Imperia Model 190 Pasta Maker Reviews 

 July 9, 2022

By  Jacqui Cheng

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Few foods possess a tenth of the rich history and cultural significance that pasta has. Around the world, it is renowned as both a symbol and a cornerstone of Italian cuisine found everywhere from American family homes to south American restaurants to the dining room of the Pope himself.

If your doctor has urged you to change your diet, so it includes more fruits and vegetables, you should throw away all your pasta boxes and make way for a pasta maker.

Few people know that pasta doesn't have to be an unhealthy meal, it is substantially healthier when you remove the overloads of sodium that most mass producers include.

With the use of a home pasta machine, you will be able to effectively and with an artisan's ease craft delicious, pasta that will impress. There is a myriad of choices, but we will focus on the Imperia Pasta Maker for its durability and cost effectiveness without sacrificing design.

Imperia Pasta Maker Details

The Imperia Pasta Maker is a product crafted by CucinaPro, one of the longest lasting pasta machine producers in the world. Every one of their products come with an equally long lasting guarantee that assures a level of quality and consistency with every batch of pasta it makes.


  • Compact Dimensions For Easy Storage: 9 x 9 x 6
  • Easy To Adjust Product Weight Of One Pound
  • Light Delivery Weight: 6.3 Pounds
  • Designed & Manufactured in Italy
  • Can Both Cut Sheets Or Roll Dough Quickly
  • Comes With A Pasta Safety Guarantee

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Who Is CucinaPro

Cucina Pro is a company that specializes in building and delivering the best products for every level of a chef or cuisine aficionado. They produce a range of products that make even the most sophisticated dishes a smooth operation.

What’s The Design

Unknown to a lot of buyers is that CucinaPro produces two Imperia Pasta Maker models whose defining feature that differentiates the two is that one has a maximum width of 150-millimeters while this Imperia Pasta Maker has a maximum width of 190-millimeters.

The increased width of Imperia 190 Pasta Maker makes room for a more user-friendly machine that’s even safe for children to use. In fact, you’ll save money in the long run since this pasta maker doesn’t require the separate purchase of additional pasta shape cutters to make basic pasta shapes.

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Insider Thoughts

There's a lot that can be said of the Imperia Pasta Maker. It's quite different from not only other models of pasta makers, but it is different from another pasta maker produced by the same company.

The other model, the 150, is the main center point, as it makes it easy to turn dough into flat pieces. To fully make pasta, however, it requires you to purchase additional pieces and other things that make it harder just to get things rolling when you are just trying to make dinner.

For those that want to save time, it makes more sense to pick up the 190 model because it takes care of everything that you would need it to.

The reason is that the actual pasta slicing piece is already present, so you don't have to deal with any other purchases. The caveat is that because the model 190 already has the slicing mechanism, that's all that it can do.

The main point of the 190 model is to make simple noodle dishes or ones that don't require a myriad of shaped cuts. If you plan to focus on mainly fettuccine based dishes, the 190 is perfect, and it's more cost efficient than the 150.

If you need more flexibility to make more varieties of pasta, consider the 150 and its add-ons, but the model 190 Imperia pasta maker gets the job done.


  • Lasts As Long As Fifteen Yearsint 1
  • Great Price Point
  • Reliable Brand
  • Useful For More Than Just Pasta


  • The Handle Can Fly OffPoint 1
  • The Machine Slides On The Counter
  • Limited Types Of Pasta

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Buyer Advice

As mentioned before, the model 190 Imperia Pasta Maker is a solid choice. It's one of the longest lasting products of its type with some owners having had theirs for over thirty years. At the price point, it's one of the better-priced pasta makers of its kind on the market without being made of cheap aluminum or other easy to bend metals.

The only things of the cons that stick with customers were the fact that the handle can fly off when using and that's just if the machine isn't mounted stably. The one way to get around that is by using it slowly and carefully and by holding one hand on the device while it's rotating.

If the problem itself is the fact that the machine is sliding on the counter beyond your control, simply take a wet towel and place it under the machine so that it will be held in place.

The warranty makes it an even better purchase so that if anything goes wrong, it's easy to replace though it seldom happens. It's important when buying pasta makers to only buy from reputable sources so that you don't get a cheap knock off that can break down or worse lead to injury.

Be sure to thoroughly check your product when it's delivered before you use it to ensure its in working order without any damages.

Where Can I Buy

The only place to pick up the Imperia Pasta Maker at the best price while getting filled on the finer details is from Amazon.com. Unlike other options, they have the cheapest, fastest delivery that won't leave your product damaged before it reaches home or your restaurant.

Final Verdict

The Imperia Pasta Maker is one of a kind, even if there is more than one model. Each produces pasta from the first day through the thousandth that is perfectly cut without sacrificing time and energy. Everyone that enjoys delectable Italian dishes should have a pasta maker to see the difference not only in flavor but health.

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Jacqui Cheng

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