Dirt Devil “Razor” Upright Vacuum For Pet Hair 

 July 9, 2022


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In our search for various vacuum cleaners, we come across many models. Some will have fancy extra features, while others will be simpler to deal with.

Depending on the person using it – as well as the furry creature ‘coating’ the entire house – we will want something that, in the end, will leave our house clean.

In that aspect, we have Dirt Devil’s upright vacuum from the Razor series. This device was meant to perform on par with some of the best upright vacuums, making many pet owners happy with their purchase.

Introducing the Dirt Devil Razor Vacuum

Despite the fact that it looks pared-down compared to other vacuum cleaners from the competition, the upright Razor was meant to simply erase any trace of dirt from your home, leaving everything nice and clean.

Since it does not have as many extra features, the Razor was meant to be as lightweight as possible. It has a swift maneuverability that allows you to go into various nooks and crannies, sucking up the debris and hair as it goes.

The cleaning path of the Razor upright vacuum measures a total of 12 inches. Thanks to this, it’s wide enough to cover a large area in a short time, but narrow enough to fit into difficultly accessed areas.

The compact and light frame of this vacuum makes it easy to be carried around from room to room, or even up and down flights of stairs.

The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is also superior – which is exactly why this model is perfect for pet hair. It can clear up fine debris going from hair to flour or any other messes that are generally difficult to clean.


This vacuum cleaner may not have many design extras, but it still has a fair number of accessories. These include an upholstery tool, an extension wand, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush, which are perfect for hard to reach areas.

The vacuum cleaner is bagless, with a tightly sealed container that will keep the dirt particles trapped inside. For more focused details, here’s a list of the features provided by the Razor:

  • Powerful “no-loss” suction that takes up even the finest of debris.
  • Spin4Pro Premium brush roll that will collect everything hassle-free even in the most difficult of areas.
  • 10-feet hose that allows you more reaching freedom.
  • Swivel steering that permits better maneuverability.
  • 2-in-1 dusting and crevice tool to save space.
  • Thin nylon bristles to pick up fine hairs

This vacuum will do a good job at cleaning the job, regardless of the surface you’re planning to vacuum.

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The Results

It may look fairly big and bulky on the image, but this vacuum cleaner is actually very light. You could easily carry it over a flight of stairs with no issues, since it weights only around ten pounds.

In terms of silence, this vacuum cleaner for pet hair is not the most quiet on the market – but it’s still much more silent than most. You could say that it does not have that high-pitched whine that most vacuum cleaners seem to have.

The bristles may not be made of rubber, but the thin nylon works just as great. It will pick up the hair without making it stick, sending it straight into the dirt container.

Speaking of dirt containers, this one is also pretty good. While the vacuum cleaner may not have any fancy HEPA filters, it still does a good job at containing the allergens. I have allergies, and not once did I feel the need to sneeze or anything.

Last but not least, the suction power provided by this vacuum cleaner is also superior. It took off all the cat hair from the carpet, but also from the furniture and hard floors. Overall, I feel like it did a very good job.

What Other People Say

Similarly to me, the other users were also awed by the suction power provided by the Razor. They were also very happy because, despite having a very strong vacuum, it’s fairly lightweight.


They still made some notes, however, on the lack of design tools. Looking at this aspect on a broad spectrum, it’s no real difference from an average vacuum cleaner.

What We Liked

I liked the strong suction power, as well as the fact that you don’t have to break your back each time you vacuum the house. It’s user-friendly, and vacuuming will no longer be such a hassle.

What We Didn’t Like

The fact that it lacks in design extras so much is actually a downer. Sure, it has all the accessories that a standard vacuum will come with – but nothing more.

Furthermore, you can’t buy additional filters from anywhere online – not even the producer’s website. All you can do is provide yearly maintenance to your current filter, which will cost you half the price of the actual vacuum cleaner.

Buying Advice

The Razor can be purchased from pretty much anywhere online, but my suggestion would be that you give Amazon a try. Depending on the time of purchase, you may even get a nice discount on the product, and maybe even free shipping.

You also have the option of buying either a new or a used product, depending on the buyer. Used ones are obviously much cheaper – but are otherwise in functioning condition.


The price is also very affordable. Considering that it only costs around [amazon fields="B06X978P7W" value="price"], it enters the category “budget vacuum cleaners.”

Final Thoughts

The Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is portable, compact, and affordable – perfect for anyone looking for a hassle-free vacuum. It also has enough suction power to pick up all the pet hairs regardless of the surface.

Al these features come at a very neat price – so I obviously recommend Dirt Devil’s “Razor” upright vacuum to anyone struggling with pet hair and fine dirt.

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