Fishing Time USA Telescoping Fishing Rod Reviews 

 July 1, 2022

By  Margaret Gulley


  • It comes ready for fishing
  • Portable and easy to carry around for travelers
  • Collapsible design for use on the go
  • Supports precise casting
  • The spool is removable from the reel for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • The rod is affordable
  • A comfortable foam handle for non-slip use


  • Not ideal for serious commercial fishing
  • Can’t handle the fight of big fish

Fishing Time USA is a leading manufacturer of fishing gear and equipment. It prides in its high quality fishing gear and equipment. The company designs and manufactures all kinds of gear for anglers to ensure they have access to all they need under a single roof.

The fishing brand is also committed to delivering unmatched shopping and fishing experience to all its customers. Some of the fishing gear the brand retails include telescoping fishing rods, rod and reel combo fishing units and different types of poles made from fibre glass and carbon.

You’ll also find Tenkara rods and general fishing rods, including light, medium and heavy action fishing poles. The company also ships all fishing gear destined to the USA free of charge.

The Fishing Time Telescoping Fishing Rod measures 14 feet and 7 inches in length. It’s made from fibreglass for fishing in fresh or salty waters. The sturdy fibreglass construction supports precise casting to increase the number of fish you get to catch.

The spool is removable from the reel. This is important especially after using the fishing rod in salty waters. Rinse the spools and reel with fresh water and air dry them before re-assembly to prolong the fishing equipment’s lifespan.

The reel can support test lines weighing anything from 10 to 28 pounds. Every spool is strong enough to handle strong fishing lines of at least 10 pounds. If your 10-pound fishing line breaks, get another one of higher weight.The fishing rod is ideal for fishing in rivers, lakes or inter-coastal waterways.

What We Like: We like the collapsible nature of this telescopic fishing rod. Backpacking when going camping, hiking or traveling for vacation requires smart packing and carriage of compact items. The fishing rod allows people who’re passionate about fishing to enjoy the activity whenever and wherever they want.

What We Don’t Like: The fishing rod is perfect for anglers and fishermen who mostly engage in the activity as a hobby or pass time adventure. This means it’s not ideal for serious, intensive fishing for commercial needs.

Therefore, serious anglers may find the pole cheap and less useful. This explains the need to buy the right fishing rod for your intended use.

Features of the Fishing Time USA Telescoping Fishing Rod

  • 15 feet and 7 inches in length
  • Fibreglass rod
  • FX-500 open spin cast reel
  • A fishing line of 250 yards
  • Test line weighs 10 lb
  • Rod weighs 10.5 weight
  • FDACollapses to 24 inches only for portability certified
  • Removable spool
  • Has 8 collapsible sections
  • 8 12-ounce ceramic guide eyes
  • Reversible metallic crank handle
  • Anti-twist roller gear
  • Guide eye tip protector
  • Anti-reverse color red
  • Three ball bearings
  • Oversized line roller
  • Adjustable drag ratio of 4.9:1

Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best fishing rod for you? Various factors can guide you to choose the best fishing rod for your unique casting needs. Firstly, consider the materials your fishing pole is made from. Split bamboo fishing rods are aesthetically appealing, but may require a high level of maintenance to last.

Modern fishing rods are made from graphite, carbon fibre or even fibre glass materials. However, some are constructed from more than one material to build high quality poles for fishing.

With a desirable material in mind, choose the right type of fishing pole for you. Consider fly fishing rods, ice fishing rods, casting fishing rods, spinning fishing rods and telescopic fishing rods, among others. Find out what each specialized fishing pole is designed to target.

The action of a fishing rod also determines its performance level and intended application area. The action of any specific fishing rod determines how deep its shaft can go in the water. A rod with slow action easily bends from the tip to the butt. Slow-action targets large fish such as tuna fish.

However, fishing rods built with ultra-fast action only bend at the tip. The stiffer rods work harder to fight small fish species such as blue gill. Fishing rods with low power have fast-action while those with high power deliver slow-action.

Power determines how fast or slow your rod curves while action influences the extent to which it bends. Buy a fishing rod from a popular, trusted and reliable brand. A good brand backs all its products with a warranty and avails replacement parts as needed. You’re also sure it’ll be around in case something goes wrong with your fishing rod.

What’s more, trustworthy fishing brands have been in the industry long enough to know what seasoned and beginner fishermen look for in their poles. They aren’t just experienced in manufacturing high quality fishing gear, but often have experienced anglers behind their success.

Lastly, make sure you buy a rod you can afford. But, don’t opt for an expensive fishing pole if you intend to go fishing once in a while. Whatever features and capabilities you pay for, make sure that you’ll need and use them. This ensures you get value for your money.


The best fishing rods is relative because different fishermen have unique needs. When traveling and need something more portable for on-the-go use, opt for a telescopic fishing rod. Moreover, collapsible designs allow you to down-size your pole into a compact size for easy carriage or storage.

Are you looking for a compact fishing rod for portable use? Opt for the Fishing Time USA Telescoping Fishing Rod on Amazon to catch your favorite fish whenever you go camping or hiking.

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