Kelo-Cote Scar Gel Tube Reviews 

 December 26, 2020

By  Jacqui Cheng

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Scars are naturally occurring parts of being a human. Though they are stigmatized, it is something that is nearly unavoidable and is a cause of stress for many people. They usually occur after an incident where the skin is pierced or broken.

Scars can build post surgery, typically where the surgeon made an incision. They can also form once a wound or cut begins to heal. Scars also come in the form of raised bumps and patches of discoloration.


Sometimes, scars are caused by acne bumps or picking at the skin. Other times they can be caused by burns or other skin-damaging events.

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About The Product

Some people are just scar-prone, which means that their skin may scar at even the slightest injury. Some people can scar after scratches, bruises, or bug bites. Some scar after piercings or being in the sun for too long.

Scars tend to be fairly permanent, although they sometimes fade. Otherwise, getting rid of them can be pretty hard, unless you have thousands of dollars to drop on procedure at a clinic.

Because of this, scars can cause insecurities, low-self esteem, annoyance, or other issues. Scars can also be irritated, itchy, or they may change frequently.

However, there are some alternatives on the market that are designed to help remove scars. Specially formulated scar creams and gels help lighten, soften, and fade scars while restoring the original area of skin.


A cream that many people rave about is the Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube. It is well reviewed with high ratings. This cream sells for about [amazon fields="B002FQJFQW" value="price"], which is pretty affordable in comparison to many other scar creams on the current market.

The Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube truly lightens scars after just a few weeks or less of usage. It helps fade discoloration, remove redness, and restore the skin to its natural color and texture.

This scar gel also helps flatten scars that have been raised into bumps, lumps, and other formations.

Another fantastic usage of this gel is for stretch marks. This gel is great for stretch marks anywhere on the body—stomach, legs, arms, chest, etc.

This product lasts a long time because a little truly goes a long way. That makes this product very cost effective for the consumer.


  • Flexible
  • Odorless
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Reduces redness
  • Dries rapidly
  • Protective silicone
  • Hydrating
  • Flattens scars
  • Restores skin

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Who Can Benefit?

People with raised bumps and scars will take advantage of this purchase because it will help to soften the raised bumps and restore the normal skin texture.

Individuals who have stretch marks will benefit from buying the Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube. Stretch marks are one of the most difficult scars to treat, especially since they usually don't come alone. Finding a gel to repair stretch marks is hard, but this one does it.

Anyone who has just completed a surgery will enjoy this purchase because it will help stop scars from forming and growing over the surgical incision. This cream is loved and approved by physicians, so it is perfect for the use of surgery scars.

People with scar-prone skin will need this product because it will help restore the skin to how it should be. The ingredients in this formula help protect the skin, which will prevent pesky scars from building.


The Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube, like some other scar treatments, uses silicone as one of its ingredients. The silicone acts as a protective barrier between the skin and outside forces.

Once applied, the Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube creates a silicone gel sheet over the scar area. This helps moisturize the skin and lock in the moisture to the targeted area. The silicone also allows oxygen to enter, maintaining the maximum level of oxygen needed for healing.


What this does is keep a certain moisture balance of the skin while adding elasticity to the surface. This will help the skin fight against the scar and soften or flatten the scar. It will also help prevent scars like keloids.

This gel is proven to reduce redness, discoloration, itching, bumpiness, and more resulting from scars. It is designed to treat all different kinds of scars: burns, stretch marks, trauma, surgery, incisions, and more.


The Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube is a lightweight gel that absorbs into the skin’s first layer. It is extremely hydrating, and as a bonus, it feels very cool and refreshing.

This bottle has a whopping 60 grams of gel. The plus side is that a little bit goes a very long way.

This gel comes in a tube. All you do is twist off the cap and squeeze product out onto your finger.


The Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube is very convenient for users because it is simple and requires minimal time and effort during usage. All you have to do is apply and let it dry!

Another convenience point of this gel is that you get a lot for your money. Essentially, you pay about $1.40 per gram, which is relatively inexpensive. This makes the purchase very cost effective since a little goes a long way. This product will last a long time.

What Others Say

The Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube is a professional scar healing gel that works. It is a great product to try for people who have scars or scar prone skin.


Use the Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube after surgeries and injuries to help prevent forming keloids and hypertrophic scars.

Apply this product as regularly as possible so that you can see results quickly.

Buying Advice

The Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube is a potent gel that will help individuals who want to heal their scars and restore their skin.

The best place to make this purchase is Amazon. Amazon provides convenient shipping.

Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend buying the Kelo-Cote Scar Gel 60 Gram Tube. It is efficient, and it gets the job done.

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Jacqui Cheng

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