Foxelli Trekking Poles Reviews 

 January 23, 2022

By  Jonathan Maxwell

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When it comes to focus and to build a rhythm while you're hiking or trekking, nothing can be more useful to you than a pair of durable and flexible trekking poles.

You see, while hiking, you need to gradually build a rhythm to travel long distances in a relatively short period without creating overwhelming fatigue. Once you start, you will eventually be able to produce synchronization between your strides and your breathing pattern.

That will help you maintain your pace. However, throwing a pair of Foxelli collapsible trekking poles can be a complete game changer for your hiking experience. 


One of the best advantages of quality trekking poles is that fact that you take a load off your body when you’re climbing uphill. Without poles, your entire body as to work twice as hard climbing slopes and hilly regions.

With hiking poles, you can firm plant each one in the ground and put all your weight on them to climb upwards. The poles will be doing half the work.

When you’re boosting your lower and upper body weight using your arms and the poles, it takes plenty of stress off of your legs, which is what will provide you with the stamina and energy to continue moving forward.

In light of this, mentioned below are some fantastic features of the Foxelli trekking poles:

About The Product

In light of this, mentioned below are some fantastic features of the Foxelli trekking poles:

Constructed With Durable Materials

One of the best reasons why you should get your hands on the Foxelli hiking poles are carbon fiber. That is what makes the poles ultra-durable, flexible and shock absorbent. Moreover, they are significantly lightweight.

As they are shock absorbent, you can rest assured your joint will not have to bear the grunt of climbing hilly terrain or navigating through rocky or snowy areas. Plus, the poles also absorb noise.

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Ergonomic Handling

The poles offer comfortable gripping. One of the most vital aspects of trekking is to conserve as much as strength and stamina as you can – and using the poles; there is no question you will be able to significantly minimize arm fatigue and plow through the terrain quicker, expending less energy. 

With Foxelli poles, you will definitively go the extra mile without sapping your stamina half way, which in turn will save time.


Another compelling reason why you should buy the trekking poles is the fact they are considerably lighter, which makes handling hassle-free and straightforward. The combined weight of the hiking poles is just seven pounds.

A Lifelong Product

As the poles contain industry-grade carbon fiber, they are indestructible. You won't have to worry about snapping them in half in case you put too much load on them. That is what makes the poles an ideal tool for even the most extreme outdoor adventures. 

Universal Size

Another fantastic thing about the trekking poles is that they have a one-size-fits-all design. Plus, they are collapsible, which means you will never have any trouble with storage. Moreover, you can conveniently and quickly adjust the length of the pole while holding the product firmly.


They are ideal for both men and women irrespective of weight and height, and even kids can use them.

They are also viable for seniors, and they have an in-built retractability from 24-inches to 55-inches – and this is what makes the Foxelli hiking poles the very best when it comes to compatibility, versatility, and comfortability.

Enhanced Comfort

When it comes to gripping comfort, the Foxelli poles remain unmatched. They have a corkscrew grip – which is anti-slip, enabling you to have a natural grasp.

Plus, the grip is anti-sweat, keeping your hands dry, which is vital during long-distance trekking.

The grip is layered with extra padding and has wrist support straps for added comfort during your hike.  The foam sleeve is extended and has ridged carved in it for durability and versatility.

You can quickly switch grips when there is a sudden change is a terrain.

Constructed For All Conditions And Terrains

There are just so many ways you can use the Foxelli trekking poles – from walking to climbing mountainous or snowy terrain or navigating through rocky terrain, the hiking poles have the features and the accessories to make your journey comfortable.

The product has a tungsten carbide tip, which guarantees firmness and sturdiness. The poles come with sturdy thermoplastic rubber tips so that you don't have to worry the tips will slide off in the snow.

The tips are attached so that you can plow through mud or snow without a worry in the world.

What Others Are Saying

The Foxelli trekking poles have become an instant hit amongst US customers. Users are entirely in love with how lightweight and durable they are – as promised by the manufacturer. Others are happy about how quickly they can adjust the height of the product.

They absorb noise, which is also what avid trekkers and hikers look for in poles. The corked screw handled and enhanced gripping proved to be excellent for rugged terrain.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the trekking poles in around [amazon fields="B01IC7XZ68" value="price"] from Amazon with free shipping. The manufacturer also offers a 120-day money-back guarantee in case of a defect. Two of the most critical factor to look for in hiking poles is sturdiness and comfortability.


The Foxelli poles are one of those few products that effortlessly combine both qualities, something rarely found in similar products. If maintained well, the poles can last you a lifetime!

Final Verdict

A must-have! At a budget-friendly price and a broad set of features and accessories along with the fact that the product is carbon fiber – there is nothing more you could ask for in hiking poles.

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