Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater Reviews 

 December 26, 2020

By  Jacqui Cheng

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There are two types of garages: the ones that are integrated into the houses, and the ones that are separated from the residence, which would make them extremely cold during winter. Evidently, this would make it quite inconvenient to spend time in your garage or using it as a workshop, storage space – you name it.

In this case, a garage heater is your salvation. It will keep your space warm the entire year. However, such a unit is a considerable investment. This is why you shouldn’t take the shopping process lightly and pick the first item that crosses your path.

Therefore, we have created a range of reviews for you – and today, we’ll present the Fahrenheat Garage Heater and what it is capable of doing.

About The Product

At first glance, this garage heater might seem too small to heat up a large area. But this is far from the truth, as it can generate a lot of heat. Therefore, this would be a great option for small and medium-sized garages.

Before we get to present the characteristics of the unit in detail, we’ll briefly enumerate its specifications:

  • Wattage rating: 5,000
  • Temperature range: 45 to 135 Fahrenheit degrees
  • Mounting bracket for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Item weight: 24 pounds
  • Item dimensions: 11.2 x 14 x 12.5 inches

Many people are under the impression that they require a high-powered propane heater to heat up a garage. Still, the truth is that an electric heater such as this one by Fahrenheat is a great product, being better fitted for smaller garages.

To be more precise, it can heat up a 500 square feet garage in no time. It also has a nice feature that automatically shuts off the unit if it comes to the overheating point. In the worst-case scenario in which the thermostat stops working, this automatic feature will come in handy.

Moving on, this is a 240-volt unit, with amperage of 26.1. That being said, you should note that most homes are equipped with 20-amp breakers, meaning that this heater is too powerful for that.

In other words, simply plugging the unit into an electric socket won’t do. You might require hiring an electrician to install the unit and to adjust the wiring accordingly.

Another great characteristic is that you can install the unit wherever you need – on the wall, on the ceiling, or on the floor. If you use the included ceiling mount bracket, you can easily hang it on the ceiling.

In the same respect, you can install it horizontally or vertically, depending on the space you have at your disposal. Thanks to the metal louvers, you can adjust the heat output direction – this can be really useful.

The built-in thermostat has a temperature range of 45 to 135 Fahrenheit degrees. Nonetheless, the thing is that its accuracy isn’t the best. There are times when the temperature isn’t appropriately adjusted.

Moving on, the unit is an example of masterful engineering. An example would be that the unit isn’t activated until the temperature has reached a minimum. Thanks to the delayed fan action, the heater won’t release any cold air.

What is more, as soon as the unit accomplishes the preset temperature, the heater automatically turns off to deter overheating. Considering that your space is rather limited, you don’t have to worry, because this unit is quite compact, weighing only 29 lbs. This is convenient considering that it is rather powerful.

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What Others Say

We’ll start by saying that the majority of customer reviews we’ve read concerning this item were on the positive side. Purchasing an item with positive customer reviews is always reassuring.

According to feedback, the unit does a decent job of keeping small and medium garages warm even during the coldest winter months. What is more, the price-quality ratio is convenient. It produces a kind of warmth that’s comfortable to be around.

On the other hand, other clients mentioned that the unit is rather noisy, whereas the thermostat isn’t really accurate – and this is something we have also noticed.

What We Liked

If we had to list the thing we liked most about this product, it would have to be its efficiency. Even though it is meant to heat up roughly 500-600 square feet, it does a decent job for a 700-square feet space, as well. Bear in mind, though, the one condition is that the garage is properly insulated.

At the same time, you can install it exactly where you need, vertically or horizontally – which also contributes to the convenience of the item. Its industrial construction accounts for a major plus, as well.

What We Didn’t Like

On the other side, we weren’t so pleased with the performance of the thermostat. At the same time, you should get an additional external thermostat, especially if you intend to install the unit on the ceiling or on the wall.

That would make the adjustment of the temperature quite difficult, might we add.

Buying Advice

As you already know, Amazon has some of the best prices when it comes to house appliances, and garage heaters make no exception to this rule. That being said, we ordered this item from Amazon, as well, at a great price.

Plus, depending on the time of your order, you could get a sizeable discount.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the Fahrenheat Garage Heater is a top product in its class. There’s no way to argue that. You may either use it to heat your garage on a regular basis or as an auxiliary heating source for any other room in your house.

You can install it on the wall, the ceiling, both vertically and horizontally, and mounting it is a breeze. Nevertheless, you should carry in mind that the unit requires hardwiring. Therefore, the assistance of a certified mechanic might be needed.

If you’ve already tested this unit and you’d like to share your thoughts on the product, we’d be more than happy to hear your input.

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