Hayward MaxFlo Pool Pump Reviews 

 February 8, 2022

By  Tricia Hale

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Pool owners don’t like to mess around when it comes to finding the right equipment. Keeping your pool clean and functional is vital for your health and for your property. 

Damaged pumps and filtration systems can breed bacteria and lead to the damage and pollution of your pool. The CDC lists the importance of having the right chemicals circulating through your pool as it kills dangerous viruses and bacteria like Escherichia coli and Hepatitis A. 

That’s why having the best pump is important — it’s the beating heart of your pool. If it goes wrong, you’ll quickly notice. This article is an overview of the Hayward MaxFlo Pump for In-Ground Pools. We’ll look at what it features, what we think about the pump, and whether it’s a pump for you. 

Top Features

Hayward is one of the top sellers for pool pumps and other pool equipment. They’re an established, reputable manufacturer and provide a wide range of information, data sheets, and technical help for their products. Their website and datasheet list the MaxFlo SP2807X10 with a number of features: 

  • Performance and durability — Hayward describe their pumps as being durable, performable, and all at an exceptional value. 
  • Efficient — The motor is described as heavy duty, and the pump is described as ENERGY STAR certified, meaning you’re getting guaranteed energy efficiency.
  • Simple and robust design — The pump features “exclusive swing-away” hand knobs, which allow access to the strainer/basket.
  • Single speed — The model is advertised as having a maximum of 1.5 horsepower.
  • For in-ground pools — The MaxFlo is advertised as a pump specifically aimed towards in-ground pools.
  • Self-priming — The task of priming (starting up the pump) for the first time is handled entirely by the pump. 

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What We Like

The MaxFlo is a modest pump with simple construction, which means it’s also easy to install and run. There’s a lot to like about the pump if you’re the owner of a medium-sized in-ground pool. 

  • Strainer Section

One particularly annoying aspect about most pool pumps is the strainer cover. Sometimes you can’t see inside them to check if they need emptying, and sometimes they take enormous amounts of effort to get off. 

The MaxFlo wins in this area. Not only can you see inside to view the strainer, but accessing it doesn’t require huge amounts of twisting and effort to get the cap off. Instead, the cap is removed by two swing-away knobs that pull down to the side with an easy flick. You don’t have to worry a

  • Self-priming

Starting up a pump can be a chore and a problem if done incorrectly, especially if you’re new to installing pumps. 

Luckily, the MaxFlo has clear instructions on how to prime the pump, and it can take care of the process all by itself, even when eight inches above water level.

  • Pumping and Build

The pump works well, even above water level. Ultimately, you’re getting what you pay for with the power, but the quality and make of the pump isn’t flimsy and is very robust. It makes for an easy replacement for older pumps and can utilize the same supporting materials generally. The piping is installed easily and is airtight.

What We Don’t Like

The pump operates exceptionally, but there are two small points worth mentioning when it comes to the pump’s downfalls. 

  • Simple

The MaxFlo isn’t too complicated to use. Turn it on, and it does its job. For many people this is perfect, but for some others, they might expect more. This is subjective and varies from person to person.

Some pumps have nice displays that display horsepower and volume movement and can be digitally controlled (to alter settings such as when the pump turns on and the speed of the pump). 

These features are handy if you use your pool regularly and are looking for efficiency or flexibility. However, these additions come at an expensive price. The SuperFlo operates in single-speed mode and has none of these extra features.

  • Tricky Conversions

The wiring access panel is easy to get to; however, the wiring diagram isn’t the easiest to understand. If you’re looking to convert the electric motor from 230 volts to 115 volts, you might want to do some research online or ask a professional to organize this for you. For most people, this isn’t much of an issue anyway, but something worth noting. 

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Buying Advice

If you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective pool pump – the Hayward SP2807X10 MaxFlo Pump is perfect for you. There is no messing about when it comes to setting it up with speeds and settings. It’s a very plug and play type of pump and works wonderfully. Small and medium pool owners should consider this no-hassle pump. 

The excellent design of the basket/strainer section is a big win. Changing and cleaning your strainer is vital for the pump’s health, as blockages cause the life span to deteriorate. Seeing into the strainer and being able to easily access it is a big plus. If this is a feature you want, the MaxFlo is excellent. 

Check the Hayward site for the pump specifications and set-up information if you’re considering buying. The Hayward data sheets list any additional info you need to get started. 

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Finding a pump that meets your requirements isn’t an easy task with such a wide range to choose from. Hayward is well established as a supplier of pool equipment, so it’s hard to go wrong when you choose them. 

The Hayward MaxFlo Pump provides a fully functional and exceptionally powerful pump for a great price when compared to other pumps of similar caliber. When you’re looking for simplicity and functionality, this pump is a perfect balance of the two and one worth considering for in-ground pool owners.

Last update on 2022-09-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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