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December 19, 2020

Ballerina Jewelry Box for Girls Reviews


  • Lovely musical jewelry box suitable to keep jewelry
  • Space efficient organizer removes clutter from dresser
  • Soft interior lining protects jewelry and trinkets from getting damaged or scratched
  • Beautiful figurine and soothing ballet music
  • Addition of mirror makes it a versatile organizer
  • Different sizes of drawers and compartments to store jewelry
  • Irremovable drawers keep them from getting misplaced


  • Paper-based material is not durable enough
  • Not big enough to store many items
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Having to keep away your jewelry after wearing it may seem like a small task, but too many girls, it can be tiresome. Not a lot of girls, even little ones, have time to put away their small items and belongings and instead end up losing them. A proper storage solution is drawers, but frankly, it's easy for little pieces to get lost in them, making it difficult to find them again.

What is needed in such a situation is an organizer that can keep things in sight but safe as well. It should be able to hold little items without losing them and should appeal to the eyes as well. Making a young girl take care of her things can be difficult, but if the storage solution is pretty, she'll be willing to put her jewelry away herself.

An organizer atop the dresser is the best way to quickly access small jewelry items that essential for every day, without leaving them outside. It's also vital that an organizer be aesthetically pleasing enough to complement the interior or a room rather than bring it down.

About The Product 

The Enchantmints Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box is a suitable organizer for girls who want to put away their intricate jewelry somewhere safe without losing or wasting time looking for it. Some notable features:

  • Item Weight: 2.39 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 6.8” x 4.8” x 6”
  • Material: Paper-based
  • Twirling Figurine
  • Decorated with ballerinas and pink color scheme
  • Two large drawers
  • Two smaller compartments
  • Hinged lid closes music box
  • Features mirror on the inside

A combination of breathtaking design and convenience, the Enchantmints Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box will surely be the best gift for girls looking to store their jewelry safely and responsibly.

Little girls are very fond of jewelry, and this adorable musical jewelry box is an amazing way that they can learn to take care of it. The appropriate sizing ensures that the jewelry box won't take unnecessary space on a dresser or nightstand and the dazzling appearance helps add girlish charm to any room. 

The age-old twirling ballerina figurine is a must-have for every little girl’s music box and the soothing music from ‘Swan Lake’ makes them feel like a princess. The soft material of the jewelry box keeps your intricate charms and treasures from being damaged or scratched due to harsh environments.

The smoothly moving hinged lid can be opened easily with one hand, which is a convenience for people who often multitask. The more prominent drawers can be used for necklaces and bracelets, while the smaller compartments are useful for storing smaller trinkets such as rings, earrings, and charms.

The design of this musical jewelry box also features a mirror on the lid, so little girls can watch themselves get ready.

It has beautiful ballerina artwork and designs; this jewelry box is a real treat to look at, giving a lavish impression. Grown-ups and children alike will enjoy the captivating figurine that twirls to the music and how effortless it makes the chore of safely keeping one’s belongings.

The pink theme makes this organizer well-suited as a gift or presents to a little girl. The drawers and compartments can be pulled out smoothly but not entirely, which is beneficial because it avoids the problem of the drawers getting misplaced while transporting or traveling.


The velvet-like lining on the inside of the jewelry box will keep your jewelry protected, and there isn’t a need for any extra cushioning or pillows either. Little girls will love to play with this musical jewelry box as a toy or as a storage unit for their precious jewelry.

Moreover, you can wind the case from the back, and the enchanting music will begin to play again. With the Enchantmints Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box, you can say goodbye to the clutter of items on your dresser.

Last update on 2021-10-26 PST - Details

What Others Are Saying

Buyers of the Enchantments Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box are happy with their purchase because of its versatility, vibrant design, and functionality. They were surprised as to how well it held the items and jewelry of older and younger girls alike, as well as the appearance of the figurine.

The separate compartments make it much easier to store differently sized jewelry and help users quickly access what they need without it getting tangled with other items. Users appreciate how it can quietly sit on top of a dresser or nightstand without ruining the appearance of a room.

Buying Advice

Considering all the benefits that this versatile organizer provides, there are certain shortcomings. The material, although adequate, is paper-based which means that it won’t hold up well if exposed to moisture or humidity.


Interested customers can purchase the Enchantmints Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box from Amazon at the affordable price of $29.99. Furthermore, you can also avail the exclusive benefit of free shipping once you buy this product from Amazon.

Final Verdict

Al in all, there’s no doubt that the Enchantmints Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box is the best one around that can help you organize your prized possessions and get clutter off your dresser. It's an ingenious addition to a room which can make a big difference in how you keep a living space and help you live hassle-free.

Last update on 2021-10-26 PST - Details

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