Flash Furniture Bean Bag Chair Review

Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Brown Bean Bag Chair
  • Oversized Bean Bag
  • Portable Lightweight Design
  • Solid Brown Cover
  • Cotton-Twill Upholstery
  • Spot Clean with damp cloth

Last update on 2019-07-19 PST - Details

Many people want to invest in furniture that looks great and adds some zing to their living space, but they don't have enough space. The answer to your problem is bean bag chairs. These chairs take up little space and provide the comfort you require to sit for long periods.

You can invest in an oversized bean bag chair that provides sufficient space for you to sit in as well as cuddle with your kid or loved one. Modern bean bag chairs incorporate funky designs and colors, which add life to any place that you keep them. This reason is why many people are switching to bean bags for their dorms and bedrooms.

Woman Sitting On Bean Bag

The only issue you might face when shopping for a bean bag chair is that there are far too many options on the market. You might end up looking at dozens of chairs before you settle on one, or there is a chance you get confused and are unable to pick the right chair for your requirements.

About The Product 

Your best bet is to buy from a brand that specializes in manufacturing bean bags. You don’t have to look further than Flash Furniture to find what you are looking for, as the Oversized Solid Bean Bag Chair the brand offers is among the best on the market today. Here is a look at the top features of this product:

Oversized Chair

This chair is suitable for people of all ages, thanks to its oversized design. The chair offers enough space for two people to sit side by side, or enjoy a cuddling session. This bean bag will suit the needs of your entire family, and you can even choose to invest in a few of these for your home.


The bean bag is lightweight, which makes it highly portable. You can easily move it from place to place without hassle. The design also enhances the comfort level you derive from the product.

Solid Cover

The cover of this bean bag is solid and soft at the same time, with Cotton-Twill Upholstery. You can easily take care of any spots or stains by cleaning it using a damp cloth, which adds to your convenience.


The slipcover of the product is machine-washable, which makes it easier for you to maintain it in case you spill something on the chair. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to wash it using cold water without any bleach.

Safety Zipper

The bean bag comes with a safety zipper that keeps the polymeric beads in place, ensuring you get a sturdy and comfortable seat anytime you want to sit on this chair.

Man Sitting On Flash Furniture Bean Bag Chair

Color Choices

You get 16 color options to choose from when it comes to this bean bag. The options range from brown and red to denim and camouflage.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Cover is machine-washable
  • 16 color choices
  • Safety zipper


  • Can be a hassle to put this chair together
Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Brown Bean Bag Chair
Flash Furniture - Kitchen

Last update on 2019-07-19 PST - Details

What Others Are Saying

A majority of customers who reviewed this product on Amazon are happy with its features and performance. However, a few people did not have a pleasant experience with this bean bag chair, and they mentioned their concerns in their reviews.

A customer wrote that while he received the order on time, the chair was flat and that didn't change for a while. He states that you need to buy a refill if you want to keep using the chair. Another reviewer mentioned that the chair is not useful unless you want to invest in extra beans to keep it full and puffed up, or else it will stay flat.

On the flip side, a customer wrote that he purchased this bean bag chair for his wife as she wanted something space-saving and comfy. He writes that this product delivers on all counts, including being affordable, as well as serving as a handy alternative to a recliner.

Another customer wrote that he bought one of these for his niece and she loves it, though he does state that it can take some time and effort to bring the chair to a usable state.

Flash Furniture Bean Bag Chair

A customer seemed impressed by the size of the chair, stating that it is huge and bigger than what he initially expected. He states that both his kids can fit snugly on the chair without any discomfort.

He does mention that the box the chair comes in is huge and can be a pain to store away. Another customer echoed this sentiment, stating that the chair provides sufficient space for two children or people to sit together close without hassle.

Buying Advice

You can conveniently purchase this bean bag chair from Amazon. At $100.00, this product is a steal, and you should place your order without delay.

Final Verdict

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to the Flash Furniture Bean Bag Chair. The main issue with this chair is that you have to spend considerable time and effort getting it into shape before you can start using it, which can be a hassle.

However, this is a minor gripe for a product that is otherwise excellent and comfortable. You won’t feel the need to purchase any other furniture once you buy this bean bag chair and it will last you a long time. You should keep it near the top of your list when perusing options on the market.

Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Brown Bean Bag Chair
Flash Furniture - Kitchen

Last update on 2019-07-19 PST - Details

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