DYMO Thermal Label Maker Review 

 December 23, 2020


[amalinkspro type="showcase" asin="B0027JIIKQ" apilink="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0027JIIKQ?tag=wtw291-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1" new-window="true" addtocart="false" nofollow="true" sc-id="7" imgs="https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/4114EWNsTlL.jpg~~~https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51Trg6Uf3-L.jpg~~~https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/41XckynYVCL.jpg~~~https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/414NGjY-OFL.jpg~~~https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/41foY21W8zL.jpg~~~https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/41ojtnQRyFL.jpg~~~https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/410+VJ5EiZL.jpg" link-imgs="false" specs="TURBO LABELING AND PRINTING: Create and print up to 71 4 line address, shipping, file folder and barcode labels, name badges, and more per minute~~~ELIMINATE THE WASTE AND HASSLE OF SHEET LABELS: The DYMO Label Writer 450 Turbo prints precise quantities without difficulty~~~NEVER BUY INK AGAIN: Direct Thermal printing technology eliminates the cost of ink and toner~~~EASILY CUSTOMIZE AND PRINT LABELS: Create labels directly from text in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Google Contacts~~~USE WITH AUTHENTIC DYMO LABELS: For best performance, use DYMO Label Writer Labels in a variety of sizes~~~The maximum width of labels for LW450 unit is 2.2 inc" btn-color="#ff9900" btn-text="Buy on Amazon" btn-text-bottom="Buy on Amazon" alignment="aligncenter" hide-prime="0" hide-image="0" hide-price="0" hide-button="0" hide-button-bottom="0" hide-price-bottom="0" hide-prime-bottom="0" button-bottom-text="BUY" width="960" api="true"]DYMO Label Printer | LabelWriter 450 Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer, Fast Printing, Great for Labeling, Filing, Mailing, Barcodes and More, Home & Office Organization[/amalinkspro]

Printing, filing, and labeling usually come along with the hassle of inkjet printers that requires you purchasing expensive ink cartridges – especially if you have a lot of printing work to do, it may double the price of your ink cost. 

The one efficient way to save your money and time is to switch to thermal printing technology. The DYMO label writer 450 Turbo is an advanced device that can rapidly resolve all of your problems associated with filing, labeling, and print postage.

Buyers typically look for something that is cost effective and saves their valuable time at the workplaces.

About The Product

Label writer 450 has a sleek and compact design that conveniently prints 4-line label addresses with an impressive speed of 71 labels per minute which is an additional feature to save time. DYMO label writer sets an aim to eliminate ink cost and makes printing an easy task to do.

  • Connectable to Mac or PC
  • Contains DYMO  label software
  • Product Weight:   2.55 pounds
  • Product size: 10.9 x 5.9 x 6 inches
  • Compatible with Mac OS x V11.8 or later and Windows 7
  • Thermal printing technology- reduces ink cost
  • Dual- roll capability
  • Print resolution 600 x200
  • Has an impressive print speed of 115.2k baud: 40Ipm

The DYMO thermal printer is designed to provide you a trouble-free service with minimal maintenance requirements. Combined with remarkable features of hassle-free printing, its thermal printing technology makes it stand out among other brands of printers.

Thermal printing refers to a digital printing process which works by heating the coated thermochromic paper. DYMO Label writer 450 has an exceptional feature to print 71 file folders, addresses, badges, names and barcode labels per minutes.  

This fast printing feature of label writer helps you save a lot of time due to its easy-to-use DYMO software.  It further allows you to choose from different label layouts and customizes it with your desired logo.

The quality of handling multiple applications makes DYMO software compatible with various other software programs like Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and CardScan. The best part is that it does not require you to retype the text.

Moreover, DYMO Label writer 450 is undoubtedly a real labeling solution to make your routine tasks easier and organized. It does not only save your time, but it aims to value your money as it keeps your printing expenses. 

With DYMO Label writer 450, you do not require fueling your printer with liters of ink frequently as it uses innovative thermal technology with heat- sensitive labels. This advanced feature eliminates toner and ink cost from your budget.

No longer do you ever need to replace printing cartridges for labeling purpose. Besides that, DYMO Label writer 450 does not compromise on the quality of labels as it incorporates crystal clear graphics and barcodes to print customized labels.

The hassle-free operation is another highlighted feature of DYMO Label writer 450 making printing a smooth and uncomplicated process. It eradicates the manual effort required to feed label sheets separately into the printer.  Its speedy labeling feature helps you create distinct labeling address just by copying them directly from other programs.

The simple and compact design of Label writer 450 complements many everyday labeling tasks at workplaces. Thermal printing technology ensures that you do not have to spend extra bucks than is required to pay, and entirely cuts the expenses of toner and ink.  

The hassle-free and speedy labeling, on the one hand, are distinctive features which help you proceed with your other tasks at the workplace. In line with it, the existing compatibility of label writer 450 with a range of Microsoft programs and Windows 7 has made it a significant addition to your workplace.


  • Cuts ink and toner costs
  • Provides crystal-clear graphics
  • Creates impeccable customized labels directly from desktop or Mac
  • Outstanding label printing program with drivers
  • Contains two label rolls that enable you to switch between label sizes and types
  • Speedy and l printing process with 71 postage label per minute
  • Compact design that suits every modern workplace
  • Performs a hassle-free operation
  • Easily installed CD  software


  • This product has no notable cons

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What Others Are Saying

DYMO Label writer 450 has been successful to impress its buyers with its amazing features.  People from various workplaces have given it a try for printing multiple labels and addresses and found it one of the best labeling solutions.  Buyers are satisfied with its easy-to-go system and expressed that it has made postage and labeling less hectic for them. 

Moreover, the quick and easy installation pattern of DYMO label writer is what made the product famous amongst a majority of US buyers.  Not only this, buyers appreciated it for being relatively cost-effective, and they are relieved with the idea of wasting no more money for purchasing the expensive cartridge.

Buying Advice

A few of buyers raised their concerns over the incompatibility of label writer with postage as it prints a test label every time you restate it to use DYMO postage.  Buyers consider it a sheer waste of costly labels. Many users, on the other hand, do not mind paying for these postage trials as DYMO label writer saves their ink cost which has the edge over other printers.

f you are an interested buyer, DYMO label writer is available on Amazon at only around [amazon fields="B0027JIIKQ" value="price"]. Furthermore, at Amazon, you can avail an early bird discount along with some exclusive free shipping offers.

Final Verdict

To crown it all, DYMO label writer is a product with a range of advantages. It is entirely suitable for the modern work environment as it meets the standard of professional workplaces.  It is cost-effective, time efficient, speedy and hassle-free which is a complete package for the buyers.

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