Conkafoe Basketball Shoes Reviews 

 August 19, 2020

By  Jacqui Cheng


  • EVA midsole for cushioning.
  • Flyknit fabric upper for breathability.
  • Durable rubber outsole with traction pattern.
  • Cotton and mesh lining.
  • High profile for ankle protection.


  • Not as durable as more expensive brands


Although they might not last as long as some premium brands they’re a great entry level shoe that will provide you with a lot of comfort and stability out on the court.

Basketball is one of the most played games in the world, and it’s something that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. To make sure you’re getting the most out of the game though it’s always recommended to have a pair of dedicated basketball shoes to help you perform your best.

Although we know how important basketball shoes can be, purchasing your first pair can be daunting when you realize the cost. Most brands who specialize in these types of shoes have no issue charging hundreds of dollars just for a pair, and if they’re your very first ones you probably won’t want to pay the excessive price tag.

Thankfully, there are some cheaper options out there that won’t cost a fortune. Provided you can find a shoe that still ticks all of the boxes for comfort, support, stability, and agility, you’ll be getting yourself a great deal if you can find a basketball shoe that doesn’t even come close to costing $100.

Conkafoe is a fashion and sports brand who delivers on these fronts and their basketball shoe made for men and women is affordable enough for everyone to own. We’ve reviewed the shoe to see what it has to offer and whether it really is possible to get quality basketball footwear at a totally reasonable price.

Conkafoe Men’s and Women’s Basketball Shoe

Conkafoe is an affordable footwear brand that specializes in everyday shoes and those made for fitness. Their range is reasonably priced while still offering quality materials and comfort that you’d expect from something more expensive, and if you’re in the market for your very first basketball shoe then they could have just what you need.

The Conkafoe Basketball Shoe has been made for men and women to enjoy. Their shoes range from 5 – 15 in women’s US sizes and 4 to 11 in men’s US sizes. You’ll get six different colors and designs to choose from in both men’s and women’s shades or gender-neutral looks, so there’s really something for everyone.

If you’re new to the sport of basketball or just want a cheaper shoe to play, these are a great choice. They come with the following features that make them a smart investment for casual players, and with your pair of Conkafoe Basketball Shoes you’ll be getting:

  • EVA midsole for cushioning;
  • Flyknit fabric upper for breathability;
  • Durable rubber outsole with traction pattern;
  • Cotton and mesh lining;
  • High profile for ankle protection;

These shoes can be used on the court and also as everyday sneakers, so there’s no limit to how you can enjoy them. They’re made for both men and women with unique features that make them perfect for the game of basketball, so you should definitely consider the Conkafoe Basketball Shoes for your first pair.

The Good and the Bad

People were surprised at just how comfortable the Conkafoe shoes were, especially after playing a long game. With just light cushioning they were still able to offer a lot of support and made it easy to stand for hours at a time, which is welcome for a shoe that cost this price.

Another great feature of these shoes was their breathability and flexibility. The flyknit fabric used on the upper made sure that air got in where you needed it most, and it worked effectively at cooling down the entire body. They were just flexible enough to move freely and quickly on the court, which is a definite advantage in the game of basketball.

These are definitely lightweight shoes and not ideal for people who prefer something more bulky and durable. They do help you move faster but it can feel as though you’re not absorbing the shock as other footwear does, so it will really depend on the type of support you need as to whether they’ll be suitable.

These shoes are a lot cheaper than most, and for that reason, you can expect a few downsides. Mainly, they’re not as durable as more expensive brands and most people found they were better suited as every day sneakers. However, they’re a great starting point for those new to the sport and they can give you an idea of what you’re looking for when you upgrade to a serious basketball shoe next.

Where to Buy Conkafoe Shoes

Amazon will also ship your shoes free of charge to your door and you’ll receive them in just two days if you’re part of their Amazon Prime program. These shoes make a great gift for someone or to use for yourself, and could even double as a backup pair to keep spare around the home if you ever need them.

According to customers who’ve already purchased the Conkafoe Basketball Shoes, the fit of them was pretty spot on. You can be confident to shop for your standard shoe size and will likely find them to be just right, so there’s no need to second guess. However, if your shoes are the wrong size Amazon will be able to replace them with the correct one, provided you pay for the additional postage costs.

The Final Say

It’s no wonder that Adidas knows how to make a quality basketball shoe and the Crazylight Boosts are just further evidence of this. As a shoe that can truly change your performance and make you faster and lighter on the court it’s a great investment no matter where your skills are when it comes to the game.

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve agility and give yourself better traction on the court, these shoes could be the answer. To grab yourself a pair of the Adidas Crazlight Boosts Men’s Basketball Shoes and change the way you play for good, click here to do so.

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