DekoPro 168 Piece Toolbox Reviews 

 August 16, 2020

By  Jacqui

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Product Features

This easy to carry toolbox features professional grade tools for any home project.  

The DekoPro toolbox is made with high quality materials. The plastic storage case is durable and attractive in black and yellow. The case itself is lightweight and easily fits in your car, office, or under the bed. 

There are a variety of tools in this toolbox. Any tool you need for your small repair is in this kit. Wrenches, screwdrivers, ratchets, sockets, and even a hammer are just a few of the tools in this 168 piece toolbox. 

This toolset also includes three different pliers, a utility knife, and a 10 inch saw. DekPro has really made DIY easy with this set. With such an amazing assortment of tools you can tackle just about any project. 

DekoPro 168 Piece Toolbox Specs

  • Item weight: 13lbs
  • Dimensions: 17.5x13.5x3.9
  • Square shape case
  • 168 pieces
  • Black blow-mold plastic material for case
  • Stainless steel front of case 
  • Stainless steel tools with chrome plating
  • Soft comfortable grips for handles

Variety of tools including:

1. Sockets

2. Pliers

3. Screwdrivers

4. Spirit Level

5. Hammer

6. Utility Knife

7. Tape Measure

8. Hex Key

9. Adjustable Wrench

What We Like

This toolbox is great for small repairs and just about any home project that requires hand tools. It has a large selection of tools that come in various sizes to fit any job. The case is well made and has a sturdy inner section for each tool to snap into place. 

Each tool was designed with the user in mind. The DekoPro Advanced Technology uses dual design to make the tool not only comfortable but powerful. The chrome-vanadium forged body gives these tools extra strength and protection against corrosion. 

All DekoPro tools meet ANSI standards. Which sets buyers at ease when they are looking for good quality tool sets and toolboxes. 

What We Don’t Like

This set is designed with small repair in mind. If you are looking for the right toolbox setup to complete your DIY projects this is it. 

However, if you are in the business of repairing on a daily basis this may not be for you. Some buyers have noticed after continued use the tools break easily. 

It has also been reported that the carrying case can wear down over time and not hold the tools in securely. 

Another feature that makes this set a little inferior to others is that they are non-magnetic. If you need that precision of magnets that  helps your tool meet where it needs to be, this tool set isn’t for you. 

Pros And Cons


  • Portable and lightweight
  • ANSI standards met
  • Great for DIYers
  • 30 day warranty


  • Not suitable for everyday use
  • Plastic toolbox breaks down over time
  • Non-magnetic

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The Right Tools for the Job?

It’s important to make sure you are using the correct tool for the job you are about to do. Any DIY expert will tell you that even the largest of jobs can be made easier with the right tool.

As for the opposite, not having the right tool can make any project daunting and potentially dangerous. 

No matter what project you have to check off on your to-do list, being prepared is important. When starting any project, you should consider finding expert advice and troubleshooting tips. 

Making sure to use all materials properly can save you from a lot of hassle down the road. So how do you know this toolbox is the right one for you? Here’s a breakdown of some common places and projects. 


  • Hanging pictures
  • Fixing leaky sinks
  • Replacing broken fixtures
  • Changing batteries in common devices
  • Hanging curtains
  • Hanging artwork
  • Fixing a broken drawer


  • Hanging new shelving units
  • Fixing a faulty garage door opener
  • Lawn Mower repair
  • Woodworking
  • Replacing headlights
  • Changing out small parts
  • Putting on license plates

Buying Guide

If you are a home repair guru and DIYer this 168 piece toolbox is for you. It’s a great addition to any home. You can easily find some to store it in your garage, under your bed, or in your office. 

Another great gift idea for that first time driver. This toolset would be a nice companion for a new driver when it comes time to change out parts on an old rusty first car. 

DekoPro uses their advanced technology to design tools that are functional and comfortable. The high quality forged steel and chrome polish finish make the set stand out. 

This combination toolbox set is at an affordable price as well. You will spend around [amazon fields="B0723914V1" value="price"] on your toolbox. It’s an affordable price for an all-inclusive DIY kit. 

One positive review raved about his wife’s delight after he gifted her the DekPro Toolbox. She was surprised to find the toolbox fit nicely under the bed and the sheer assortment of tools incomparable to other sets. 

If you do buy and are not happy with your purchase, make sure you have your receipt. The company does offer a 30 day warranty with certain restrictions. 

The product must be unused and in the original packing it was sent in. Also, you will need to have your proof of purchase to get a refund or replacement. 


If you are looking for a top notch toolbox set for your home at an affordable price then DekoPro has you covered. This toolbox set has it all. With a few extra tools then most sets include this 168 piece tool set is sure to be just what you need. 

If you’re not used to using tools on a daily basis, but find that you need some good quality tools for that one project you need done, DekoPro has it. 

You will be delighted at the lightweight storage case. It is a great toolbox for anyone with little to no experience using tools daily. It’s portable, so you can take it wherever your projects take you. 

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