JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table Reviews 

 August 20, 2020


Inside 15 Table, JOOLA Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table with Quick Clamp Ping Pong Net and Post Set - 10 Minute Easy Assembly - Ping Pong Table with Single Player Playback Mode
  • JOOLA - AN OLYMPIC TABLE TENNIS BRAND TRUSTED FOR 60+ YEARS: Launched in the 1950s, JOOLA has been the proud sponsor of the biggest tournaments in the world, Including the Olympics, World Championships, and US Open. Equipment designed for all levels.
  • 15mm MDF SURFACE TOURNAMENT QUALITY AT HOME: The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is a competition grade, regulation size indoor ping pong table, perfect for playing in your home, office, or recreation center.
  • EASY AND QUICK ASSEMBLY: Set up this top-performing table tennis table in approximately 10 minutes out of the box. The tournament-grade regulation size 72" ping pong net set has a convenient clamp system for quickly attaching and removing from the table.
  • SAFE, MOBILE, COMPACT STORAGE: The 2 halves and 3" lockable wheels and casters makes this ping pong table easy to roll and move around when not in use. Does not include ping pong paddles.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: JOOLA listens and learns from your feedback to create top of the line quality table tennis equipment for kids & adults. If you're not 100% satisfied or have product suggestions our customer service team is available to help.

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JOOLA is a well-recognized and world leading expert in table tennis equipment, and has been for the last 50 years.

The most famous equipment sold by JOOLA are their ping pong tables, which are used in the USA Table Tennis Championships, the US Open, and the US Nationals. JOOLA have even provided ping pong tables for the Olympics in 1996, 2000 and 2004.

Playing Table Tennis On Joola Inside Table

So, when you’re looking at a JOOLA table, you know for sure that you have a table tennis table of high quality.

What We Like

This inside ping pong table by JOOLA is a brilliant starter table for beginner players. Before long, you’ll start playing like a champion too!

Easy Assembly

All the reviewers agree on one thing: the JOOLA inside ping pong table is extremely easy to assemble. There’s only 8 bolts to screw in. It cannot possibly get any simpler than that!

It comes mostly pre-assembled so there’s none of the horrors that’s usually associated with assembling ping pong tables of a similar price range.The average length of time for many reviewers to complete assembly is around 20 minutes.

The pieces are quite heavy though, so despite the fact that the task is simple, it may be best to have two people involved in the setting up process.

The two individual table halves do not attach together, unlike what some reviewers were led to believe. All you need to do is put the two halves next to each other, add the net on top and play.

Good Playing Surface

Easy assembly is important but let’s not forget that the most important feature of ping pong table is the playing surface itself.

This JOOLA ping pong table is about 15 mm thick, which is the minimum thickness table you should purchase if you wish to play games with a decent amount of bounce of the ping pong ball.

JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table In Living Room

However, unlike most thin surfaced ping pong tables, the JOOLA ping pong table top is crafted from professional MDF grade wood composite. This gives a good amount of bounce, with all bounces being consistent, similar to ping pong tables with surfaces of greater thickness.

JOOLA’s attention to detail when it comes to table design has allowed them to produce a high quality table for a much cheaper price than most other manufacturers. Additional support is provided for your ping pong table in the form of a 1.5 inch resin apron around the edges.


The JOOLA inside ping pong table is easy to roll around and store. Reviewers love how little storage space the ping pong table requires. The ping pong table also comes in two halves. This carries a lot of advantages.

You’re essentially moving half the table each time instead of the whole table. So, effort only needs to be expended in moving half the weight of the entire table. This is great because now you only need one person to move the ping pong table.

The dual locking devices provides safety and stability to your table halves while they are being transported and also in storage.

Each table half has 4 locking caster wheels, giving maximum stability when you’re wheeling the table around. Furthermore, since the table halves are not connected to each other in any way, the locking wheels stops the table moving around while you are playing.


According to reviews, the best advantage that comes with the JOOLA ping pong table is its flexibility. It can be easily moved out of the way when not in use. Each table half can be used as an individual table.

JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table Net

The table legs come with adjustable height levelers, so you can play ping pong on an uneven ground surface.


The strong powder-coated metal frame and 1.5 inch diameter steel legs provide much stability to the JOOLA ping pong table.

According to many reviews, no one has had issues with the ping pong table frame collapsing when it is being used appropriately. Treat this table tennis table well and you can expect to use it well into the future.

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What We Don’t Like

The 15 mm thick playing surface is really only suitable for beginners and casual players. If you’re an advanced player, there’s still no reason to worry!


JOOLA makes the same model but in different thicknesses of the table surface so you can find one that suits you. This model comes in 15 mm, 18 mm and 25 mm thicknesses.

Unfortunately, that does mean you will have to pay more (since really, you’re paying for a lot more wood).

Buying advice

At around $360.10, the JOOLA inside table tennis table is a great price for a first time purchase. It’ll be difficult to find another ping pong table of the same quality at this low price. As mentioned earlier, this table is best suited to beginners and recreational use.

If you’re an advanced player, or looking for a ping pong table you can practice on for tournaments, there is the option of buying one of the thicker table tops. However these are very expensive and it may be worth looking around and considering all your options first.


Overall, the JOOLA inside ping pong table is perfect for casual play and beginners; you won’t find better quality for a better price anywhere.

JOOLA packed as many essential features required to build a new champion in this basic indoor ping pong table as possible. This allows you to focus on making amazing plays, rather than worrying about the quality of your ping pong table.

Designed to last, this ping pong table will serve as a great companion during your early years in the game while you’re honing your skills. The sooner you get started, the better!


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