Lacrosse Men’s 4xBurly 18″ Hunting Shoes Reviews 

 August 31, 2020

By  Tricia Hale

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Are you looking for a hunting boot that will keep you warm during the winter?  Fortunately, the Lacrosse Men's 4xBurly 18" Hunting Shoes guarantee protection from the cold weather by keeping the cold and water away. Your feet will remain scented and fresh when wearing this shoe for hunting.

In this review, we'll show you the strengths, weaknesses, or consumer opinions to give you a clear perspective on how the shoes work. After our review section, it's up to you to decide if these are the right hunting shoes for you. 


  • Unique Tread Pattern For Better Traction
  • Premium Rubber
  • Real tree Xtra
  • Scent-Free Protection
  • 4X Burly Outsole


The Lacrosse Men's 4xBurly 18" Hunting Shoes were designed for hunters of all levels. It features a 4X Burly Outsole that has angled lugs and a premium rubber that can shed muck and mud. 

Boot fit is one of the deciding factors when searching for hunting shoes. This boot has a contoured ankle fit design that prevents heel chafing and slippage. With these boots, you'll be able to walk confidently through the woods, as it keeps your feet aligned and in place. 

Using twelve natural, warm colors, the Hunting Shoes provide camouflage in any climate. The boots have a 3D camo pattern that blends in multiple habitats through the early spring, fall, and winter seasons. 

In terms of comfort, the Lacrosse Men’s 4xBurly 18” Hunting Shoes are ahead of their competitors. This is due to their Quad-Core technology that offers four layers of protection. Thus, keeping your feet warm and safe when you’re out in the woods. 

Whatever the terrain, the Lacross Men’s 4xBurly will keep you steady due to its unique tread pattern. The boots have a 1,200g of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, allowing you to stay warm in the rain and snow without being weighed down by the boot. 

With its secure fit, the boots are designed to lock the heel in place and hug the ankle. Plus,

the boots have oversized shanks that cover the arch area. Thus, providing you support and stability through all hunting surfaces. 

Hunting during cold climates requires a boot that can resist the harsh weather. Fortunately, these boots can withstand temperatures up to -50 to 40°F. If you're hunting in the arctic environment, these are the right boots for you. 

You don’t have to worry about durability either. The Lacrosse Men’s 4xBurly 18” Hunting Shows have a hand laid rubber which are famous for being waterproof, insulated, and durable. On average, these boots can last for 4+ years before needing a replacement. 

Consumer’s Opinion

Most consumers have given positive reviews. Here’s what they had to say:

These waterproof boots are made with Lacrosse proven formulas to keep your feet dry. The heavy-duty polyurethane and neoprene offer comfort and durability. While the EVA material and blown rubber midsole will give your boot the ability to absorb the shock when you’re walking. 

The high-quality rubber gusset is the first thing we've noticed. It's a durable and full rubber gusset that's designed to accommodate various calf sizes. Thus, making it easy to slide the boot on and off after a long day of hunting

We like that these boots have a quick break in period. On average, expect a week before the shoes finally contour and fit the form of your feet. We’ve noticed better movement and traction after wearing the boots for at least 3 days. 

The boots weigh 7.1 lbs, making it lighter than its competitors. Due to its lightweight size, you'll have a boot that can be used for fishing, water hiking, and snow removal. 

For proper maintenance, the boots have a rubber conditioning spray. Sun can cause an early breakdown and fading of the rubber. This accessory can be used to prevent color fading and UV damage. 

The only disadvantage is its accidental leaking. On some occasions, water will leak inside the boots. Make sure you speak to the manufacturer if this issue occurs, and you'll receive a quick replacement. 

Sometimes, we felt that the boot was too tight on our feet. If this is an issue, try to get your boot ½ sized higher. By doing this, you’ll get a boot that will fit your feet, allowing you to walk freely in the woods. 

Another reason why people like this boot is because of its reduced friction and cushioned ankle. This allows your feet to remain secure during winter hunting. By doing this, you’ll be able to have an enjoyable hunting weekend without harming your feet. 

Since these boots are 18” long, durable and lightweight, you can rely on them to keep your feet, secure, safe, and comfortable. Thus, these boots are ideal for more aggressive outdoor activities and aggressive hunting

The boots are made for artic terrain, but you can wear light or medium weight socks to remain comfortable. Since the boots have a high insulation rating (1200g), you don’t have to wear heavy socks until you start reaching the -30°F territory. 

These boots are great for hunting whitetail and other trophy animals. The boots remain silent when walking, reducing the chance that you’ll scare off your target. So consider getting these hunting boots if you want to hunt with more precision and subtlety. 

When hunting, our feet can become damaged by the abrasive rocks, sticks, etc. Lacrosse created the boots to be abrasion-resistant, providing protection to your toe, heels, and ankles. As a result, users can enjoy hunting without bruises and cuts afterward. 

Another reason why users want to wear the 4X Burly Hunting Shoes is due to the scent suppression. Since the boots are constructed out of rubber, their formulas combine unequaled scent protection and absolute comfort. 


To conclude, the Lacrosse Men's 4xBurly 18" Hunting Shoes is great for all-terrain hunting. Thanks to its insulation and high-quality materials, the boot will remain locked to your feet and keep you secure. 

Do you have any questions about using the Lacrosse Men's 4xBurly 18" Hunting Shoes?

Ask us in the comment sections below.

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