Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Reviews 

 December 19, 2020

By  Jacqui Cheng

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While metal detectors may seem like complicated pieces of equipment, you will find that they operate using a few relatively simple principles of electromagnetism.

A metal detector consists of several electric coils. One of these coils emits a magnetic field. This coil is referred to as the transmitter coil. The transmitter coil emits a weak magnetic field whenever electricity is run through it.

While this magnetic field is not strong enough to attract or repel ferromagnetic objects, it can still create a magnetic field around them.

There is a second coil that is at the end of your metal detector that is known as the receiver coil. As you may have guessed from the name, this coil is designed to receive the magnetic impulses which are created in the piece of metal in the ground by the transmitter coil.

When the receiver coil is hit by the magnetic waves of the object which is hidden in the ground, the electromagnetic impulse travels through the coil (which is connected to headphones or a speaker.) When that electricity runs through the speaker, it is activated and creates a beeping sound.

The strong the magnetic field which is picked up by your receiver coil, the louder the noise will be. The most likely way that this magnetic field will be strengthened is by moving your metal detector closer to it, as less of the field will be lost to your surroundings as you get closer and closer to the object.

As you can see, the functioning of a metal detector just requires some working knowledge of electromagnetism. While it may seem like magic at first, you will find that these products tend to be simpler than one would expect. Having an understanding of how these machines work can help you find a better model for a good price.


The range of your metal detector is determined by how powerful the transmitter coil is and how sensitive the receiver coil is. A more powerful transmitter coil will be able to magnetize objects that are deeper underground, but there is an upper limit to the power of your transmission. Anything above a certain level becomes unrealistic.

A more sensitive receiver coil, on the other hand, will be able to pick up weaker magnetic fields from further away. Usually, more powerful metal detectors will have a combination of these two aspects. While a more powerful transmitter will help, it will not be as helpful without the inclusion of an equally powerful receiver coil.


You should also consider the weight of your metal detector before making your purchase. The weight of your product will depend on the quality of the construction and many other aspects. While a heavier metal detector will usually be built to better specifications, there reaches a point where the better metal detectors start becoming the lighter ones.

Since light metal detectors tend to be made out of highly resilient composites like carbon fiber and some GRPs (glass-reinforced plastics), you will find that they are more pricey than heavier models. The weight of your metal detector will also be dependent on whether or not it includes a built-in rechargeable battery.

The Product


  • Features a Double-D searchcoil for added sensitivity to hidden objects
  • Comes included with headphones featuring in-line volume control
  • Features a display panel which allows for electronic pinpointing
  • Uses 4 AA batteries as a power source
  • Features a padded grip and a padded armrest for added comfort
  • Features a choice of five modes: custom, coins, relics, jewelry, and zero
  • Features an approximate depth indicator
  • The stem breaks down into three pieces for greater portability

If you want the best handheld metal detector around, this model from Garrett may be your best option. Many features make this product superior to the competition, and we will be going over most of them shortly.

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It is rare to see such an excellent model of metal detector on sale for such a reasonable price. This model comes equipped with a convenient LCD display that makes it infinitely superior to models which do not feature a display. There are so many features that can be adjusted to help you pinpoint hidden objects.

For example, you can choose one of five modes depending on what you may be looking for. This will optimize the transmitter and receiver for the size and material out of which the object is made. The top-left of the display will identify the object’s material for you when something is in range.

There is also an indicator on this model that lets you know how deep an object is. You will find that the choice to use 4 AA batteries to power this model can get a little pricey in the long run, but it helps save on weight since a cumbersome rechargeable battery is omitted.

What Others Say

We also looked at reviews and customer testimonials about this product from other buyers. Most of them were impressed by this model’s comfort and durability when compared to other metal detectors. Of course, the handy LCD screen also got a measure of praise.

There were a few negative reviews, the first of which was directed towards the lack of a rechargeable battery on this model. The next review was disappointed in the collapsed size of this metal detector, stating that it was still too large.

Buying Advice

As with most quality metal detectors, you will find that this product is rather expensive. If you are willing to spend a decent sum of money, however, who knows what kind of treasure you may unearth while using this product? This portable metal detector can be found for about [amazon fields="B007G5UZSO" value="price"] on Amazon.


If you want the best metal detector around and you are willing to buy it for a higher price than some of the competition, you have found your ideal model in this product. Thank you for reading our review, if you have any questions, let’s hear them in the comments below.

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Jacqui Cheng

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