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Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack and Baby's First Blocks Bundle [Amazon Exclusive]
  • Set includes 2 toys
  • 5 colorful rings & a bat-at rocker base make the iconic Rock-a-Stack toy loads of fun
  • Baby's First Blocks offers classic sorting & put-and-take fun with 10 colorful blocks & a take-along storage bucket
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination & dexterity as baby grasps the toys
  • Sorting blocks helps develop problem-solving skills

Last update on 2021-07-31 PST - Details

Playing is an integral part of every child’s development. It is great to help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as developing their motor abilities. But also, an often overlooked aspect of playing is that it fosters the development of social skills. Through games and baby toys, children start interacting with equals and develop not only the ability to communicate with them, but also other underlying social rules, like not to cheat, or to respect others.

Because of how important they are for children, choosing the best toys for them is not an easy task. There are many aspects to bear in mind when doing so. One of them is if the toy is adequate for your child’s developmental stage. If that is not the case, they may find it too hard and quit. Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack can help here!

For example, Babies up to 1-year-old, for example, rely exclusively on their senses, particularly touch. This is why they grab everything they can and take it to their mouths. Their fingers and tongue are their main source of information about the world. Even though they can tell some colors apart, their vision is not fully developed yet. Let’s see how this toy can help your baby develop better. 

Last update on 2021-07-31 PST - Details


This stack includes 2 toys. On the one hand, there are 5 colorful rings. Playing with them will help your baby to coordinate his movements, particularly between his eyes and his hands, as he grasps the toy. This also fosters their dexterity, as they have to move their hands precisely to be able to seize the rings. 


What does the set include?

Then, on the other hand, this set also includes 10 blocks and a bucket for them. Playing with these toys helps children develop their problem-solving skills. As they have to sort the toys and place them in a specific way to make them fit, children learn how to overcome challenges. The rings are also helpful for this, as children can sort them out by size or color. In this way, they will develop fine motor skills as well as critical thinking abilities. 

They can grab it when they can

Once they turn 6 months old, most children start seeking opportunities to grab anything they can. Toys like the Fisher-Price Rock-a-stack and Baby's First Blocks Bundle are perfect for babies this age. Their colorful rings catch their attention to keep them entertained for hours while they learn. By playing with the blocks, for example, babies start perceiving the differences between different shapes and sizes. At this stage, babies tend to take all their toys into their mouths. The Fisher-Price Rock-a-stack and Baby's First Blocks Bundle is made with high-quality materials so, no matter how much your baby chews it, there should be no problem. Also, all its components are non-toxic, so that is something not to worry about. 

How to use this set?

Another important feature of this playing set is that children can use it in different ways, depending on their developmental stage. For example, at an early stage, children can learn about the effects of their movements by dropping objects inside the bucket. In this way, they will also learn about how objects stay where they are, even if they cannot see them. Then, as they grow up, it possible to make this game more challenging. By just placing the lid with shapes on the bucket, your children will develop more complex mental skills.


Help your baby grow smarter

Then, this baby toy is an excellent tool to learn and practice basic concepts, like colors and shapes. If parents encourage their children to say which block they have in their hands as they place it into the bucket, children will repeat and memorize the names of different colors. For example, “it’s a red star”, “this is a yellow circle”, “this block is a blue triangle”, or “Look, that is a square”.


  • This toy is great for teaching patience. Children may want to quit if they cannot fit the blocks right away, so this is a great instance to learn that with patience and effort they can achieve their objectives.
  • Fitting the blocks through the holes is challenging, but not overly difficult. In this way, children are encouraged to try hard, but without frustrating them. 
  • It fosters learning colors and shapes through memorable repetition in a fun way. Thanks to the challenge and the bright colors, children will want to play over and over.
  • Children develop their physical skills, like coordination, accuracy, and their fine motor skills. They will be able to grab toys more easily.
  • Fosters the development of important cognitive skills. By making the effort to put the blocks through the shaped holes, children learn problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Then, by ordering the rings, they also learn grouping skills and to find patterns 


  • Some parents may find it hard to lock the lid of the bucket. So, some children may just take it out to put the blocks in the bucket without having to figure out the shapes.

Buying advice- Conclusion

When choosing which is the next toy you will give your child, the Fisher-Price Rock-a-stack and Baby's First Blocks Bundle is definitely an option to consider. Though its nature is very simple, it helps children develop a wide array of skills. This is one of the baby toys that your child can use for a long time, and still, discover new uses to it. 

Before buying, we recommend that you make sure that your child is not too young or too old to use it. Younger babies may not be able to learn from it, while older children may just not find it entertaining. Yet, those children whom this toy is aimed at will have a blast while perfecting their motor skills, their patience, their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack and Baby's First Blocks Bundle [Amazon Exclusive]
Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack and Baby's First Blocks Bundle [Amazon Exclusive]
Set includes 2 toys; 5 colorful rings & a bat-at rocker base make the iconic Rock-a-Stack toy loads of fun

Last update on 2021-07-31 PST - Details