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 April 1, 2020

By  King

A good quality mattress can make a huge difference in the state of sleep you enjoy at night. The right mattress can reduce body and backaches, boosts healthy blood circulation and can help with posture correction.

It is always best to focus on mattresses with lots of consumer reports. These consumer report best mattresses are tried and tested by actual people who are happy to share their experiences with regards to their purchase. Up next we are comparing the best two mattresses with positive consumer reports to consider right now;

Sweetnight Queen Mattress

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The Sweetnight brand is known for its range of superior quality mattresses that are both functional and comfortable. This queen mattress by Sweetnight is a perfect pick if you love a large and cozy bed or if you are shopping for something suitable for couples.

The mattress is made of quality materials. It consists of cooling gel-infused memory foam that doesn’t just form to your body but also keeps you cool during summer naps. The mattress also consists of a layer of ventilated comfort foam, a layer of airflow comfort foam and a supportive high-density foam base. All of these layers are specially designed to offer you the needed support and comfort without restricting airflow through the mattress.

This mattress is also highly functional because it can be flipped over and turned around. This allows you to rotate your mattress to prevent dents in your bed and enhances the durability of the mattress.

These mattresses are also made of non-toxic materials that contain no harmful elements. The mattress is perfect for those struggling with sinus issues, allergies, and asthma because due to its hypoallergenic composition.


  • Weight – 63.6 lbs
  • Size – 60 x 80 x 10”
  • Color – White and grey
  • Included – 1 foam mattress, 1 night sleep opener and 1 manual with warranty card
  • Flippable – Yes with 4 layered foam design
  • Materiallevels – Cooling gel-infused memory foam, ventilated comfort foam, air flow comfort foam and supportive high-density foam base
  • Type – foundation / boxspring
  • Basetype – can use on the platform, slatted or adjustable base


  • Memory foam layer curves along with your body which promotes a healthy spine
  • The mattress is firm yet comfortable
  • The mattress consists of no harmful or toxic elements
  • It is perfect for those dealing with allergies or asthma
  • Four different layers offer the needed structure and comfort
  • The mattress can be flipped over to prevent dents from forming in the foam layers
  • The mattress has a beautiful overall design
  • Darker edges reduce the chances of getting stains on the sides of the mattress
  • The mattress is designed with cooling technology to keep you cool in summer
  • The mattress can be used on an adjustable base


  • It does not come with a mattress protector
  • Side sleepers state that the mattress might be a bit too firm
  • The mattress is shipped rolled and vacuum sealed which can cause dents or take time to unfold

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Sweetnight Twin Mattress

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This twin mattress is a good pick for those who are limited on space and it is an ideal bed for children. This mattress is designed with individually wrapped pocket coils. This design prevents motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other. The bed is ideal for co-sleeping since motion transfer is eliminated.

The memory foam layer is ideal for promoting a healthy spine and for increasing blood circulation throughout your body. It offers a soft yet firm sleep and reduces the chances of getting back and neck pain at night.

This mattress can be used by couples although it is recommended for children. The mattress is also hypoallergenic, bacteria resistant and it is made of natural toxin-free materials.


  • Weight – 54 lbs
  • Size – 39 x 75 x 8”
  • Antibacterial – Rayon cotton prevents bacterial growth, stains, and odors in the mattress
  • Color – White and navy
  • Included – 1 mattress
  • Flippable – Not flipable but can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Materiallevels – Individual pocket springs with a high-density foam layer and gel memory foam layer
  • Type – foundation / boxspring
  • Basetype - can use on the platform, slatted or adjustable base


  • The mattress is made of quality non-toxic materials
  • The mattress has hypoallergenic properties and is mold, bedbug, and bacteria resistant
  • The memory foam layer is ideal for supporting a healthy spine and for increasing blood circulation
  • The mattress has individually wrapped coils which prevent motion transfer across the bed
  • The mattress can be rotated 360 degrees to prevent dents in the mattress
  • The mattress is nice and soft yet firm for a comfortable sleep
  • Darker sides prevent stains on the mattress


  • The mattress doesn’t come with a protector
  • The mattress cannot be flipped upside down
  • It arrives compressed and rolled and takes about 72 hours to fully decompress
  • Some claim that it might be a bit too firm

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Both of these mattresses are great picks if you need to improve your sleep patterns. The memory foam layer optimizes the spine and body healthy and prevents pains and aches as you sleep. These mattresses are also made with natural toxin-free materials. If you have a hard time choosing the best then perhaps this quick guide can help;

The best for large adults – Large adults should consider the Sweetnight Queen Mattress. This mattress can be flipped and rotated any way you please which prevents dents from forming.

The best for children – The Sweetnight twin mattress is ideal for children since the firmness smaller bodies.

The best for small homes – The Sweetnight twin mattress is also ideal for couples living in small homes. The individually wrapped coils prevent motion transfer so partners won’t disturb each other.

With these quality mattresses, you are bound to get much better sleep and you can promote a healthier body. If you feel that these mattresses might still not be a good pick then we welcome you to hop over to some of our other product reviews where we discuss other great mattresses.


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