Kidde RF-SM-DC Smoke Detector Reviews 

 June 6, 2021

By  Jacqui

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Are you someone looking for smoke alarms to make your home an even safer place for you and your family? If yes, Kidde RF-SM-DC wireless battery-operated smoke alarms are one of the best options you have available today.

About The Product 

The design and mechanism with which these smoke alarms operate are intelligent. When you buy something for the safety of your house, you cannot compromise on even 1% on the safety features. A little issue with the hardware or unintelligently designed highlight can cause irrevocable damage to a family.


Let’s take a look at what makes Kidde wireless smoke alarms one of the best options.

Product Features

  • They are reliable because they use radio frequency that easily penetrates through walls.
  • They are wireless and require no wiring in the house during installation.
  • A button on the unit helps with alarm testing and also acts as the “quiet” button to hush the alarm when needed.
  • The smoke alarms have gone through Underwriters Laboratory to meet the UL standards.
  • You can add more units to the interconnected wireless system.
  • The interconnected nature means all the alarms ring when one rings.
  • They use ionization sensing mechanism to detect fires that are invisible to other types of smoke detectors and alarms.
  • It has the desensitizing function for when you are cooking foods that generate smoke.
  • Indicator light ensures that the alarm is in desensitizing mode by blinking after every eight seconds.

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Product Benefits

Now is the time to say goodbye to the wired alarms, not only because wireless technology is reliable but also because the costs of wired installations are very high. Kidde wireless smoke alarms run on batteries, and you can add many to the same system.

The best thing about this alarm is its linking.

If a situation has triggered one, all the alarms will start ringing making sure that they notify the homeowner of the case no matter where he/she is in the house.

The ionization sensing mechanism is excellent for flaming fires that are not visible to most photoelectric alarms. What this means is that sometimes there is flaming fire but no smoke.

Since this type of fire does not have any smoke, the photoelectric alarms do not ring.

The Kidde wireless alarms will immediately ring even when there's no smoke.

The silencing button on the unit is an excellent addition allowing homeowners to not only test the alarms regularly but also hushing them when there is smoke in the house that the homeowner is aware of, e.g., cooking or barbecuing something.

Their mounting mechanism is also ingenious that allows you to mount them on the walls or attach them to the ceiling upside down.

The wireless nature and radio frequency based operation enable homeowners to install these alarms in structures that are usually far from the house, e.g., a shed or a workshop.

Connect the alarm to the wireless home safety system, and it will ring even in the shed when there is fire.

Pros And Cons


  • Wireless technology saves money on wiring.
  • Radio frequency allows for the use of alarm in a detached structure like a shed.
  • There’s a touch button for nuisance alarms and weekly testing.
  • The alarm chirps to inform the homeowner about low battery status.
  • The alarms meet UL requirements, which should give homeowners the peace of mind that they are using a safe product.


  • They are great for flaming fires but not so good with smoking (smoldering) fires.
  • They can be a bit expensive for some people.
  • A photoelectric alarm is still missing from the system.

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What Others Are Saying

The overall reception of the product has been great for most customers admiring the alarms for ease of use. Many customers have loved the fact that they connect wirelessly, which allows them to add more units without ever having to deal with expensive rewiring of the house.

Another feature of the Kidde wireless smoke alarms is that they are interconnected, allowing them to all to ring when one rings. Many users have admired this feature and even given examples of how such a system protected their houses from fire hazards.

Users have also agreed that they are easy to install and that the wireless range is broad enough for them to connect other units in the other parts of the house without every worrying about disconnection. 

Buying Advice

They are a fantastic product for you if you don't want to go through the hassle of rewiring your house and pay the exorbitant cost of doing so. Radio frequencies are quite reliable when it comes to smoke alarms.

However, you should keep in mind that these alarms use the ionization sensing mechanism. For this particular reason, the company recommends its customers to use them in combination with photoelectric smoke alarms.

You should also consider buying their photoelectric counterparts for maximum security against fire incidents in your house. Lastly, if you are good with the maintenance of things, these alarms might be the perfect thing for you because you will need to change their batteries regularly.

Final Verdict

The aim of technology is not just to make things quicker but easier as well. Installation of wired smoke alarms has always been and is costly to this day. Wireless technology is on the rise, and there is no better example of this technology's application than smoke alarms.


As a customer looking for smoke alarms, the features you should be looking for include ease of installation, excellent wireless connectivity range, long expiration time, reliability and level of protection.

Kidde RF-SM-DC wireless inter-connect battery-operated smoke alarms check all those boxes and come out as the best wireless smoke alarms you can find in the market. Be sure to use them in combination with photoelectric smoke alarms for reliable protection against fire incidents.

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