Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles Reviews 

 January 23, 2022

By  Jonathan Maxwell

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Trekking poles not only increase the average speed of walking but they also provide great knee support during hiking. Hence, they have now become crucial accessories for modern hikers. Good quality trekking poles make a trekking journey comfortable and smooth.

They are also sometimes used as an alternative to heavy tent poles since they comprise of extremely tough materials.

These accessories have become a necessity for walkers, backpackers, and trekkers. No day or night trip is complete without trekking poles. They offer great support and help trekkers to balance on uneven terrains.


Although, the market features hundreds of trekking poles with varying specs; not many products deliver the comfort and convenience of the Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles. The model is popular among avid hikers and backpackers thanks to incredible portability and a lightweight design.

You can adjust the poles conveniently using the lock. Simply flick it open so you can adjust it according to your requirements. After this, shut the lock to enhance safety.

These trekking poles are lightweight and collapsible and come with a low price tag. They benefit from a lightweight design since they are made out of pure carbon fiber and do not boast a combination of some carbon fiber and aluminum.

Without a doubt, these are one of the lightest yet strongest poles available in the market. Users can easily adjust the poles for trouble-free usage and storage.

The poles measure 24 inches when y fou collapse them fully Carbon fiber flexes more and offers additional shock absorption capabilities that you usually get out of aluminum shafts. Another great thing about the trekking poles is the natural cork grip handle that offers natural wicking abilities; thanks to its porous nature.

The cork also conforms to the shape of your hand over time. The poles have EVA foam grips under the handles to guarantee a smooth trekking experience even when the going gets steep.

The durable and tough tungsten carbide tips with rubber tips add more to the durability of the model. They are also interchangeable depending on the nature of each hiking adventure.

The Hiker Hunger trekking poles are great for year-round use. Another great thing is that they feature a variety of baskets that are suitable for all mountaineering, snowshoeing and hiking trips.

About The Product

These incredible trekking poles can be a great addition to your trekking gear. Here are a few notable features of the Hiker Hunger trekking poles to help every outdoor adventure.

Lightweight Design 

Users are delighted to note that each pole weighs merely 7.6 ounces. This feature means the pair weighs less than a pound. Hence, you get a light-weight pair that offers remarkable portability for a hassle-free trekking experience. 

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These trekking poles comprise 100% carbon fiber, a material known for its unbeatable durability. Not only this material offers incredible support during challenging hikes, but it also adds to the durability of these trekking poles. 

Moreover, carbon is lighter and contributes to a light-weight design. Although aluminum is durable, it adds a lot of weight to the poles.

If you don't want to opt for heavier trekking poles; these carbon fiber poles are a great alternative. 

Stronger Grip

There is nothing more than you want out of a reliable product than a comfortable and strong grip. This reason is why today’s brands pay close attention to producing ergonomically designed trekking poles.

The efficient cork grip not just wicks moisture but conforms to the shape of your hand. You get ultimate comfort and a secure grip along with a non-slip EVA foam grip for quick choke-ups on a steep territory.



Hikers know that adjustable trekking poles are more durable and simpler than other ones. These trekking poles feature a convenient flip lock facility that hikers can easily adjust or expand as per their needs. The poles are engineered to expand 24” to an impressive 54.” The best thing is that you can easily fold the trekking poles when you are not using them.

What Others Are Saying

It is a hugely popular product that enjoys a lot of good reviews with an impressive rating score on Amazon. Many customers have shared their positive experiences with the Hiker Hunger trekking poles. Not only hikers love the pair for its tough and light-weight design; they also consider it a great product for the money.

A few customers who previously suffered from knee discomfort during or after a long hike have also reported significant improvements after switching to these trekking poles. Older adults and people who like to trek on steep terrains highly recommend the pair to all daring hiking enthusiasts.

Buyers also like the adjustability feature of the poles. Since you can easily adjust the length from 24" to 54," you can make accurate adjustments according to your individual needs.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a functional pair of trekking poles that offers durability, great support and never disappoints on steep trekking adventures; this fantastic set of trekking poles is a great addition to your trekking gear.

The incredible pair comprises of 100% carbon fiber. Being adjustable, light-weight and durable; these are one of the best trekking poles you can find for this price. The pair also features a secure lock mechanism so you can safely store it in your backpack when you don’t need to use it. 

You can order the Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles for just around [amazon fields="B01C60REBO" value="price"] from Amazon to get free shipping on each purchase.

Final Verdict

Trekking poles are great investments when you make the right purchase. If you are tired of using a low-quality pair of trekking poles or looking to buy some great quality trekking poles; these Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are designed to suit the needs of today’s most demanding trekkers.


You get ultimate comfort, impressive durability, and a comfortable grip; all packed in a single pair.

The model comes with a reliable 1-year warranty and is suitable for people who have experienced injuries in the past and senior citizens.

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