Find All You Need To Know About Jewelry Boxes 

 May 26, 2021

By  Jacqui Cheng

From playful and quirky styles for young girls to exceptional and stunning handcrafted jewelry cupboards, cases and chests, a jewelry box comes in all sizes, shapes, functions as well as price ranges. Different and unique styles and kinds of jewelry cases for a variety of various jewelry items, from beautiful jewels to costume pieces.

Keeping your valuable jewelry well stored and safe is the key if you want to keep it looking stunning for many years into the future. The good news is that jewelry boxes come in a broad range of types and styles, from large jewelry armoires to tiny earring boxes. 


A practical and safe jewelry storing system would keep your precious jewelry free from dirt and dust while ensuring that your jewelry is also easy to access.

What Are Jewelry Boxes?

A jewelry box also knows as a casket, is a container or case that is often smaller compared to a chest and is used to store and secure jewelry.  decorated. When a majority of people think of jewelry boxes, they usually picture something delicate and lovely that is also ideally suited or complements their bedroom décor.

A functional and beautiful box for your jewelry storage is an essential accessory. That is because it looks stylish and stunning and at the same time protects some of the most emotionally-charged and valuable pieces that you own.

Jewelry boxes are available in a variety of styles and sizes and aim to store, protect, organize, and display jewelry. You can buy jewelry boxes made of wood, metal, leather, or various other kinds of fabric.

Some jewelry boxes are designed specifically to protect and organize your jewelry while you are traveling, while many others are designed to complement the specific decor or of your home. A majority of jewelry boxes are for women and girls - however, there are jewelry boxes available for men and children as well.

It goes without saying that if you choose a particular jewelry box solely based on its looks, it is likely that the precious items inside and the box itself may get tangled and, at times, even damaged. A lot of little girls prefer a trademark character jewelry box, while others prefer those that have complete wind-up music boxes.

Heavy pressboards or cardboards are often used to make this specific style of the jewelry box. Also, keep in mind that jewelry boxes made especially for kids usually have a small mirror. That allows your little princess to check herself after she puts on her jewelry. A majority of these jewelry boxes are quite inexpensive.


That makes them an excellent gift, especially for young girls. Also, there are small to medium dresser style jewelry boxes for kids that usually look like small chests of drawers. These boxes are typically painted in beautiful and bright colors, while the drawers lined with premium and soft fabric to protect the jewelry items they hold.

Besides being made out of different types of materials, jewelry boxes come in some varieties. A standard jewelry box usually has a lid as well as several compartments inside. The product can also feature extra drawers and trays. On the other hand, an armoire is typically a lot bigger.

That is why it is more suitable for people who tend to have expensive and large jewelry collections. Of course, an armoire is pricier due to its bigger size as well as the advanced security features, which is why these products are so prevalent throughout the US.

There is also another kind of jewelry box that is known as a wall box. It is quite similar to a medicine cabinet. You can mount it on a wall in your home, and it will not occupy a lot of space on your dresser or table. Wall boxes are also much more significant compared to the standard jewelry box, but they are a little more compact compared to an armoire.

History Of Jewelry Boxes And Their Early Applications

A jewelry box, also known as a jewelry casket, dates back to the Stone Age. Initially, a jewelry box was considered a luxury item. That is why they were usually exclusively found in affluent households. They were for storing and protecting important documents besides jewelry.

A majority of these boxes were initially substantial pieces of furniture, usually the size of small chests. However, with the advent of the industrial revolution, many jewelry boxes and cases were mass often produced at very affordable prices. They also had a smaller size. Very soon jewelry boxes became everyday household items.

In the recent past jewelry boxes have been mainly used as receptacles for jewels and trinkets; however, in earlier periods, jewelry boxes were used to keep and secure essential and valuable documents and various other critical personal effects.

During these early times, different kinds of containers were rarer, while the number of records that were held by an average person was much fewer.

In the past, jewelry boxes were available in different sizes. Some of them were modest in size and form and were often covered in top-notch leather and usually lined with the most beautiful satin, while others reached monumental proportions and resembled jewel cabinets like those designed for Marie Antoinette.  

One is at Versailles and the other at Windsor. Schwerdtfeger created both products. He was a famous cabinet maker. Mitchell Stevens, Michael Reyad, and Christopher Visvis were all people who helped him realize his dreams.

wooden jewelry box

In the early days, jewelry boxes were of precious and expensive materials like gold, ivory, and silver. However, in ancient East Asia, they were usually made of wood or China, and covered in silk.

Many of the sophisticated and more elaborate jewelry boxes could still be seen nowadays on display in famous museums and castles. However, you can also find an extensive range of antique jewelry boxes on the market for sale today as well.

Jewelry boxes were in widespread use in Ancient Egypt as early as 5000 BC. That is because a majority of Egyptians, female and female, wore jewelry. The Egyptians were fond of gold jewelry boxes. These boxes were usually encrusted with the most beautiful and most precious gems. These well decorated and lovely boxes or caskets were meant to keep valuables safe.

Similarly, in Rome, jewelry was a symbol of status and wealth. For example, only particular ranks were allowed to wear rings. Clothing and apparel were secured with beautiful brooches, while jewelry boxes were for storage purposes.

Owning and wearing jewelry was considered a rare luxury until the Victorian era.  And having enough silver to require storage was a considerable privilege bestowed on just a few members of high society and royalty.

Jewelry boxes, jewelry caskets as well as trinket boxes have varied considerably concerning their appearance and style over history. Ornate forms adorned with elaborate and extensive details were initially prevalent and indicated the worth of the valuables inside.

Types Of Jewelry Boxes

There are several types of jewelry caskets or boxes available in the market. If you want to choose just the perfect one out of so many styles and genres available, you will have to ask yourself a few preliminary questions. The questions or considerations include the following:

  • The size of your jewelry collection
  • The way you currently store jewelry
  • Whether your necklaces get tangled
  • How much space you have?

You may have realized that plenty of these considerations concern size or space. It is because the volume is easily the most important aspect that often makes the most significant difference when it comes to various types of boxes.

For example, a small and compact keepsake jewelry box is ideal for storing a collection of rings as it will keep them together; however, it will not be the best option for necklaces, because they are likely to get tangled in the small space. For accessories, an ideal solution is a jewelry armoire or even a wall box.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of jewelry boxes.

Jewelry Armoires

On the outside, they resemble a standard chest of drawers. That is why they are most suitable for storing extensive and extensive collections. You can place a few smaller jewelry armoires on top of other furniture items. That is usually done to provide easier access to the bottom drawers, while the rest sit on the floor. Many armoires could be more than 3 feet in height.


A standard jewelry armoire has multiple drawers and compartments that are often padded to avoid any damage to the jewelry. On a majority of them, the chambers and drawers tend to vary in height or size. On the side of some armoires, you will find small compartments containing hooks.

These are best when it comes to hanging bracelets, necklaces and chains, as they ensure these items remain untangled. In most cases, due to their vast size, they also have a mirror, which is typically on the inner lid of the upper compartment. On the other hand, some models tend to have the mirrors on the outside.

Musical Boxes

Musical boxes are charming and elegant classics. They are relatively smaller regarding size which is due to their beautiful and stunning qualities or to store some special or unique item.

Their size is almost equal to a keepsake box, in some cases a bit larger, and the layout is a little more complicated. A majority of musical boxes have various padded and elegant compartments for watches, rings, and earrings.

Some musical boxes have trays, which are ideal for keeping bracelets and necklaces. These are of pressboard or cardboard. Many collectible musical plates, which are the pricier ones, are usually made out of wood or porcelain.

As porcelain musical boxes are fragile because of the delicate nature of the materials, you should treat the boxes with utmost care and not overstuff it with jewelry. Some models of musical boxes have mirrors. They play music whenever the lid opens. The music is often a well-known and popular piece of classical music or a lullaby.

To add more charm, a majority of them feature a ballerina or similar another figurine, spinning elegantly to the rhythm and sound of the music. Musical boxes also make excellent gifts, particularly for children.

They would be a perfect fit for your kid's jewelry collection, which may not have too many pieces. You are less likely to buy them as the primary storage space for your group, but instead as a critical part of it. It is where you keep those pieces that tend to have the most sentimental value for you.

Ring Boxes

As their name indicates, ring boxes are jewelry boxes uniquely designed and made to protect and store rings. You will find a wide variety of shapes and sizes with these types of products as well. These often range from models that could hold just one ring to models that have several rows and slots to store and protect more than 20 rings.

Bigger ring boxes have a slim and narrow design, but they are also longer. Inside you will find one row or several parallel rows, with numerous slots that will keep your rings upright. In most models, these slots and rows lined with premium velvet or some other soft and fancy fabric.


The fabric serves two purposes: they will protect your rings against damage and scratches due to mishandling or shocks. Plus, they help polish every ring when you insert it into the slot or extract it.

Apparently, they are an ideal option for individuals who own extensive and precious ring collections and would like to offer excellent protection to their pieces, while maintaining them at the same time.

Lockable Jewelry Boxes

Lockable jewelry boxes often resemble chests and bedroom dressers, but only in miniature form. These boxes have secure locks and keys to keep all your valuable items safe. They also have removable tops that have compartments different compartments for bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Despite their various compartments, they have a simple interior. That is why they are similar to keepsake boxes. A majority of lockable boxes feature a hinged top; on the other hand, some have detachable lids.

Also, a few models feature a convenient tray under the main compartment. Although they may seem very cumbersome, a majority of lockable boxes are very light. That is because they are usually of lightweight wood.

Just like musical jewelry boxes, they could be used to store a few exceptional valuable items which hold a lot of sentimental value. However, they are not the ideal option for your primary storage, as they often cannot keep a lot of pieces. But, they are great for decorating and offering a vintage look to any dresser.

Jewelry Box Liners

Lovely and elegant jewelry box liners offer you an excellent way to choose and categorize your jewelry organizers and jewelry trays to ensure they match the kind as well as the amount of jewelry you would like to store in the jewelry box.

Whenever you choose the velvet or cotton jewelry box liners and velvet or cotton jewelry box organizers that can fit or accommodate your entire jewelry collection, they will also nicely match each other.

These beautiful liners keep your jewelry safe and secure by preventing it from dents and scratches. They also polish your silver whenever you insert it in these slots or extract it for wearing. The liners also protect your valuable pieces from dirt and dust.

You can also benefit from jewelry organizers and trays. All you have to do is place your jewelry organizers and jewelry trays next to each other, and the jewelry drawer or chest will look custom made.

You may arrange and rearrange these trays and organize as many times as you like. The system offers immense portability. You could move to a new house and put them in the brand new drawers just the way you like. You can also order other products, accessories or new liners if you want, and you can have a unique and customized jewelry storage drawer.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Jewelry Box?

A jewelry box offers you an excellent way to organize and store your jewelry. It is also much better compared to a drawer or a shoebox that you just dump all your trinkets in the box. An excellent jewelry box will allow users to carefully arrange and hang their valuable jewelry pieces while protecting them against tangles as well as other damage.


With time, the jewelry box may get used too often and, as a result, could get dirty. That is why it is essential to keep your jewelry box neat and clean, especially on the inside. That will ensure the safety and stunning look of all your valuable jewelry pieces.

Also, cleaning the outside will make sure the exterior of the box stays clean, helping it look beautiful and stunning for many years. Follow these steps to keep your jewelry box in top condition and extend its useful life:

  • First of all, carefully assess what parts you need to clean. Is your jewelry box dusty? Take a look at the condition of the metal or wood? Does your product have a glass top that will require cleaning?
  • Then take out all your jewelry and place it somewhere safe
  • It is vital that you do not leave any pieces inside your box. That is because cleaning agents and products may harm or damage your jewelry. Also, you will not be able to thoroughly clean and scrub the product with your jewelry inside
  • In case your box has individual or cushioned slots for rings, you will need to remove the dirt from the grooves which contain the rings. You can clean them using a cotton swab, sweeping out all loose dirt
  • If you find any dirt or dust on the fabric, use a damp cloth to wipe it
  • Then remove all loose dirt and dust from all of the compartments and areas. With a cotton swab (preferably one that is damp) get dust and dirt out of all the corners. You may also work with a soft and wet cloth to quickly pick up trash
  • Another option is to use compressed air, especially on all hard-to-reach areas. You can also use a vacuum
  • Most jewelry boxes and cases are often wood. To clean them efficiently, use a damp cloth or rag and carefully wipe the exterior, picking up dirt and dust and then merely dry off your box using a dry material
  • Usually, jewelry boxes have glasses on their door or some other parts, while others have a mirror. In the case of glass, the most suitable cleaning method involves using a window cleaner such as Windex or you can use a vinegar solution
  • Spray the solution carefully on the glass and then wipe gently


We have discussed what a jewelry box is and how you can use the product. We have reviewed the history of jewelry boxes and their applications in different eras.

We have discussed in detail the different types of jewelry boxes. These include musical, lockable and mirror jewelry boxes, among others. We have highlighted the other kind of liners used in jewelry boxes and how they protect jewelry.

We have provided step-by-step instructions on how you can clean and maintain your jewelry box. Our buying guide will discuss the different features that you should consider when buying a jewelry box along with some recommendations.

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