Everything You Should Know about the Best Golf Irons of 2020 

 October 1, 2020

By  Hanel

In a golf game, a list of golf irons is by far one of the largest investments any advanced or a beginner golfer can make to better their golfing. In this guide, we provide in-depth information on the best golf irons available on the market. We know that there are so many options out there that overwhelm you when shopping for the best golf irons. You want to find an iron that matches your unique grip. This guide will help you get out of the mess and buy yourself one of the best, depending on your preference and, most importantly, your golf level.

Your Preference Effects which Golf Irons You Buy

To tell you in advance before getting into the nitty gritty details, your preference in buying an iron will depend on several factors. Mainly your golfing experience, and then on:

  • Customization
  • Flex and shaft
  • Length, distance, and loft
  • Components of the set
  • Iron styles

Your Golfing Experience

As we said earlieralmost all the best golf accessories are made for a particular level of golfing. This is also the case with golf irons. For example, if you are at a high handicap level, most golf irons will be very difficult for you to hit with which can be detrimental to your golfing game.

Similarly, beginners need to have golf irons that will enable them to improve their game and cross over to the next level.

What Are the Benefits of Getting the Best Golf Irons Ever?

You will need to get a set of irons that fit your swing and body. No golfer is created the same. Each has a unique swing, height, and game strategy. Arm lengths, heights, and swing mechanics vary among golfers as well. The benefits of finding the right irons is:

  • The best golf irons will enable you to hit the ball to your desired distance.
  • The best golf irons will give you the best value for your money.
  • The best golf irons will improve your game level, taking you from beginner to a semi- handicapper.

Generally, you will benefit from getting the best golf iron for you.

Type of Golf Iron

When you are searching for your iron set, you will encounter a variety of types. Every one of those is made to perform a specific skill.

1. Super Game Improvement Irons Type

For the beginner golfer, Super Game Improvement Irons are the best. They are designed to allow for more forgiveness helping you develop distance, and aid in launching the ball into the air. This type features a wider sole, big clubface and face technology. The clubhead has a hollow or cavity back, creating perimeter weighting for a bigger sweet spot. The perimeter weighting disseminates weight within and around the outer edges.

2. Game Improvement Iron Type

These are the best golf irons for mid-handicap golfers who are out to benefit from a forgiving design. Game improvement irons boast a longer face length that accommodates off-center hits plus a wider sole that helps with turf forgiveness.

They also have a hollow or a cavity clubhead to help increase the size of the sweet spot.

3. Players Iron Type

These irons are also known as blades by many golfers, and they provide skilled and experienced golfers the control of playing wide varieties of shots with the best feel.

They have what seems to be a more traditional look. They have reduced offset, shorter blade lengths, thinner top line, and narrow sole widths. Typically the players’ iron types feature muscle back clubheads, and then we can say they are less forgiving on the off-center shots. They are, therefore, suitable for more accomplished golfers.

4. Player Distance Iron Types

Player distance irons usually mix some of the most desirable traits of the players, iron and game-improvement ones. They have the distance of game- improvement irons and add the workability of the players iron type. This type is nice for golfers, ranging from mid to low- handicappers who crave extra distance. It is also suitable for competitive golfers or those in need the performance of a game- improvement iron with the appearance of a player iron.

5. Forged Iron Type

I am sure you have heard about blacksmithing at some point in your life. Now, the forging of club irons is more like what the early blacksmith did. Specialists sink the metal into a rough shape and hummer them to form the desired shape. The maker then has a raw forged iron that closely approximates the end iron head. For the carbon steel clubhead to be finished, it is subjected to milling, polishing, and grinding. The final product, therefore, is a piece that is solid and has a reduced sweet spot. Ideally, irons that are forged are suitable to golfers who value their feel of the club and can control the trajectory and shaping of the shots.

6. Cast Iron Type

The golfers who do not like the forged iron-type have an alternative in the cast iron type. It is the type where the manufacturer pours the already liquid metal into a mould. Doing so allows the maker to make more sophisticated head designs. Bearing that in mind, cast irons are more suitable to perimeter weighted, intricate, and multi-material irons. Because the activity of casting is relatively cheap compared to forging, this type of iron is as affordable as the process of making it is.

An Important Question Golfers Ask Is, “What Shafts Should They Choose?”

Let’s take a look at some of the best shafts you can choose from.

Iron Shafts

The shaft of a golf iron will go a long way in impacting your performance in golfing. Be sure to read on and choose the best that suits you, depending on your golfing level.

Steel Shaft

Steel iron shaft is the heaviest of the three types. It is less flexible and demands more work in swinging. However, it can be accurate and consistent.

Graphite Shaft

Just like there is a lightweight golf carry bag, there is also a lightweight iron, the graphite shaft.They are flexible and usually produce an increase in swing speed. They offer less feedback and can be less consistent as you move across the set.

Multi-Material Shaft

These combine both steel and graphite. They aid golfers in having an increased flight on the ball.

What You Need to Know

Shafts of golf irons also come in many other varieties of flex encompassing stiff, senior, ladies, and extra stiff. Whatever shaft you choose will, therefore, depend on the swing type you possess. You should get yourself fitted whenever you decide to buy new irons. You will have the clubs customized to your swing and body for optimal consistency and accuracy. Therefore the knowledge of finding the best iron for you helps lower your score on the course the next time you visit.

What Is the Best Design of Golf Irons?

Blade Design of Irons

Like we said earlier, blade irons have been designed to suit the better players of the game. The design encompasses a thin face, a compact hitting area, and a thin top line. Blades produce a small sweet spot at the center of the head due to their ability to distribute weight evenly throughout the whole head.

It then offers some more ability to shape a shot and feel than a cavity back. For that reason, blade irons are known as muscle backs by some golfers.

Cavity Back Design of Irons

A cavity back design iron is a type that positions a cavity or recess at the back of the head. Thus it tends to concentrate more weight at the perimeter.

Manufacturers can increase the club’s forgiveness or the moment of inertia (MOI) by adding more weight to the clubhead.

A thin clubface will ideally be paired with a bigger clubhead meaning off-center shots can fly straighter and longer compared to off-center shots with a blade iron.

The increased forgiveness then minimizes feel, meaning the cavity back iron is ideal to high handicap golfers and mid-handicap one too who benefit from the large sweet spot.

Sets of Golf Irons

When buying a golf iron, it is wise to choose a set that fits you. The best golf bags you often see your golfing friends carry may not contain the best sets of irons. Again, it is important to note irons are usually sold in sets and not as a single item. Basically, they are sold in sets of up to nine irons. The irons are numbered within every set so that they correspond to the loft of the golf club. Long irons in a particular set are ideally numbered 4, 3 and 2. Note that in the recent past, you may not find a 3 or a 2 iron. Numbers 7, 6 and 5 are the mid-irons while 9 and 8 are the short irons.

Hybrid Sets of Irons

The hybrid sets of irons are suitable for players who are struggling to hit longer irons.

They progress from the earlier discussed cavity back iron, which is short, through reduced, mid cavity irons or hollow back cavity to part-wood or part iron hybrid clubs.

A hybrid set of irons has got some clear benefits. For instance, the cavity back short iron offers control for shorter shots into greens as well as total forgiveness.

On the other hand, the hollow back mid-iron moves the weight and, ultimately, the center of gravity (COG) of the club head further and lower back on the club to generate an easy- hit high mid-iron shot.

Last but not least, our long irons combine fairway wood distance with the accuracy and control of a long iron. High handicap or experienced golfers may find this type providing the perfect mix to help their iron play.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying Your Golf Iron

As a passionate golf admirer, I talk to people all the time about trying to find a set of irons. I have found a few key factors to keep in mind when trying to find that perfect set to take your game to the next level and into your next tournament.

Consider Your Budget

Having an approximation in your head may drive you towards the brand new latest iron models. But bear in mind that you can often get more bang for your buck with recent club models found in used condition. Even the low priced “classics” can still have the technology you need at a very affordable price. 3 Balls actually specializes in top brand used clubs offered at a very good value, peek at our used irons to get an idea of the selection we have on any given day.

Evaluate Your Golf Game

It is important to make a realistic internal evaluation of your game. I have always loved forged blades. They are amazing to look at, and the feel they give off is unforgettable. There is only one problem: my game would not be suitable for a set like that. Determine if you are more suited for a game improvement set or perhaps a mid-handicap set. Enough good play with these sets may get you ready to make the jump to forged blades! If that’s something you aspire to.

Consider Set Make-Up

Set makeup is ultra-important nowadays. Not too long ago, most sets were simply 3-PW. Nowadays, there are tons of choices. As golfers, we are allowed 14 clubs in our bag; there is no need to have a 3 or 4 iron in the bag if you are not confident in hitting them. Find a set that comes 5-GW, or maybe even includes a couple of hybrids. Another possibility is an iron that may only have 5 or 6 clubs, but you can supplement your best golf travel bag down the line with a hybrid or an additional fairway wood. Some players like the link irons, but more and more, golfers report that a hybrid or fairway wood is easier to hit than 3, 4, or even the 5 iron. Most importantly, pick a set where you will be confident in hitting each club in your bag. To emphasize, there’s no problem with getting something like a used golf iron, and the quality will still be there!

Take Your Time Researching

Manufacturers put out a lot of information to help golfers learn about club technology. A lot of it is really helpful. Sometimes though, it can be tough to translate some of the marketing-enhanced languages. For instance, some manufacturers will provide a straightforward “Features and Benefits” section for every club they sell to help you understand the main attributes of a club in plain language. They also tend to include a “product wiki” section on a lot of clubs that will add consumer reviews and other information. Take your time poking around, and if you have any questions, we’re here for you, always come back for more clarification.

Learn More About The Best Irons

Just When Should You Buy a New Golf Iron?

Don’t you agree that this is a simple but important question to answer? If yes, keep reading to find out the right answer.

You will realize that getting a new set of irons is a very expensive investment that only dedicated golfers will make comfortably. Irons are not like drivers that you may change in a couple of years. Many golfers keep irons for a long period; thus, this decision has a serious impact on your fundamental golf game.

The modern manufacturers design irons to make golf easier and more fun with no stress when standing over the ball. So we recommend that you get yourself a new iron set immediately when you feel that the older ones are holding you back. You will enjoy and feel the difference when you think you have hit the ball wrongly, but still, it enters the green. Beginner golfers should consider getting a complete set of golf irons so they can begin practicing with all the variou types. If I were to choose between your best spikeless golf shoes and a full set of golf irons, the latter would have my nod. The same should be true for any golfer who is on a budget, and deciding between various tools and accessories to buy. Top ranked players have all those items, of course, packed in their golf cart bags since money is not the issue for them.

Most Forgiving Irons

The most forgiving golf irons will:

  • Have iron through to pitching wedge and probably sand wedge
  • Contain an offset hosel
  • Have a Cavity back
  • Contain a perimeter weighting

Talking of an iron’s forgiveness, we need to understand that the most basic idea is to have an iron that hits with a lot of ease, and cavity backs make the best choice. The three and four irons are immensely hard to hit, but we have found some hybrids and fairway woods that replace them and make your set as forgiving as possible.

How Can Forgiving Golf Irons Make You Enjoy More?

As a golfer, hitting as many greens as possible is always your dream. So, hitting many greens and doing so with a straighter shot will boost your confidence and make you enjoy golfing even more. You also love playing golf when you know where the ball will go. Therefore a set of forgiving tools specifically designed for your golf level may help you out. The irons will need to get the ball high into the air with less effort.

They will also need to be very forgiving on the mishits and land softly on the greens. As we said earlier, golf irons need to be very forgiving as it is with fairway woods and drivers. Golfers will tell you that it is very likely to miss the sweet spot. But the forgiving golf irons have been designed with large sweet spots so that your mishits while off center will still find the sweet spot. You, therefore, end up in or around the target green with that mishit rather than ending up across the fence or near a lake.

How Many Irons Should You Buy?

We touched on this topic earlier in this article but as we said, we are determined to get you the best info. Although the question might seem to be quite elementary, the truth is we need to know how many we should buy when we decide on a particular type to buy. The most common sets of irons are from a 4 through to a pitching wedge. The most skilled golfer might choose 3 to 9 irons to keep room for some specialist wedges.

Similarly, less experienced golfers or older ones might decide to choose 5 iron to SW keeping room for other utility clubs or even fairway woods in their best disc golf bag.

When Buying, Try First

In the modern days, one significant benefit of buying an iron is the manufacturer’s allowance to customers to try irons and visit demo days. Although we may not recommend this strongly enough, it is true to say unless you use it and see how it hits, you may not be sure you are buying the best iron set.

Visit Demo Days

These are the days when manufacturers offer all golfers the opportunity to try out all their newest accessories and ultimately get specifications and answer questions they may have. When you attend, you may end up getting the best golf iron for you.


It is true that however easy it might look to anybody on the television watching, getting the best golf iron takes effort. You need an acquired experience from reading articles as you have just done or visit demo days to end up getting the best ones. Therefore, we recommend that you take your time whenever you need to buy any golf accessory, may it be your best waterproof shoes or, more importantly, your irons.

Again, we hope this article has been of great value to you and that you are now ready to get yourself a new set of golf irons.


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