Garosa Reusable Water Purifier Reviews 

 August 21, 2021

By  Tricia Hale

Reusable Water Purifier Spin Down Sediment Water Filter Faucet Water Purifier Water Prefilter Sediment Filter for Well Water Hose Sediment Filter(1/2" Male Thread)
  • [Whole-house Water Filter]This well water sediment filter can improve the whole household water supply system and make clean water cover the whole household, such as washing machine, water purifier, water heater, etc.
  • [Extend The Service Life Of The Equipment]Using this prefilter can effectively extend the service life of the equipment.
  • [Effective Sediment Removal]The filtration accuracy is up to 40-80 microns, which can effectively remove harmful substances and will not precipitate toxic substances such as lead.
  • [Easy Cleaning And Replacement]Open the bottom valve and the filter will clean automatically. It is recommended to rinse regularly (daily or weekly), depending on water consumption, sand content and hardness, and can be reused.
  • [Transparent And High-Strength Shell]Adopt aerospace engineering plastic and steel explosion-proof transparent material to facilitate visual monitoring of the filter.

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One key problem with tap water that is not likely to ever change is the issue of sediment. While some may think of water sediment as larger pieces that are easily visible, this is not always the case, especially with water in urban areas. 

Don’t believe me? If you’re near your kitchen or bathroom faucet, unscrew the spout to access the small screen material just underneath, and have a look for yourself. If your house is more than 5 years old, you'll likely see a decent amount of debris and sediment caught inside the screen.

Here’s the thing: Water treatment centers do much in the way of sanitizing water before it’s sent through the pipes to your home, but the water can still pick up sediment along the way before it arrives, mainly due to small amounts of corrosion in the pipes themselves.

For the most part, this sediment is harmless to your health, and the screen on your faucet is designed to catch as much as possible. Unfortunately, it’s still not ideal to have a bunch of sediment collecting on your faucet's screen over time. 

This is an even bigger issue if you live in a remote or rural area that depends on well water for its main water source. These small amounts of sediment can collect even quicker, and if you are running water to appliances such as a washing machine or refrigerator, those little pieces can cause significant damage, and even cause the appliances to fail over time. 

Fortunately, using a whole-house sediment filter on the main pipe connection to your house can catch the sediment before it enters your home’s various pipes within the system, stopping the sediment at the source. This inexpensive and simple solution is one of the easiest ways to prevent sediment issues — but not all filters are created equal. 

With that said, the Garosa Reusable Water Purifier stands above the rest, and we’re going to tell you why. 


Whole-home sediment pre-filters don’t need to be complicated to work well. In fact, the simpler the better is a good rule to go by with these. The Garosa Reusable Water Purifier is a very simplistic device, which works to its advantage. The installation process is seemingly instant, and general maintenance takes under 60 seconds.

The filter is made from copper, plastic, and steel components, and includes a mesh filter that can trap particles with an accuracy between 40-80 microns. All of the materials used are incredibly durable, with the copper end parts providing added durability and longevity while also resisting corrosion. 


You also get much more than just the filter and housing itself, including:

  • Tape
  • Clamp
  • Special Wrench
  • User Manual
  • Sewage Pipe
  • Phosphorus Silicon Wafers

Once the filter is connected to your water line, it will immediately begin to trap sediment. When the filter begins to get full, all you have to do is turn on the spigot on the bottom and empty the sediment into a container or bucket. This is a massively convenient feature. 

Aside from being effective and convenient, the Garosa Reusable Water Purifier is also economical, with a price point around $23.79. This is a small price to pay for cleaner water, and the avoidance of damage to your major appliances that use water. 

Furthermore, combining the Garosa Reusable Water Purifier with a water filter on your faucet, or in your refrigerator can ensure exceptionally clean water that is free from both sediment and chemicals, making this an essential purchase for anyone who is serious about water quality in their home — regardless of whether or not you rely on well water.

What We Like

  • Whole-House Water Filtration: This filter is an effective solution for protecting your entire home from harmful water sediment, and requires only a simple installation. It doesn’t matter how many pipes or water outlets you have, if this filter is installed in the right place, it will prevent sediment from making it to any of your sinks or appliances, period.
  • Effective Sediment Removal and Easy Cleaning: With a filtration accuracy up to 40-80 microns, the Garosa Reusable Water Purifier will trap a number of potentially harmful substances and debris.Cleaning the filter requires hardly any effort at all: Simply open the bottom valve and the sediment will fall out. 
  • Durable Material: The filter is constructed from aerospace-engineered plastic and steel explosion-proof transparent material that not only provides a huge amount of durability, but also allows you to see the amount of sediment trapped inside, taking all the guesswork out.

What Could Be Better

  • Tube and Attachment Quality: There’s only one minor complaint here. The filter’s the tube and attachment are not the best quality, and may leak slightly over time. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to this: Just thread a 1/2 inch male brass barbed hose connection to the end of the spigot, and then attach either a vinyl or rubber tube and secure it with hose clamp. 

Buying Advice

Keep in mind that this is a sediment filter, and will not work as a standard carbon filter that you would use on a faucet. This product will block sediment from entering your pipes, faucets, and appliances, but you’ll still need to use a carbon filter if you want fully filtered water.


The Garosa Reusable Water Purifier is an incredibly inexpensive and effective way to trap sediment in your water. Not only is it effective and easy to install and use, the filter emptying process could not be any simpler. 

This is an exceptional value for around $23.79. The price makes it an easy addition as a first line of defense filter for your home’s water supply, and pairs well with any faucet filter. Whether you’re looking to filter well water, or simply want to block small particles from your water line, this filter is definitely worth the purchase.

Tricia Hale

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