Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter Reviews 

 February 13, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

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  • Soft, luxurious and comfortable
  • High quality and durable
  • Provides consistent warmth
  • Holds down fill to prevent movement
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic use


  • People concerned about ethical collection of goose down might not buy the comforter if the manufacturer doesn’t provide that information.
  • Goose down is rare, explaining the high cost of this comforter.

Egyptian Bedding was founded almost two decades ago. The founders were motivated to manufacture the best bed sheets worldwide. The company was also focused on ensuring that customers have access to quality bed sheets without breaking the bank.

The brand has grown over the years to offer all kinds of bedding to its customers across the globe. They include high quality down comforters, Egyptian cotton sheets, luxury bed in a bag sets, pillows and duvets.

The company sources high quality raw materials directly from Egypt to bypass middlemen and offer customers affordable rates for premium quality bedding.  Egyptian Bedding attributes its success to the lowest prices, high quality products and unmatched customer service.

With over two decades worth of hands-on experience in the industry, the company knows exactly what customers look for when shopping for bedding. Therefore, they manufacture and provide nothing less to its customers in terms of quality and durability.

The Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter is made from 100% Egyptian cotton for the outer shell fabric. The goose down comforter is luxurious, comfortable and hypoallergenic for allergy-free use. It’s the comforter you need for consistent warm nights throughout the year.

It has a fill power of 750 and thread count of 1200, indicating it’s a comforter of high quality. Weighing only 50 ounces as fill weight, the comforter is lightweight yet fluffy enough to keep you warm in winter.

The Egyptian cotton cover is breathable to keep you dry and cool in warm weather. Similarly, it provides sufficient warmth in winter due to the insulating properties of goose down. Moreover, the high fill power and thread count adds to its fluffiness and thus more warmth in cold sleeping environments.

The baffle box construction design minimizes cold spots for even warmth distribution. It holds down fill from moving to ensure consistency in the warmth you get all over the comforter.

The loops on the comforter holds the duvet cover in place to prevent it from moving unnecessarily. The double needle stitch enhances the durability of the blanket because no down fill comes off the comforter.

It’s available in four sizes to choose from, mainly: king, queen, California king and twin. Various factors such as your bed size would determine the right comforter size for you.

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What We Like: We like the softness, comfort, warmth level and luxury the down comfort offers. It’s of premium quality and can last for many years if subjected to proper care. The comforter’s outer shell is also made from 100% Egyptian cotton for increased comfort and breathability.

We also love its fill power and thread count, translating to its level of quality. The baffle box construction is also good because it ensures consistent warmth all over the comforter.

What We Don’t Like: We love everything about this down comforter due to its level of quality and durability. However, we wish it came in various colors to suit the different personalities out there.

Some customers love their bedding in color while others don’t just like white on their beds.

Features of the Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter

  • 100% Egyptian cotton cover
  • Goose down fill comforter
  • Baffle box stitch construction
  • Loops for non-slip duvet cover use
  • 4 sizing options
  • 50 ounces fill weight
  • 1200 thread count
  • White color
  • Soft and fluffy

Buying Advice

The color of duck or goose down doesn’t affect its quality. The most important aspect of a goose down comforter is the luxury, comfort and softness it offers. What’s more, down comforters with goose or duck fill have high fill power, fill weight and thread count.

Therefore, they’re of premium quality and bound to last long. If you want a comforter you can use over many years without worrying about it getting worn out, opt for a down comforter made from goose fill.

You might part with a lot of money to buy your dream comforter, but you’ll get value for your money as long as you choose a good product. Buy from a reputable brand that has been known to provide high quality down comforters to avoid disappointments.

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It’s advisable that you check consumer reviews online before purchasing a down comforter. Find out what customers are saying about the specific product or brand you want to buy from. Let their feedback and reviews guide your buying decision.

Read the down comforter’s care label before buying it. That’ll ensure that you’ll be able to accord it the right maintenance and care it needs. For instance, is the comforter machine washable or is it a dry clean only bedding?

Don’t forget to measure your bed beforehand to ensure the comforter size you buy is right. Decide whether you want the comforter to cover just the top of your bed or drape off it for a more stylish look. Whichever is the case, make an informed buying decision.

If you’re still not sure, go through our buying guide to help you make a wise buying decision.


The warmth level of goose down comforters makes them ideal for use in extreme cold in winter. They offer comfort, luxury and feel cozy for relaxing sleep. They also feel soft on the skin, facilitating better sleep.

The Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter is fluffy, warm and durable for long-term use. Moreover, it comes with a warranty to ensure you can replace your comforter in case of a manufacturing fault. It’s the comforter you’d love to pass down your future generations.

Order the Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter today on Amazon to fend off those cold nights and enjoy restful sleep.

Lisa Hanel

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