Everlast Women’s Training Gloves Reviews 

 August 22, 2020

By  Kawandanell

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Excellent for training, sparring and punching bags, Everlast, women’s pro-style training gloves inevitably make you feel like a boxing champion.  The gloves are manufactured by a renowned company to encourage women to break the stigma of stratification and to gain more acceptances for competing in tight games like boxing. 

For the female boxers, Everlast has launched its line of female boxing equipment with an aim to design boxing gloves that fulfill specific requirements of female fighters.  


Everlast women’s pro-style training gloves, in this regard, are made with a standard technology with some high-quality vein. The premium synthetic leather complements the superior construction and provides natural shape to the gloves when women wear them.

About The Product

Specially designed for female boxers, Everlast women’s pro-style training gloves entail some excellent features making it a preferable choice for the female buyers.  The product takes all the gloves requirements of female boxers into account to facilitate them during their boxing activities.  

If you are a female boxer, Everlast women’s pro-style training gloves ensure to address your problems of loss-fitting gloves, bold designs, and offensive odors as it triumphs both in functionality and aesthetic to become your reliable companion during your boxing activity.

Product Features

  • Comes with thumb-lock feature
  • Superior construction with synthetic leather
  • Includes fresh treatment ever to reduce offensive odors
  • Has an anatomically curved grip
  • Has the quality to confirm the hand’s natural shape
  • Has an aesthetically appealing design
  • Entails 120 days warranty
  • Weighs 0.88 pounds

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The product is quintessential in the domain of sports equipment with its dense two-layer foam design incorporating an immense strength of shock absorbency in the gloves.   The synthetic leather construction and specific sizing further make mitt work, sparring and heavy workout comfortable and strain free.

Also, the high-quality synthetic leather with an ergonomic and functional design help product increases its reliability and durability.  Its natural shape conformity is something that sets it apart from other glove brands as it allows female boxers to put it on without having to worry about the size of their hands. 

Ergonomic yet natural, Everlast women's pro-style training gloves entails firmer inner padding unlike other gloves, which helps with impact distribution and shock absorption throughout the boxer's fist and hand.

The Everfresh technology in Everlast women’s pro-style gloves is another exceptional feature of the product that combats microbial growth with it antimicrobial treatment keeping your hands smelling fresh. Plus, it gives female boxers full mesh palms that ensure comfort and breathability.

With EverCool technology, Everlast women’s pro-style gloves regulate the temperature.With strategic cooling, it ensures to keep your hands dry. The gloves are made with breathable fabric with an integrated built-in the ventilation system to help boxers show an ultimate performance in the ring.

Not only this,  the manufacturer has used  EverDRY mesh lining as one of their innovative components to keep the gloves moisture free and to help them stay fresh for a  longer time. Everlast women's pro-style gloves have the perfect design for heavy sparring and punching activities.

The brand also provides a warranty of 120 days from purchasing date to replace the gloves. Thus, this boxing brand has become necessary sports equipment for the female boxer when it comes to buying a reliable and functional companion for enhancing boxing skills. 

Pros And Cons


  • High-grade premium-quality leather
  • Durable, stable and comfortable
  • Natural conformity to the size of a hand
  • EverFresh, Ever Dry and EverCool technologies
  • Thumb lock feature
  • Improved anatomical grip


  • The leather material gives off a stronger smell

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What Others Say

Contrary to what other brands are providing, Everlast women’s pro-style training gloves have turned out to be one of the protective and well –built designs for the buyers. Buyers have expressed their concurrence over the reasonably durable quality of the gloves and how its padding is well- distributed.  

Female boxers who seek for flawless design and excellent condition for their heavy kickboxing session; women’s pro-style makes a perfect deal. Not only does the pair make the women’s hands feel protected but it brings more maneuverability ensuring a perfect alignment between wrist and forearms. 

Buyers are at a loss for words with its solid construction and integrated technologies to prevent smell and extra moisture. The product has undoubtedly proven itself a comfortable pair of gloves that withstand punches without losing its cushioning qualities.

Buying Advice

The most highlighted concern about the product was regarding its chemical smell coming from the leather material that buyers rarely takes into account while purchasing the product. It is because buyers have found the product revolutionary and suitable for various kinds of heavy bag training


To female boxers, the product has resolved many of their problems related to gloves ventilation, fabric breathability and offensive odor within their means. Purchasing Everlast pro-style gloves is an ideal package of excellent quality and affordable price for the buyers.

Upon buying Everlast women’s pro-style training gloves from Amazon, you can avail statement credit offer up to $75. If you are an interested buyer, the product is available around [amazon fields="B000LPJOHO" value="price"].

Final Verdict

All in all, Everlast women’s pro-style training gloves certainly fit your desired image of boxing gloves with its exciting features.  Since it fulfills the required criteria of standard women’s boxing gloves, female boxers do not mind dealing with the smell issue.  

Famous for its well –known innovations, Everlast did not fail in bringing a top-notch product in the market that incorporates a plethora of qualities such as shock absorption, natural hand contour, durability, comfortability and visually appealing designs with a good range of sizes.

Hence, the product maximizes the comfort level to help women in their boxing activity and hardcore training sessions.

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