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February 12, 2020

PX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Reviews

A look into the IPX7 Shower Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for your activities. You can take it with you at the pool as this speaker features great water resistance. So you enjoy a day swimming with your friends and listening to your favorite music right next to you.

Thanks to its high-quality design and water-resistant materials, you can even submerge the device underwater! Check out its main features below.

What the product includes

  • One Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • One USB Cable (to charge it)

Best Characteristics

  • 100% resistant to water:  This device is the perfect model for carrying with you to both indoor and outdoor places that have water. Thanks to IP67 water resistance, it can be immersed three feet under the water for around half an hour without any problems.
  • Amazing design: This speaker is designed to flow on the water and accompany you on your best adventures. Play your favorite wherever you go! No more worries about getting damaged with water.
  • Advanced technology: the shower speaker provides a complete stereo bass sound.
  • Powerful sound quality: This device features great volume levels, providing a unique sound and music experience. It can even read Micro SD or support TF Card playing. The sound is high-quality and includes deep bass.
  • Wide Bluetooth range: listen to anything you want for eight endless hours on a relatively high volume! This shower speaker can cover a Bluetooth area of around 100 feet. 

How to connect the Bluetooth speaker 

Pairing the wireless speaker with your phone is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. First, turn on the Bluetooth speaker.
  2. Then, get Bluetooth activated on your phone. You can do this under Settings.
  3. Once Bluetooth is activated, search for the name of the device in the list that appears next. (the list features all the available devices to pair with)
  4. Finally, click the name selected. Wait a few seconds and you’ll successfully pair the speaker with your phone! You’re ready to use it!

Get your new set of shower speakers now!

Speakers with Bluetooth technology are one of the most common gadgets used on a daily basis. Given its wireless characteristic, you don’t have to worry about any cable bothering you around. They are easy and very practical to use.

So, stop thinking about what shower speaker to purchase! Here you have the best option for you. It will truly offer a unique sound and music experience. In terms of convenience and features, this product is highly recommendable.

The Bluetooth speaker is practical to use and to carry. Its design offers high-quality sound and an attractive style that will impress all your friends. And don’t forget it withstands moisture! So you can sing to your favorite songs while taking a shower at home or wherever you want!

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