Kidde I12060 Smoke Detector Reviews 

 June 7, 2021

By  Jacqui

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Whether you're a proud homeowner or soon to be one, you undoubtedly have a few precious assets that you want to keep safe.

There's also a family that you cherish and want to take care of, and these factors make it crucial that you have a well-planned system of safety measures installed in your home. Fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, and a 72-hour emergency kit are all a part of your effort, but there's more than you need.

About The Product

Of all the safety features that you could incorporate into your home, a reliable smoke alarm is one of them. Even though you’ve thought about it, the dreaded situation of having it sound an alarm whenever you’re cooking comes to mind, and you dismiss the thought of installing one at all.


That creates the need for an advanced smoke detector that understands you and the Kidde I12060 Ionization Smoke Alarm will do just that. With high-tech features like battery backup and inter-connect, this versatile smoke detector has you covered on some fronts.

Product Features

  • Item Weight: 3 lbs
  • Item Dimensions: 11.9” x 6.3” x 6.2”
  • Battery powered
  • Battery Required: 9V battery
  • LED indicator
  • Front Load Battery Door
  • Underwriters Laboratories- tested
  • Ionization detection technology

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Product Benefits

The Kidde I12060 Ionization Smoke Alarm is another one of the brand's reliable models that can help keep your home secure from the threat of a fire that can potentially harm you and your family. This model makes use of ionization technology do detect less visible particles that are often given off by large, flaming fires.

While family safety is important, some people opt to not install a system of fire detectors in their home because of how long it would take to set up, and the common problem of false alarms that cause unnecessary worrying and anxiety.

Like its other Kidde counterparts, this model also carries the excellent hush feature that lets users quickly dismiss nuisance alarms that may go off while you're in the kitchen.

This highly appreciated feature takes out the hassle of turning off false alarms out of keeping a fire detection system and explains why homeowners prefer it. It also helps in preventing the unsafe circumstances caused by removing the batteries when a false alarm goes off.

Aside from that, there’ll be no guesswork on your end as to whether this smoke detector is working or not.

That’s because a simple LED indicator and test will assure you that the unit is functioning. Replacing the batteries in your smoke detector is an essential part of keeping them up and running, and with the Kidde I12060 Ionization Smoke Alarm you won’t’ have to spend half an hour on the ladder trying to do so.


Due to the well-planned design of this model, you'll find the open front load battery door to be a convenience that lets you replace the battery with ease. To avoid threats of vandalism, this model has a tamper-resistance function so that the system is always on high alert.

It's recommended you install a mix of different kinds of smoke detectors in your home, which is why this model has an inter-connect feature that connects to other types of Kidde smoke detectors in the system.

While this is a hardwired AC-powered detector, it has an innovative battery backup feature that activates itself during power outages, because that is when many fires occur. In this feature, the sensor switches its power source to the battery, thus providing you with non-stop protection.

The sizeable mounting base makes installation a breeze and helps you cover more surface area on the ceiling, hiding any imperfections. As far as the quality of this model is concerned, you can rest assured because it has passed a series of tests by Underwriters Laboratories that check whether a device complies with common safety standards.


  • Hush feature lets you the silent alarm in no-danger situations
  • Convenient LED indicator shows functioning
  • Can be tested easily
  • Large mounting base allows easy installation
  • High-quality; UL certified
  • Battery backup feature for smoke detection during a power outage
  • Inter-connect element connects to other types of smoke detectors in the system
  • Front load battery makes replacing easy
  • Anti-tampering function

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What Other Buyers Are Saying

Buyers of the Kidde I12060 Ionization Smoke Alarm are impressed with its beneficial features and exceptional performance. Among many of its excellent characteristics, this model has the signature ‘hush' function held by its counterparts, which is appreciated by users. Many of them commented how they no longer need to remove the batteries like with their old systems.

The easily accessible battery is another ergonomic property discussed by buyers on online fire safety forums, and many of them referred to how it helped them keep their smoke detectors in excellent condition.

Among others, this model has garnered a massive number of positive reviews by users on online platforms. Based on these, the highlight is undoubtedly the interconnect system that provides unmatched security.

Buying Advice

Admittedly, aside from excellent features, buyers consider other aspects of the product as well. Most prospective buyers want to know whether there are any downsides of buying a product, like an empty wallet due to a high price. That won't be the case with this model, because it's very affordable.


You can avail all of its amazing features at a price that won't break the bank. Interested buyers can purchase a six pack of the Kidde I12060 Ionization Smoke Alarm from Amazon at the reasonable price of around [amazon fields="B008NBEVUI" value="price"].

Final Verdict

There shouldn’t be a compromise when it comes to one’s own or family’s safety, which is why the Kidde I12060 Ionization Smoke Alarm is so ideal. Not only does it fulfill the need for an essential fire detector, but it makes life easier with convenient features as well.

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