Ike & Leo Teething Toys Reviews 

 August 15, 2021

By  Jacqui Cheng

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The teething period is when the baby becomes fussier and irritable and if you do not know how to handle this period efficiently then it can turn out to be quite challenging both for you and your baby. However, this should not alarm you because we got you. We deal with Baby Infant and Toddler teethers that have a Pacifier Clip. This product will help soothe the gums of your baby as he or she chews on it. 

This article will give you all the necessary information you require before making any decision.  

Product Features

  • Safe for children: Ike & Leo Teething Toys are meant for use by small babies and so our products are designed for be use by children. One imperative thing you need to know about Ike & Leo Teething Toys is that its products are manufactured by a family company. Most of the employees and employers in our company have either had babies, have them at the moment or are yet to. Therefore, the products we manufacture are the ones we use with our children because we are certain of the health safety standards that our teething products have. Ike & Leo Teething Toys are approved by the FDA having being graded as food-grade silicone. Our teethers are free from PVC, BPA, along with other harmful soluble metals. Additionally, our products have a relatively optimal size such that children can hold them but it is still simultaneously large for a baby to chock or gag on it.  
  • Ergonomic: the unique features and design associated with our product make it stand out. Ike & Leo Teething Toys are wittily designed to provide an absolute soothing effect for children during this challenging period. The material that children chew on is food grade silicone. It is made up of a soft and tender material that is optimal to provide a soothing feeling for children gums. This helps the child to feel stimulated instead of throwing tantrums because of the pain experienced during this period. We all know that babies like to throw thing regularly. In response to this behavior, Ike & Leo Teething Toys have a pacifier clip that will prevent the baby from dropping it. This feature is also based on the school of thought that supports high levels of hygiene in babies. This is in addition to the ease of cleaning this teething toy. 
  • 100% Guarantee: Ike & Leo Teething Toys are carefully crafted to provide the utmost feel. Its product manufacturers have so much faith in it that they are always ready to give back every penny for every dissatisfied customer. So do not fret because purchasing Ike & Leo Teething Toys will not be a loss whatsoever. 
  • Durable: Ike & Leo Teething Toys are made of durable material to ensure longevity. It is worth every penny purchase.
  • Multi-Surfaced: Ike & Leo Teething Toys have multiple surfaces which are textured differently. This keeps the baby entertained and smiling at all times. The colors often used are bright ones which help to lift a baby's moods.

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Product Description

  • Product Weight: 3.36 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.6 x 3 x 1.5 inches
  • UPC: 646437957069
  • Batteries required: No

Review commentaries from consumers

 The general rating of Ike & Leo Teething Toys is 4.6 out of the possible five stars. The majority of these votes gave Ike & Leo Teething Toys a five-star rating. The percentage of reviewers that did so amount to 83% of the total reviews. This is proof of the utility and superior service offered by Ike & Leo Teething Toys. 

We will highlight a few positive comments and few negative ones made regarding these toys. 

The positive rating of Ike & Leo Teething Toys mostly refers to its ergonomic nature. The design of these toys is optimal. It is rated as a very good size for children to use and play with. The pacifier clip is very efficient especially for the more active babies. Moreover, Ike & Leo Teething Toys are dishwasher friendly which makes it very convenient for the majority of people as per the analysis of the reviews. 


Some of the complaints made were about the clips. In several occasions, it was delivered while broken. Secondly, some of the teethers are said to be scented while this information is not stated in the product description. These two issues are the most prevalent. However, they should not be a cause for alarm because for every concern Ike & Leo Teething Toys are ready to send a replacement and if need be, you will be given back your money. 

So what do you have to lose anyway?   

Warts and all, it is crystal clear that Ike & Leo Teething Toys are worth considering. 

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