Day Runner Terramo Refillable Planner Reviews 

 December 22, 2020

By  Jacqui Cheng

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A personal planner, if designed well and used properly, can pretty much feel like having a secretary that fits in your pocket.

This refillable Day Runner planner is a great example of what a comprehensive and well-designed planner can do.

Features & Benefits

This is a beautiful, elegant, and totally practical daily planner suited for both professional and personal uses. Check out the key specs below:

  • Vinyl cover with a leather feel
  • Beautiful stitching detail
  • Internal pockets, pen slots, card slots, and more for keeping your important papers in order
  • 2 pages per week
  • Fill in the date
  • Monthly tabs
  • Event and holiday calendar
  • 8 year overview
  • Double letter tabbed address pages
  • Note pad
  • Zipper pouch
  • Elegant and strong tab closure
  • Gorgeous, rich eggplant color

This planner is equal parts organizer and fashion statement. It has this elegantly understated design that will just look beautiful. And the eggplant shade is interesting enough to stand out without being overly obnoxious or garish. It’s just the perfect design for transitioning from professional to personal use. Whether you pull it out at a meeting or are jotting notes in it while at a coffeeshop, you’ll have a piece that complements your style and personality beautifully.

Enough about looks, what about the meat of it? The inside is refillable and the inserts you can get include undated pages so you can start using this even in the middle of the year. The layout spreads a full week across 2 pages. This gives you plenty of space to fill in each day while also arranging it so that you can easily see your entire week at a glance.

It’s also got monthly tabs so you can quickly jump from month to month. And there’s a section for keeping track of addresses and contact information for people you know. This may seem a little unnecessary in our digital age.

But if you find yourself stranded with a dead cellphone, you’ll be grateful to have phone numbers written down. Because, let’s face it, who’s memorizing phone numbers anymore? The event and holiday calendar is another nice touch.

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Potential Drawbacks To Consider

There’s not too much you can find to complain about here. Some people might prefer to have dated pages rather than the undated ones that are included here. There also isn’t much in the way of helping you develop positive constructive thinking skills so if you’re looking for a planner that also doubles as a sort of life coach, this may feel a little lacking.

What Others Say

One of the best ways to really get a sense of how a product will perform or what kind of benefits it might provide for you is to see how satisfied (or unsatisfied) other people were with it. Check out these real testimonials to see what others have to say about it:

“I carry mine with me every day. Plenty of pockets for storage one on outside back and one inside front. Includes built in card slots on inner front sleeve. Color is a lovely eggplant that not too bright but adds enough flair if you love purple or have a unique personality.

Never had an issue with it coming open yet even when stuffed full with lots of papers and accessories. It’s an office on the go, midsize but no skimping on the space. I highly recommend this product for any organizational enthusiast.”

This really touches on the shining aspect of this planner. It’s built to store everything else you need in addition to the planning inserts it comes with and you can really stuff quite a bit in here.

“I am approaching 3 years using this planner. It is still gorgeous and in great shape. The tab clasp is perfect for easy opening and I've never had things fall out (even though I almost always have a stack of folded papers, etc. in the front).

I have several dividers (some with pockets) in addition to my calendars and have used it to take notes in for several meetings per week for these three years. It shows little sign of wear: outside looks very much like when I bought it, rings still work perfectly, and the pen holder is still intact. This was a great purchase. Fantastic value and looks.”

The advantage of a refillable planner is that you get to keep the same beautiful case and just put in new planning pages as needed. This can also save you money in the long run since refill pages are often cheaper than even the cheapest personal planner.

As helpful as testimonials can be in helping you understand the real value a product can add, you do have to keep in mind that different people do have different needs and priorities.

So while these testimonials you have read can be helpful, you might also want to look for more testimonials and reviews from customers who have very similar needs and priorities as you do. Doing this will give you the most accurate idea of how well a product will match your specific needs.

Buying Advice

While there is always some risk in ordering online, when you go with a reputable site like amazon, you can be sure you are getting what you ordered. And by ordering online, you have time to try out the product at home and send it back if it’s not performing as expected.

Final Word

We love this planner for its beautiful design and high level of practicality. It’s best suited for the professional but it can also be a huge help in your personal life as well. It’s a little less geared toward motivation and goal setting but it can definitely be adapted to that purpose if you use the space in it right!

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Jacqui Cheng

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