Graco DuetConnect Bouncer Reviews 

 April 26, 2022

By  Jacqui Cheng

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For the parent that wants their money to go a little further when purchasing their baby products, but doesn’t want to settle on quality or style, there isn’t much out there that can tick all the boxes. You might spend hundreds on just one item and find that your baby doesn’t even love it, leaving you stuck with a big unsightly toy or accessory that you now have no use for.

When shopping for your baby bouncer specifically, it can be a risky job when you consider that they might not even use it, and so thoughts of spending hundreds of dollars turn you off quickly. What you need, though, is a bouncer that can offer more than just one feature, but one with a trusted name so you know you’re getting a quality product for you and baby.


The Graco Duet Connect is both a bouncer and a swing, designed with the very best in mind to suit a range of different types of babies. Not only will it support your baby and give comfort as a bouncer, but it can quickly transform into a swing so that you get two products for the price of one and all with a trusted name behind it that promises quality and comfort.

About The Product

Graco is a premium manufacturer of baby toys, with a huge emphasis on products that can keep your baby safe and comfortable at the same time. Their Duet Connect Bouncer Swing can not only do this but give parents peace of mind that their baby is protected and having fun when they spend hours in their newfound favorite toy.

The Graco Duet Connect offers something completely different from other bouncers in that it can double as a baby swing, so rather than buying two separate products you can get them in the one package and from a premium brand such as Graco. This bouncer and swing set features:

  • Side to side swinging with five different settings
  • Holds up to 30 pounds of baby for prolonged use
  • Your choice of AC adaptor or battery operation
  • Five point safety harness and comfortable premium fabrics
  • Classical sounds and nature songs, as well as overhead toy bar

This bouncer and swing combination has all of the right features to keep your baby entertained, while offering them the ergonomic support that’s so crucial from birth. With a few added extras that you won’t find on other bouncers, you won’t be disappointed to spend a little more to enjoy the quality that is Graco.

The Good And The Bad

Depending on your baby and what they like, you might find that the side to side swinging that this bouncer does might upset them. Although some babies were settled by this motion, there were some reviews that stated their baby preferred and back and forth motion which meant they couldn’t use this portion of the bouncer.

Even without the swing, though, this is still a high-quality bouncer so the product wouldn’t be completely worthless.

Other than this feature, there’s not much else to complain about with the Graco Duet Connect. There are well thought out features to note, such as the ability to use either battery or AC adaptor to power it, which gives you far more options than the comparable bouncers and peace of mind that you’ll never have to be without it.


The size of the seat in this bouncer is far bigger than others on the market, and because the weight capacity goes up to 30 pounds you’ll be able to get a lot more use out of it as well. If you think you might want an extra six months from your bouncer or are your sure you’ll have a bigger bub, this is definitely one of the best choices for bouncer and swing.

Where To Buy

When you’re ready to add this swing and bouncer to your baby essentials, you’ll want to head to Amazon for the best price. Currently, you can get the Graco Duet Connect Bouncer and Swing for around [amazon fields="B07DCPNNJK" value="price"] which is far cheaper than shopping in the store and with a range of different sellers to choose from.

For this price, you’ll also receive free shipping straight to your door and for the members of Amazon Prime can get it in just days with their express option. This makes it a perfect choice if you found your last bouncer didn’t work with the baby and you want to upgrade to a premium product.

There’s a 12-month warranty offered by Graco on this product but for a few years of extra coverage, you can purchase an Amazon Protection Plan.


For just over [amazon fields="B07DCPNNJK" value="price"], you can get three additional years to cover you for mechanical and electrical faults, so essentially four years of coverage. This means you can have one swing and bouncer for this baby and any others you plan on having in the future too.

Final Verdict

If you want a little more bang for your buck when you purchase baby toys and products, but you still want a premium brand to make them, you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the Graco Duet Connect Baby Swing and Bouncer. This will help you to tick two items off your baby list, and you’ll have peace of mind that both are of the highest quality.

To give your baby the very best and most comfortable start in life, click here to purchase the Graco Duet Connect Baby Swing and Bouncer. Not only will your baby love it, but it will give you time to get other things done around the house or relax and enjoy connecting with your baby while they rock away gently.

Jacqui Cheng

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