Dewalt DWE7491RS Reviews 

 March 10, 2021

By  Hanel

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If you want something done right, absolutely do it yourself; but without the right tools, that’s easier said than done. Homeowners are doing work for themselves, learning new and lasting skills, encouraged by the ever-rising costs of hiring contractors.

When it comes to woodworking, your tool set should include more than just a handsaw, forearm and T-square. The Dewalt DWE7491RS 10-inch jobsite table saw come in handy.

Professional contractors and handymen have come to rely on Dewalt brand because of its consistent quality, toughness and ergonomics.

The Dewalt 10-inch jobsite table saw DWEE7491RS is a new addition, weighing 90 pounds with the rolling stand and touting a 15 amp, 4,800 RPM motor. Furthermore, it has a rolling stand which makes it amazingly convenient.

Measuring 26 by 22 inches, this table saw suits in most applications. It can cut in depth from 3-1/8-inch at 90 degree to 2-1/4-inch at 45 degree angle. This kind of cutting would require a powerful motor at its core. The DW7491RS delivers because of the powerful 15 amp motor.

The practical ripping fence flip-over action allows this table saw to hold two different positions. This is really helpful when cutting narrow pieces of wood.

About The Product

It is so easy to move around with this table saw; easy to get in and out of the rough and tumble jobsite as it is the garage. The DW7491RS 10-inch jobsite table saw is effective for projects like trim work, framing, making cabinet and for many other professional trade persons who work industrial, residential and commercial construction.

This table saw is not only for the pros; even novice and homeowners woodworkers find it to be easy to use and store away when not being used.

One thing to note is not all portable saw stands are the same. Looking at the DW7491RS table saw, the following features are what make it special:

  • Easy to breakdown and setup
  • Reliable fence gauge
  • Large rip capacity
  • Long lasting warranty
  • On board storage capability
  • Powerful motor
  • Long lasting warranty

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Its Rack And Pinion Fence Provides For Accuracy And Precision

Dewalt DW7491RS table saw rack and pinion fence is conveniently designed. The solid fence locks tightly in place. With just one hand, you are able to unlock the fence and spin it to your mark. One in place, you simply flip the lock and turn on the saw.

The telescoping fence rail allows handling material widths that other table saws just can’t handle. You are able to rip up to 32-1/2’’, and the table is narrow enough for easy storage and transportation.

The rack and pinion gears that control the fence allow fast, smooth operations with micro-adjustments. The flip over support with two positions come in handy; the lower position supports material when the fence is extended beyond the table top. The upper position is useful in ripping narrow boards with the blade guard installed.

Large Rip Capacity Convenient For Individual Cutting

The DWE7491RS large rip capacity of 32-1/2 features a solid rail extension so you won’t have to worry about heavier stock tipping the saw over or bending the arm. Even when ripping large sheet goods solo, you will still be able to handle big rips like a champ.

Bye-Bye To Dust

The DWE7491RS dual capability dust collection ensures dust is captured both above and below the blade leaving the work surface clean at all times. At the end of the saw is a 2-1/2 dust port that links to the area just below the blade.


It is very effective and collects about 805 of the dust depending on the material being cut. The smaller 1-1/4 dust port on the top of the blade guard allows any dust above the table top to be collected as well.

Smooth And Consistent Cut Thanks To Powerful Motor

The 15 amp motor is powerful enough even to cut through some of the hardest of the hardwoods. The cutting depth is more than enough for most needs. The higher blade speed 4,800 RPM over the previous models seems to have improved ripping quality slightly. The motor provides adequate power for all cutting applications, including plywood, maple and framing material.

Safety First With The Power Loss Reset Feature

The Power Loss Reset is one unique feature provided in the table saw. It automatically resets the saw to off on slight sense of power interruption, whether an unplugged cord, tripped circuit or unexpected power loss. This will go a long way in preventing jobsite horror accidents of unattended table saws starting up upon power restoration.

Consumer Response

One complaint from a customer was about the instruction manual being a little unclear. Otherwise, it receives impressive customer reviews. For example, a satisfied customer commented that the motor on the table saw has so much power than in either the Bosch 4100-09 or the Dewalt DW744RS.

Another satisfied customer compared it to the smaller, older DW745 saying this table saw showed improvements all round; it feels much more powerful and solid.



The Dewalt DWE7491RS 10-inch jobsite table saw may be the best table saw you’ve ever used. This may be attributed in large part to its powerful, largest rip capacity on the market. And it has the best mobile stand that you’ve ever used.

The DWE7491RS is also amazingly accurate and very well built. The only minor concern is Dewalt should improve on the dust collection system by providing an effective way of using the dust port on the blade guard.

Also, the plastic parts of the fence where it connects to the table could break when they are cold if you remove the fence and toss it in the trailer or back of your truck. Those complains are food for thought on the next design. If you are looking for a new jobsite table saw, The Delwat 7491RS is the one to own.

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