EZspeedbag Doorway Punching Bag Reviews 

 August 20, 2020

By  Kawandanell

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In all honesty – you can’t deny that you have at least seen one movie involving boxing. And whenever you do see an action film where the guys are bare-knuckled – you can’t help but want to train to become stronger and faster.

But sure you may also be wondering where you will keep a giant punching bag in your room – it does take up a lot of space – but that is the beauty of the EZspeedbag. You can mount it on a low-ceiling, and it isn’t as large as a traditional punching bag.

There is no question that a punching bag can become an excellent training partner for you to grow faster, stronger and leaner. Plus, if you practice every day – you will see how quick your muscle reflexes become and the fact you will never miss a punch again!

But more than becoming stronger and faster – one of the best advantages of a punching bag is the fact you can bust out a lot of stress in a single round! Haven’t there been times when you come home from work frustrated about the deadline you missed because you took a day off because you were sick?

About The Product

Well, you can't say anything to your boss – although you may feel like punching him in the face – we would strictly advise against that – instead, why not invest in the EZspeedbag punch, stick your boss's face on it and pummel away.

However, if you decide to opt for a punching bag – then do not compromise on quality over price – go for the EZspeedbag for extensive training – get leaner and faster in a short period!


The EZspeedbag may be small compared to regular punching bags, but do not let that fool you – it is thick and punching it will take some stamina and a lot of effort. 

But that beauty about punching bags is the fact they can become excellent training partners – keep at them again and again, and you will soon find yourself making hundreds of punches in a short period.

You Only Need Five Minutes To Set The Punching Bag Up

Yes that is true! The beauty of the EZspeedbag is that it doesn't take a long time to install – you need five minutes and voila – the product is set for a massive punching barrage! The product comes with an air pump and a straightforward user's manual – read it before doing anything else so that you can install the product as per the stated guidelines.

The product measures at 27-inches by 42-inches, which means you can install the product in your doorway. Fast installation means you can start punching and becoming stronger right off the bat!

Combine HIIT Training With Strength Building

Another reason why you should opt for the EZspeedbag is the fact you can mix two forms of muscle training programs – High-Intensity Interval Training and muscle building.

You can power-punch your way to building strength while quickly throw an alternating punch to build muscle tone and definition as well as stamina!

Stress Buster

One of the best reasons to opt for the EZspeedbag apart from the quick installation is the fact you won't have to wait any longer to distress.

You will have the perfect thing to punch – and you will not have any excuse, not to workout. There is no question that you can become stronger and faster through the EZspeedbag – all you have to do is train hard and stay committed to your routine.

A Fantastic Gift Idea

If you don’t know what to buy your nephew for his birthday this year – why not go for the EZspeedbag!? There is no way he will or anyone else you gift the product won’t like it – a fantastic gift idea indeed!

If there are any young athletes your teenagers in your family, there is nothing better than the EZspeedbag for them – rest assured they will be thanking you later!

You Can Quickly And Easily Move The Product

This is perhaps one of the best reasons you must opt for the EZspeedbag. The fact that you can move the product to any location of choosing – to train and getting stronger is just fantastic!

Moreover, you can train outdoor – especially when you go out camping or to stay at the cabin in the woods – you can take the punching bag with you to never skip training ever again!

Optional Screws Brackets

The product comes with four optional screw brackets if you want to install the product in one place permanently. Moreover, this option is ideal for athletes and avid boxers and fitness freaks looking for work out stability and balance.

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What Others Are Saying

A majority of EZspeedbag users are quite ecstatic about the product – and there are a lot of reasons why this is true.

For example, EZ speed punching bag can be moved from place to another without putting in any effort at all! That is one of the reasons why the EZspeedbag has become so famous throughout the US!

Moreover, the ability to combine cardiovascular training with strength building using a single product is another sure-sell of the EZspeedbag.

But perhaps the best reason why so many men, women, kids, and seniors have to opt for the EZspeedbag is the fact that it doesn't even take five minutes to install!

Buying Advice

You can get your hand on the EZspeedbag in around [amazon fields="B019CNAIIY" value="price"] with free shipping on Amazon. It is fun and fast way of training anywhere you want in your home or outdoors!

The product takes less than five minutes to install – and you can become strong and ripped at the same just be punching away 15 to 20 minutes every day!

Final Verdict

At that price – there is nothing more you could ask for in a punching bag!

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