Fire Sense Mocha Patio Heater Reviews 

 January 22, 2022

By  Jonathan Maxwell

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Patio heaters are great ways to enjoy your leisure time outdoors on colder days of the year. If you do not live in extremely harsh weather conditions, then you can easily have a great time in your patio with just a patio heater.

The most popular patio heaters are usually anywhere from 7 to 8 feet. Propane commonly fuels these heaters. The tank is featured inside the unit's base while the hood serves as a reflector on its top. The base is also weighted, so users don't have to worry about its stability on windy days.


Propane heaters are popular since they do not require a complicated setup. They are easy to set up with a trouble-free installation. They also come with wheels so you can easily carry them around wherever you like.

About The Product

There are hundreds of different models of patio heaters that come in different designs, shapes, and styles. One of these is the ever-popular, The Mocha Commercial Patio Heater by Fire Sense.

It is a great way to add more to your backyard entertaining sessions. This tough unit is capable of producing 46,000 BTUs with a standard 20 lb. Propane tank. Not just that, the model also features wheels to help users move it around easily.

The trendy mocha color adds more to its pleasing design and enhances the décor of your patio. The stunning patio heater is CSA approved. It is a safe, reliable and beautiful product that is worth your every penny.

The entire unit takes less an hour to assemble with easy to follow instructions. Although first-timers may find assembly somewhat challenging, it is easily put together once you get familiar with the process.

There are several features to benefit from once you get your hands on this high-quality patio heater by Fire Sense. Here are just a few of them featured below.

Convenient Propane Refill

Thanks to the functional design, the whole propane refill process becomes extremely convenient.


Easy Ignition

The heat lamp is convenient to light. As soon as you set it up, you get a sufficient amount of heat right away. Although the stainless steel model costs a little more, it includes an electronic ignition that utilizes AAA battery.

Strong Heat Output

The Mocha patio heater gives out tremendous heat at 46,000 BTU's. With customizable flames and heat, you get a safe and user-friendly heater that also features stainless steel side burners. Moreover, the heater also comes with a tough mantle heating grid. This fantastic heater is engineered to pump out impressive amounts of heat with a quiet and safe operation.

Since it has built-in wheels to move the heater around easily; you can keep easily keep it on your screened-in patio during the colder season. It is completely safe to use it on a patio or gazebo.

The product is above 7 ft tall, which implies that the patio heater is of just the perfect height to keep everyone warm on a cold night or evening. It weighs around 42 pounds while the base is 18 inches wide whereas the top umbrella is above 30 inches wide.

Not just that, the patio heater is built by keeping all safety aspects in mind. All models pass premium quality checks and go through rigorous testing before reaching each consumer. The heater also has an auto shutoff tilt valve. This feature successfully shuts off the unit during any unexpected situation.

Professional Construction

Unlike other traditional and cheap patio heaters, the Mocha Commercial Heater features a tough and weighted base. Hence, there is no need to add any weight to keep it down. The entire unit comprises only professional grade and high-quality materials.


Manufacturer’s Warranty

Do not forget to post reviews of your Fire Sense product to the manufacturer's website as doing so will extend your warranty. Moreover, before discarding your box, check out the serial number to note it for future use. In case you need to find out how to register your unit, you only have to call their customer support, and they will happily guide you to finish the registration process.

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What Others Are Saying

The Mocha Commercial Patio Heater is one of the best and most useful patio heaters you can add to any setting. Customers who purchased this heater praise it for its functional design and inventive features that set it apart from its rivals.

It is one of the most popular propane patio heaters on Amazon.com where hundreds of customers have given rave reviews about this incredible patio heater.

Most customers are satisfied with their purchase since it works better than other traditional heaters. Not only it is easy to assemble, and it performs great in all kinds of environments to warm your loved ones on a great evening or night get-together.

Many users have bought multiple items to use them on a large area. With easy ignition and customizable heat options, you can adjust all settings according to your requirements. Thanks to its finish, the heater easily blends in with any décor and does not rust in winters.

Buying Advice

The Fire Sense patio heater includes great safety features. It offers great value for your money with its flawless performance and user-friendly features. It is an ideal patio heater to use in large spaces. If you are hosting a large event or a party; then the Mocha Commercial heater is an affordable and functional product to keep your guests warm and comfortable.


It enjoys a good rating score with a large number of positive reviews on Amazon where you can purchase it for around  [amazon fields="B007T8U9C0" value="price"] with free shipping. As soon as you click purchase, you get a confirmation email that includes all relevant information.

Final Verdict

This stylish patio heater adds great warmth to your patio. It is a sophisticated blend of style and functionality that adds your touch to your patio while providing adequate heat and warmth to your guests.

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Jonathan Maxwell

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