Dewalt DCG412B Angle Grinder Reviews 

 January 23, 2022

By  Jonathan Maxwell

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In this short review, we'll be discussing the Dewalt DCG412B Angle Grinder. This device has received high ratings because of its durability, functionality, and overall design. Our goal is to teach you how this angle grinder is a great investment.

Through this review, we'll discuss the pros and cons associated with the device. We want to help our readers get a clear understanding of the angle grinder to receive its full benefits. If you need extra assistance on deciding what to be, we suggest that you look into our buying advice section.

Let's get started.

Review: Dewalt DCG412B

Technical Specs

  • 8,000 RPM Motor
  • 2 Finger Trigger Switch
  • Quick Change Wheel Release
  • Wheel Lock
  • Removable Guard

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The Dewalt DCG412B features an 8,000 RPM motor speed which delivers high power and performance for grinding and cutting applications. You can find this grinder on Amazon at a price around [amazon fields="B007NVSS1W" value="price"]. Get this product if you want to see better results on your daily and professional grinding projects.

Dewalt's main feature is the E-Clutch Protection Feature. When there is a stall or a pinch in the machine, the E-Clutch mechanism activities in a tenth of a second. The brake automatically activates if it discovers kick back.

One minor feature is its protective mesh covering. When grinding, the mesh screen covers the vents preventing any debris from entering into the machine. With the amount of metal that's spewed through the grinding process, this feature saves you a lot of extra maintenance in the long run.

But, there is one issue that consumers complained about. The consumers reported that the guards were hard to utilize and remove. If this becomes a problem, feel free to call for a replacement. This device is backed by Dewalt's 25 Year Limited Warranty.

Most grinders can be accidentally turned on since they don't have a lock-on button. Rest assured, the Dewalt DCG412B has a two-finger lock-off button which is easy to use. This allows for easy gripping and helps users operate this device without getting injured.

Flexibility is another feature that you need to look for in your angle grinder. The Dewalt DCG412B has a tool-free allows users to create and make adjustments to the grinding speed, size, and positioning. This makes it a great tool to have for short and long term grinding projects.


However, you'll want to look out for the device's battery usage. Angle grinders with an RPM over 5,000 tend to consume a lot of energy when used. Make sure you have a reliable power source before buying this grinder to ensure that it will work.

You'll love the Dewalt DC412B grinder if you need something that's useful. If you're new to grinding metals or cutting, this device will provide enough safety for you to complete your tasks. Buy it if you're ready to take your metalworking projects to the next level.

Buying Advice:

This section was made to help you understand more about angle grinders. Getting the right grinder takes time. But knowing the right specs to look for makes the process a lot easier. Take a look at this section if you're still confused on what to buy.


The motor power is the biggest thing to consider when looking for an angle grinder. While a low RPM might be good for home usage, it's not worth your money. You should get an angle grinder with an RPM of 5,000 or above.

At this setting, you'll be able to complete at least 90% of your metalworking and DIY tasks. But, if you're a professional who needs to make industrial style cuts, then an RPM of over 10,000 will work the best for you.

Since the Dewalt DCG412B has an RPM of 8,000, it's motor speed is at a respectable balance. You'll have enough speed to cut through all of your metals in one pass. And, it's at a good enough speed where you won't waste too much energy when using the machine.

Wheel Size

Your wheel size is also something to remember when out shopping. Your angle grinder should come at a size 4-1/2 or higher. This makes it easier for you to do basic house hold cutting projects and polish metals without experiencing issues.


If you need to do hard tasks such as cutting pipes and polishing steel, then you'll want a wheel size of 9 inches. This size makes it easy to cut through strong objects and are heavy to hold. Because of this fact, you'll have to practice using a smaller grinder wheel to get acquainted with these large machines.


You'll need to have a handle that's easy to hold. Some shoppers make the mistake of buying a larger grinder wheel first. This will lead to failing to make accurate cuts. As we've stated earlier, start with a small angle grinder with a safer handle to use.

The best angle grinders have an ergonomic handle. These handles have a rubberized grip and prevents vibration. Vibration will negatively affect your performance and cause you to make the wrong cut. Invest in an angle grinder with an anti-vibration feature to remain comfortable when grinding your metals.

Closing Remarks

You need an angle grinder that does its job every time that you use it. The Dewalt GCG412B is a grinder that generates power within seconds and is easy to use. But this device is great for everyday and industrial usage. Buy this grinder if you want to increase the efficiency of your work and complete your projects on time.

The Dewalt GCG412B does better than the competition because of its innovative safety technology. For beginners, you'll want an angle grinder like this to protect yourself from harm while you're utilizing this angle grinder.

Do you have any experience using any of these devices? Or do you have a question that you need us to answer? Please share a comment to let us know what you think.

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