Craftsman Evolv Table Saw Reviews 

 January 21, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

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The Craftsman Evolv 15 amp 10-Inch table saw suits hobbyists that want something capable and manageable from a table saw. If offers a strong work surface, a stand to adjust the working height to your preferred position and plenty of other features.

This table saw clearly ticks a lot of boxes with home consumers; it is designed to be small and light enough to be portable, and still doesn’t lose toughness to get the job done. It promises smooth, accurate cuts every time.

Made of rugged steel, the table saw can be heavily used in home renovations and even yard projects for building perfect tree houses. It is going to be a perfect workshop fixture for decades, offering versatility, durability, and possess enough power to slice through the toughest timber.

The equipped rip fence is ultra-stable and easy to maneuver, providing a solid backing whether you’re feeding full sheets of ply, boards, or planks. The adjustable anti-kickback pawl makes every pass true, safe and stable. As an entry level to a solid start in a hardworking shop, the Craftsman Evolv 15 amp 10-inch table saw delivers professional performance.

If you are looking for good-quality table saw without the big bucks that come with it, the Craftsman Evolv table saw is one of those inexpensive table saws that provide the performance of a good saw without having to break the bank, and yet made to be durable and precise.

About The Product


Majority of user who work with it at home have been praising the power it provides and the ease with which it cuts through planks and makes tasks much easier.

Some few buyers question its ability to saw thicker, heavier pieces of wood. The 15 amp motor provides no doubt about the table saws ability to rip through the wood.

Furthermore, the accuracy ensures quick and easy cuts are worthwhile, made possible by the quality of the fence and ease of adjustments.

Clearly, the result from the saw impresses home users, but there is also a lot of praise across the board about the different features it is equipped with. This includes the blade guard anti-kickback pawls, and the benefit of the easy-access power switch and the 24T carbide tipped blade.

One downside is the stand the saw is mounted upon; it seems a little flimsy and wobbly, especially in comparison with the sturdy, reliable feel of the saw itself. Though some users try to compensate for this by finding ways to reinforce it, it could have a knock-on effect on the accuracy of the cuts if you are not careful.

Strong 15 Amp Motor

The equipped strong 15 amp motor makes it possible to cut through heavier and thick pieces of wood. There is no obstruction at all while ripping through different woods of different thickness. All the while with minimal noise. The Craftsman Evolv is a much quieter table saw than other similar types.

This table saw will last until the motor quits. The motor is solid, stable and powerful.

Additional Safety Features

Customers are happy with the additional safety features this table saw come with. They include the blade guard anti-kickback pawls, the large on/off power switch and the 24T carbide tipped blade. The power key is accessed easily without any compromise on your safety.


Advanced guarding system provides versatility and excellent blade coverage, and the rack and pinion blade height control provides swift and accurate, stress-free adjustments.

How Does It Perform With Dust Collection?

The table saw does not use the same type of dust ejection found on the expensive table saws; dust is ejected through the underside of the table. You can use a catch bag underneath to collect dust.

This doesn’t count dust coming from above the table, which could be frustrating for some users.

What Others Say

Though the extensions on both sides come in handy, they are not as large as in some of the other table saws. And some customers who have used the table saw for some time complain it is too lightweight, jumping every time it is turned on.

This pose a challenge in cross-cutting with the miter gauge as the workpiece can move a little to the left or right. The fence also poses a challenge in closing square to the blade.

Other customers noticed the plate around the table sits a few centimeters below the surface of the table. This poses a challenge when ripping a thinner wood piece as it can get caught while passing the blade, causing a safety issue.


There is a sense of value to the Craftsman Evolv 15 amp table saw. It has really helped users deliver their best in their woodworking gigs. It may not be the most high-tech, heavy-duty machine but it is affordable and still offers users accuracy, reliability and security to get the job done.


It is a powerful tool for its price range; amply designed with its own stand, lightweight for easy movement and storage but stable enough to get the job done. Although it lacks in perfection for a master craftsman or a professional, it is perfect for the weekend craftsman. Without doubt, this table saw is a great value addition to the market by Craftsman; delivering professional performance even at an entry level price.

The low price does not affect the quality of work and performance. As many customers have testified, this table saw is not only meant for smaller jobs, but still can do tough jobs.

The issue of the stand could be discouraging to some inexperienced users but it is a small issue in comparison against all the benefits the Craftsman Evolv 15 amp 10-inch table saw offers. It is therefore recommended to keen woodworkers.

The bottom line is this table saw is pretty good for the entry level it is being sold, and does not take too much space. The hobby person will come to like this table saw.

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Lisa Hanel

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