enable a user to carry many things without fear of the bag tearing while on the way. College students use their bags for more than one purpose and for extended time periods. College backpacks also pack numerous items especially when it is used for travelling on during back to school day. If a bag is of poor quality it will not last through time. This prove expensive in the long run because it has to be replaced. Investing in a durable bag helps significantly because it will serve you or your child through all the years in school or at least most of them.  

3. Type of design

We all have distinct tastes and preferences. The type of backpack design that one will deem alluring will not be as attractive to another. You should opt for a backpack that aligns with what you want and need. If you are stylish then choose a bag that aligns with this. The same goes for people who are subtle and like plain backpacks. The type of designs also fits gender preferences. There are some backpacks that are meant for females, others are meant for males, and others are unisex. The type of backpack design also determines the durability of a backpack. The inner lining of backpacks should be intact to prevent them from tearing apart. 

4. Safety

Backpacks carry several items that are worth some value. Be it electronics, notebooks, textbooks, clothes or whichever item. Every student would want their things to remain safe and protected. College is a place with people of different personality traits and upbringing. You do not know whom to trust and whom not to. Consequently, the best thing to do is make sure that you protect yourself by choosing a safe backpack. A good backpack should have a good lock to avert instances of theft. Anti-theft measures give some assurance to a backpack user. 

5. Nature of its structure

The general structure of a bag determines how well the things that are inside will be protected. Good backpacks should have a rigid frame to make sure that fragile items remain safe.  Besides having a strong material fabric, sturdy backpacks have a reinforced bottom part to support metal accessories you carry. Additionally, this type of structure enables the things inside your backpack to stay intact. Backpacks are used for more than one purpose and some involve outdoor activities with a lot of movement. If you have a college backpack with a sturdy frame then you will not be worried by your things being damaged. This is very helpful especially in college because most students own electronic gadgets that are fragile in nature.   


6. Convenience

The entire structure of convenience college backpacks should be designed to cater for all needs of a college student. It is very convenient to use this backpack because of the accommodative thought process behind its use. An optimal backpack should be suitable to carry in and out of school. 

The convenience of a backpack is shown by its ability to offer more than one utility. It is a combination of several factors and differs from one party to another. 

For instance, a college backpack with many inner compartments and pockets offers extra convenience. This feature enables you to pack things of different nature that you would not want to mix. These different compartments are designed to store different items like laptops, keys, pen, wallet, 4A files, clothes, books, among many other travelling accessories.

The presence of side pockets also offers convenience to the user of this college backpack. When one is walking you do not have to turn to store an item that you access to often such a water bottle. These pockets can also be conveniently used to store other items such as umbrellas.

College backpacks that are light in nature are convenient to carry. This makes it perfect not only to use around school but also on trips, outdoor activities, weekend getaways among others.  

7. Multi functionality

College backpacks are used for more than just school functions. College backpacks with great designs can be conveniently be used to travelling, outdoor activities, among others. A college backpack that is designed for multiple uses is a must have item in college. One backpack that can be used in more than one occasion offers utility of the aspect of expenses. It helps to save on money that would have otherwise be used to purchase another backpack to cater for the extra occasions. 

8. Ease of cleaning

As aforementioned, there is a myriad of activities often carried out in colleges. Some of them include some outdoor fun activities such as hikes. This is characterized by profuse sweating and contact with dirt. Your backpack will certainly get dirty in this process. 

Even if you do not go for a hike or engage is some intense outdoor activity, your college backpack will still get dirty after some time. A bag that is easy to clean is recommended. Doing laundry can be tedious is your backpack has several grooves such that some parts are difficult to reach. Additionally, the type of material of the backpack affects how well one is able to clean. 

9. Comfort

Carrying a heavy backpack for a long time or over long distance is tiring. The comfort of carrying a bag is important to consider because if a bag is comfortable to carry then time and distance will not be an issue because it will not be tiring to the carrier. Comfortable bags have easily adjustable straps. The design of such backpacks ensure that a carrier is able to place a backpack on his or her back and feel no uneasiness

The pressure of backpacks is often felt on the shoulders and on the back part. A comfortable backpack is well padded. The straps have been padded to prevent them from hurting the carrier’s shoulders while the back part is also padded to avoid hurting the carrier’s back.  

10. Terms of sale

The terms of sale when purchasing a backpack should be as inclusive as possible. Some backpack manufacturers have very inclusive terms of sale. Some of the best terms of sale even offer money back guarantees. If you are not satisfied with a product, you are advised to contact them and request for a feedback and your plea will be considered. Such terms of sale are very considerate and highly recommended especially if you are uncertain about the type of product you are about to purchase. This way you will be certain that your money will be protected if you make the complaint before the grace period is over. 

11. Brand reputation

The reputation of the brand of backpack you want to purchase is a paramount consideration. It is imperative to be assertive of the reputation of the manufacturers of the college backpack that you desire. The status a company garners over time is a clear indication of the quality of products they make. You should opt for college backpacks whose manufacturers are recognized for their quality product if you do not want the duress of purchasing a low quality product. However, if you ideal backpack is made by an unrecognized manufacturer try and peek at the reviews made about it. This will help you to make a final decision that is well-informed.

12. Extra Features

Some backpacks have some extra added features to make sure that they offer more utility. College is an institution with many activities so the more the additional facilities the better the bag will be. Some of the extra features in college backpacks that really stand out include an external USB charging cable that offers access to charge which offers more convenience to charge your phone while walking. 

This extra feature caters for all your needs even including your phone needs. Yeah, I said your phone needs. We all know how much you need to stay connected as a college student with the myriad of activities to carry on. Let alone school work, you can use this bag for your other needs because you know it really has got you covered.

Another extra feature that stands out in college backpack is the ability to be water resistant. The material fabric of such college backpacks is designed to offer ultimate utility for college students. The majority of college students own laptops and other electronic gadgets. Such gadgets are affected by water. The fabric make of this college backpack considers this factor and that is why they have designed it to be totally water proof. The safety of your electronics will be ultimately be protected from water damage. 


13. Size of backpack

The size of backpack that you will choose is relative to your own body size and the thing that you wish to carry. People who have big bodies or are tall will obviously opt for a big bag and those with small bodies will opt for one that matches their body size. However, this is not the only consideration when it comes to the optimal size of backpack to carry. 

The number of occasions where you want to use your college backpack also matters. If your backpack will be used for multiple purposes then it should be a moderate size for the number of purposes it is meant for. 

14. Reviews from past users

Some say experience is the best teacher. Well as true as this statement may be, it is vividly clear that you do not have to experience something by yourself. If you saw a person recklessly crossing the road and end up in a gruesome accident that is a lesson. It would be unwise to wait for a similar occurrence to happen to you to learn your lesson.

The reviews of other clients have proved quite helpful in several instances. Reading what people have experienced with a certain college backpack will help verify that this product is definitely worth the purchase. If you are in a dilemma about what to purchase or you Reviews made by past used help to legitimize the final college backpack to opt for.  


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